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Take a break

For the few of us awake continuing to awaken to the horrors and atrocities escalating today; pat yourself on the back. The times of ‘now’ are allegedly the most difficult and heavy (vibrationaly speaking) since the times of Atlantis. War, disease, poverty, victimhood, fear….death and destruction, yes. These aforementioned are the dominant vibrations of the world now. It seems that almost every day…perhaps even every minute, the vice of the PTB tightens the noose around the neck of our freedoms and advances the ‘Agenda’.

Yes, there is most definitely a lot of negativity and if you are not careful…it is easy to be consumed by it. As you all delve into the lesson at hand I am advising you to schedule a day and ask your self:

Is what I am learning helping me to reach my goal?
Are my associates, friends and family members helping me to reach my goal?
Are my activities and routines helping me to reach my goal?
What is my mindset today?
What has been my mindset over the last few weeks?
What do I want my mindset to be?
Am I happy and enjoying my current lifestyle?

Seeing how there are so few of us awake….and the few of us that are; we are assuredly awakening to different rhythms and wisdom all at a different pace – I think it is important to be certain to take time and reflect. Now, understand that I am not saying take time to meditate. Although I advocate and implore you to practice meditation this is not what I mean when I say take time for reflection.

When I say take time for reflection….I want you to get away for at least 5 days. No, you do not need to take a physical vacation…..but more of a mental one.

Take 5 days….whatever your routine is; take 5 days away from it. Set the computer aside, set the hobbies aside, set the typical daily affairs aside… much as possible try to take 5 days to just do the bare minimum. During these 5 days, dig up some old hobbies that are just enjoyable. Dig up an old box of memorabilia and sort through it. Clean out a closet. Watch some favorite movies…you know, the feel good kind, the kind you haven’t seen in ages. Take a walk in the park or go to the beach and just observe.

There is an expression mainly weightlifters but athletes use it as well, it is… “Rest and Grow”. Your brain is quite a muscle. I don’t doubt that many of you are working/exercising your brain…though I do suspect some of you could benefit from resting it for just a while. Take 5 days….watch and see if you don’t come back stronger and wiser.

Take a break….Rest and Grow.

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bluesbaby5050: I follow this rule all the time......

I live at the beach right along the coast line, and I am off the PC more then on. I read books on the beach, and I'll even nap on the beach too. I picnic almost everyday along the beach, and observe everyone at the beach everyday as well. I am very fortunate to live in the area that I live in. I also have the wood lands, and the mountains to enjoy. I ski in the winter months, and I groom, and ride our horses on our trails around my house to excersize them. I also relax by gardening in my flower beds, and I take many nature walks. It's good advice, and we need this to remain healthy, and just to enjoy the planet that we live on. It's only doom, and gloom if you allow it to be.

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