Rest Stop Killer Suspect Arrested After Manhunt........

Rest Stop Killer Suspect Arrested After Manhunt. Illinois authorities released this photo of Doddy shopping when he was still on the loose.
On July 4th by Police in Wisconsin, Illinois ,US on Friday who is suspected of killing two people and became the target of a nationwide manhunt.

Terrance Doddy, 36, of Rockford, Illinois, was apprehended in Beloit, Wisconsin, after leading police on a high-speed car chase across the Illinois-Wisconsin border, police said. Police earlier in the week said his first name was spelled Terence.

Doddy is suspected of killing a woman at a rest stop west of Chicago and taking her car a day after killing a man in the northern part of the state, authorities said.

The car chase began when the stolen vehicle was spotted by an Illinois State Police trooper, Rockford police said in a statement.

Attempting to flee police at speeds exceeding 100 mph (160 kph), Doddy lost control of the car and crashed into a tree on Highway 81 in Beloit, police said.

"After a short struggle, Doddy was taken into custody," police said in the statement.

He was hospitalized for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries suffered in the crash, police said.

Doddy is wanted in the killings of Todd Hansmeier, 37, on Monday in Rockford and Tonya Bargman, 44, at a rest stop on Interstate 39 about 40 miles (64 km) south of Rockford on Tuesday night.

Police have said surveillance video showed Bargman being attacked by a man as she left a restroom at the Willow Creek rest stop.

Doddy was seen leaving the rest stop in Bargman's car, police said.

He faces charges of first-degree murder and domestic battery in connection with the earlier incident, police said. No charges have yet been established in connection with the rest stop incident, a Rockford police spokesman said. - ***************************************************************************************************************** The reason I brought this topic of this man to the attention of this forum, is because of the way that movies mimic our realities in life. Just the other night I happen to watch a free full length movie on YOUTUBE is to share this movie, and this True Life Story of this Man. WARNING: USE CAUTION WHEN USING PUBLIC RESTROOMS, AND RESTSTOPS ANYWHERES! Be Alert at ALL Times! Enjoy this movie "Rest Stop" (2006) The film follows Nicole Carrow, a young woman who is threatened by a maniac serial killer, after her boyfriend Jess, is abducted in a rest stop. Movie Trailer- Here's another link with--> 200 FREE movies "RESTSTOP" IS ALSO INCLUDED WITHIN THIS LINK - ENJOY! Please leave comments if you enjoyed this movie. I sure did. REALITY CHECK!

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