Reptilians are nothing to fear

by Tarheel on September 10th, 2014

It's what people know about themselves on the inside that makes them afraid. Don't let the scared people draw you into their fear matrix because they are scared and want others to share their fear. You have nothing to fear but fear itself.
Reptilians seek to control others because they suffer from low self-esteem. They need others to survive or they wither and dissipate. They can't stand themselves which is why they are so scared of mirrors. They are in a quandary because of the rising of human's consciousness. As long as you have love in your heart and are capable of sending positive vibes, that is all you need to defeat them easily.
Don't be drawn into believing you need to fear them, or anything else for that matter. Fear is an employ of the weak. All you need is love.

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bluesbaby5050: No one is drawing anyone into any kind of fear.....

Your always making these kinds of comments when ever anyone such as , Chris, Tim or myself make any postings with any kind of information about reptilians, or reptoids, and the sausians types. The reasons we do this is so people can have access to this kind of KNOWLEDGE, and they are asking to learn of this, and that's why they are here in the first place, and that's to learn of the truth, and this is the place for this. I can not say that I blame them either. I want to learn the most that I can so I can be prepared for the coming years. I bet Tarheel, that if you ever were to come face to their face with a 7 to 8 foot tall reptilian that you would feel and think otherswise. YA that's the real truth. So your telling all of us it's ok to sit down, and have tea with them? Annu77 told us right in this forum, to go in the other direction if this was to happen, and I think he gave us this advice for a darn good reason. He said that we were no match for them, and no to waste time trying, because we would fail with our deaths. So now your saying he was not telling us his truth? Please anserr this for all of us, because we want to know. Would you actually feel all love, and kindness towards it? Because, your first normal reaction would be your TRUE SURVIVAL RESPONSE TO IT/THEM. At first you would not even know it's intent for even being near you. I would love to see how you would handle that situation!


I'M ALL FOR LOVE, AND FOR PEACEFUL LIVING, but your attitude is far from the REAL TRUTH! Your the one that THINKS LOVE WILL BRING THEM AROUND TO OUR WAYS OF THINKING....WRONG! Not all types of reptilians, and reptiods, and suarians are looking out for the best interests of humanity, and THIS IS THE REAL TRUTH ! Not to mention the malevolent aliens either. This is blind thinking on your behalf Tarheel. Try reading ALL OUR POSTINGS IF YOU CAN REALLY FIND THE TIME,and not just make your usual lame excuses about not having any time to. You will find much information on how they think, and why they are really here, and their true history to conquer this galaxy, BECAUSE THAT'S REALLY WHAT THEY DO. Stand up bravely to a 8 foot T rex, and tell him how much you love him, and then wait for his reaction to your words. That's BS, and this is the real truth. Be wise, and be strong, and us your heart, as well as your head before trying to make love to a T-REX that is very physic, and KNOWS your every move, and thought before you can imploy any action to it, because they already KNOW WHAT IT IS YOUR THINKING, AND GOING TO DO WELL IN ADVANCE. You never deliver any information on any of them, YET YOU KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THEM! LOL! - YA RIGHT!

Tarheel: Nobody

Nobody expected you to understand love or my post.

It's what you know about yourself on the inside that makes you so afraid.
Me, I'm fearless.

Find someone else to work your "polarity" out on. As always, you're over your limited head & cant hang with me.

bluesbaby5050: No one is working out polarity here as this is

Just another of your excuses, and your lame comebacks so you can move yourself higher above the others in this forum. I understand more then your capitable of knowing. And you do NOT know me at all, or to even assume this about me, or other people in this forum for that matter. Your so arrogant in your speech to other people, and your not even aware of this at all. Your trouble is, you think your above the rest of us, and that your so devine, and rightious all because of your ego. Remove your ego for starters Tarheel, and then your outlook about other people will soon change for the better. If your so " ALL KNOWING" THEN YOU WOULD NOT EVEN BE IN THIS DIMENTION AT ALL. You would have disappeared already. And the people in this forum are not ignorant as you like to assume.

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