The Rescue (False Security)

The advanced hologram made the appearance of the giant black whole seem so realistic. That even those who were not out of body that were still on earth. From the vantage of those with the technology to view the stars, could also see this giant looming hole.

Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, were gone. In horror they watched as Mars was swallowed up. Though this was simply a parlor trick. From the big picture stand point, the ignorance of the masses were causing wide spread global panic!

This is exactly what they wanted. The multicolored "stars" which were actually carefully placed space craft. began to collect the souls of the departed & the living among earth. At the same time. Others de-cloaked themselves out of the skies portraying as the bad aliens people have come to know & hate out of fear.

So now like good cop bad cop. You have the greys coming from the skies an killing people with mass weapons. Including those none seen on earth before. Mind control an phaser guns the normal favorite.

Only those in the know, those left behind, would be there to see the next phase.
The ones who desired to create the new world order. An the ones to fight for freedom of all humanity.

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