Reptilian Mind Manipulation through sleep, it can happen to you!

by edisonik on December 20th, 2010

When you sleep you are at your weakest, the Reptilian Hoards can now ply their Trade of Mind Manipulation, in the Dreamscape they can create scenarios that you do not know about for example the Reptilians can create a scenario where you meet a Beautiful Woman at a College Campus or a Mall and she really digs you and you get it on with her and you make love in your Dreamscape while you are asleep and the Dream can be intense and then all of a sudden the Girl your making love to turns into a Man!, this is Manipulation of your Orientation.
Another Scenario would be you go to work and when you come back from work you find your Woman in bed with another man, these Dreams can be powerful and can make you angry.
Basically any Negative Scenario in your Dreams are not necessarily your dreams, the dreams can be Doctored by the Reptilians , they are Masters of Manipulation.
It has taken me a couple of years to understand Dreamscape, it takes practice but when your In a Dream you must first understand that your in a Dream and not in Reality, this my friends takes practice, Once I figured this out I realized that the Dreams I had were not my dreams, these dreams were Doctored and I had to understand that these dreams were not mine.

These Treacherous Creatures can even Infiltrate your dreams, how they do that is beyond me and this is horribly wrong, many people are having horrible dreams and they could very well be behind these Negative Dreams.
Do not be afraid of this just master your dreams and understand that you can master your Dreamscape, Once Mastered the Lizards cannot beat you!, you infact can send them running.

It is really interesting how Hollywood knows so much about these Reptilians, Hollywood knows alot about the Reptilians and how they Infiltrate your Dreams.

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edisonik: Tonight it will be Round Three!

If they come tonight to attack me in my Dreamscape I will have a very large Bird waiting for them, I can't wait to hunt them for a change , I am Pumped , I am ready.
I will become the Eagle and I will hunt them. Fearless to the end.

I am the Iron Eagle, it's time to kick some Reptilian Ass!

Genio: I want to fight some

I want to fight some reptilians ! . They deserve to be kicked out of areas with humanity everywere. How i can i fight them... =P
Wait arent they huge, i herd they have two hearts and three spines is that true ?

edisonik: Genio I will tell you a Secret

Genio , you have never been told but I will tell you, you are what the Draco fear, The Draco are considered the Ultimate Warriors meaning they are feared by all ET's with the exception of the Pleadians because they are Warriors too. The Terrans are a Unique Human Species because they have Ultimate Warrior DNA, You are an Ultimate Warrior but with Heart Genio and you are also Multi-Dimensional ( Meaning you have a Physical Body and a Spirit Body ).

The Draco are strong and very Intimidating but so are you , it is your heart that makes you Human, so Terrans are Warriors and the Illuminati are working overtime to suppress your Warrior tendencies to defend yourselves, through Propaganda, Flouride in your water, through Education etc.

Bottomline You are a Warrior so if a Draco comes for you , you can kill them by stabbing them in the Arm Pitts, or Decapitation. Wrestling won't work because they have sharp teeth and sharp claws that can disembowl humans. You do not want to be a Human Happy Meal so if you see one you must be cunning like a cheetah and lethal like a Scorpion.
They are Mortal and they can die, like Arnold said if it bleeds you can kill it!.

I know your Courageous live well Genio. I know you are a Hero.

bluesbaby5050: Reptilians, and the Dracos have .........

2 hearts. One under each arm pit. They also have a very large liver, and it lays across the front of their stomach, from side to side, not on the right side like ours is. Slashing them in this area also wounds them deeply. Their arm pits are KILL zones/areas for sure! Remember this when your dreaming.(if you can). You can beat them at their own games. I have, and it works.

Genio: Edisonik

so they do have two hearts huh, on their arm pit, that makes it harder then their chest, but yeah i might not fight any dracos in this life time but im sure i will one day, and i believe you about the us being warriors, ive always loved to fight since i was a kid, i dont fight anymore becuase i have boxing training so i could hurt someone like i have before. But my reflexes and instinct have always been great. And what can i do about the flouride in the water, ive been knowing about this, its poison to my mind and body. i do feel like im tired randomly and i feel like the flouride might be driaining energy from me.
Im glad to be a terran, i just want things to be the way their supposed to be, not filled with oppresion everywere, this is no way to live, i want to fight i just dont know where to start

edisonik: Total Warrior, Be Proud Stand Tall

The Water you drink must be Purified with Distillation or Reverse Osmosis Genio, drink either Distilled or R/O Water this will Eliminate the Flouride.
And here is the Knowledge Denied to you Genio, Contrary to what the Reptilians think of Humans ( Terrans ) you are not Beasts of Burden , you are Royalty from the Dog Star Sirris, you have the Blood of Kings running through your veins, the Blood of the Canis Kings.

Yes you feel it don't you Genio , you can just taste it, like a Snarling Wolf your Destiny your Glory, I cannot tell you when to Unleash Hell but your Day will come. You Incarnated Here for a reason and soon you will know when you should Defend the Innocent, live in Peace and when the Day comes The One will Unleash you.

Like a Werewolf you will Unleash hell on those Luciferian Scum, you will be the Weapon of Defense to be used against those who dare hurt the Innocent, right now just train and pray to the Creator for guidance. Enki is Pleased Warrior, control that fire for know Canis King.

obentenyson: i dnt believe in diz

i dnt believe in diz Reptilian b.s... I think they are Demonic Manipulationz n not a lizard crab..

UN.i1-PHI: thats where you got the 'demons' from

they are the so called demons, manipulating humanity troughout time/history
they also operate in the lower realms of the astral 4th dimention and can manipulate your toughts and dreams, they are the vampires and draculas, they feed of humans who are in fear, both mental/spiritual and physical way, they eat humans and drink their blood but also feed of the 'negative' energies they emit, thats why they try to keep creating havoc/hell
thats another reason why you need to detach from their mind control and raise your vibrations
but not all reptilians are malevolant...

obentenyson: hmmm. I see

hmmm. I see

UN.i1-PHI: i'm not trying to make you believe nothing

but when you look deep at it, it does makes sense
that life has evolved long ago before this planet even started, beings evolved and got advanced, some developed inter-stellar space travel and could go out to other planets in other solar systems where there is also life, some took advantage of their 'superior' technology to enslave others from other worlds, and even began to feed on their species and kept doing that becoming tyrant pirates engaging in star wars, so it's not that ludicrous at all that earth and humanity was manipulated from the beginning, now we have all sorts of religions( as (mind) control tools praising gods wich were et being claiming to be the creators of all that is etc) and left overs from ancient 'advanced' civilizations that had to do with et intervention and rule over humanity, not all et's were bad as there are different factions and beings with their own agenda, the human species did not just evolve naturally from primitive to so called 'advanced' as we are now, but we were given an upgrade that jumped the gun on evolution after the planet was ruined by disasters such as a great war battle in this solar system destroying many planets, and the flood after wich was meant to wipe out all the unwanted genetic engeneered species that became or was to become too powerful and free so it was done by allowing an ice crush and tidal wave what we call the flood from another planet's gravitational field disturbing EArth's, but the genetic enginer that created the adamu/human species by splicing his own dna(against the orders) with that of the primate wich was to become nothing more than a gold digger, mining the mines for their gold as they were tired of doing it themselves and being commanded like cattle by the appointed 'lord of the command' who was the deity who's called en.lil translating from sumerian records, he's the one who helped cause the flood and tried to prevent his brother to save the species he created and brough upon earth while he was re-terraforming earth, but he did anyway so thats where these stories come from like the flood and the ark wich was a dna databank ship, and these historical events were enscribed in the sumerian clay tablets and so the so called biblical stories root all back to the ancient times and these stories are perverted, twisted, lied about and abused for means of control and hiding earths true history by obedient servitude to the gods like enlil who is also praised as jah/yahweh, but the reptilians gained control and supposedly are ruling until now since they banished marduk/ra after he banished enlil and his own father enki who was killed and betrayed by his own family because he tried to save the human species and give them a chance to be free, to break free and be independent, living with free will and passion, so that's what we've gotta do now to break free from the matrix as there is an frequency control around here to keep us locked down and recycling in the hell they create for us from scratch with our memories erased, but vibrations are rising and their time is over but we have to choose ourselves to not allow their New World (dis-)Order to happen because that means total enslavement worse than before
so let's rise and rebel, lets create our own world and detach from them parasites feeding on us!

bluesbaby5050: It Sure Looks that Way to us here........

By all LONGGGGG thread above, and below, and by all the posted links to prove it. Sure looks that way though LOL!

UN.i1-PHI: regardless of the details

sorry i first didnt intend to go describe some details but just to give an idea of how logic it actualy is that there is et intervention/manipulation, and the 'symptoms' for that can be seen all troughout history if you can see trough the cover-ups by the so called 'higher-ups' but they're not higher if we rise above them and their control so it's all up to free will, but those who disrespect and disturb other's free will, will have to face te consequences sooner or later, but those who are being supressed will have to do something about it to not allow it to continue so regardless of who the opressors are, eventough we're dealing with malevolant et forces, and regardless of what the details and accuracy of them in our history was, we gotta get out of their control because we're being led to the slaughter by their poison and deception, but also by 'our'/humanities own 'consent'/allowance and ignorance, so the word is stronger than them weapons but they will be trying to cause havoc and prevent and highjack an uprising/rebellion, so we need to be aware of their agendas and expose them so they can't pull their tricks and strings no more right!?

bluesbaby5050: Here's a RE-POST of the INSECTILIANS postings made by Uni1!

In the above threads done By none other then Yours Truly Uni 1 = 11orion11. This is not the only post of the INSECTILIANS MADE BY YOU, and not by me. Here's the proof that,YOU DID IT UNI. I only ADDED TO IT LATER TODAY.

UN.i1-PHI: i know i posted that here i even showd

i even linked to it myself to show you because you went talking somewhere else about this while it was not the subject matter there and you asked me to prove his experiences! so i said i didnt talk about it THERE, yet you go talking that you've seen reptilians and ask me to prove something because i linked his video
please you get everything wrong that i've been saying and twist it up so leave me alone now

obentenyson: hmmmm


UN.i1-PHI: always use your own discernment

be-live in yourself and do not 'worship' any other god than yourself

obentenyson: that is were u get it wrong

that is were u get it wrong bro, i am not my own God.......i cant make myself think like a lucifer

UN.i1-PHI: this god vs lucifer is just alien politics twisted to deceive

satan means the adversary and anu, was the father of enki and enlil but they were mad at enki because he was creating and supporting humanity in good ways and by that disobeyed him, and so he was called the adversary/'enemy' of anu, but good and evil depends on perspective, those who want humanity as a slave see freedom as evil and so they declared enki evil, while he loved life and creating like the genetic engineer genius he was who created and saved many lifes here on earth

but you're not your body you're an immortal being/spirit, and you should not think any other being is superior to you and your god, this is why you're your own god, but that religious mind control made it a blasphermy to have any other idol/god than enlil the so called god of the bible, but thats why you really should have no other 'god' than yourself but the term god isnt appropriate because everyone has an different definition of it...
i'm just saying be-live in yourself and don't pray your energies away to a being who is feeding/sucking like a vampire while making you think he's the all that is... this is religious mind control programming
thats what i meant...

UN.i1-PHI: enki was the rebel

but actually they're just demonizing the one who really did care for humanity
and the other god enlil was the one who want to control humanity and cause infamy to them and he demonized his brother for good things he did for humanity and thats why there is this propaganda of enki being lucifer and the devil in a bad sense, these are just terms/titles that are twisted to deceive and keep you away from knowing who enki really was and praising the yahweh god of the bi-baal ENLIL in respect and power while he actually doesnt deserve it because he did a lot of nasty things to humanity...

anyway believe as you wish but yes you can make yourself think like a rebel going against those who claim to be your gods and try to make themselves superior and make you think inferior of yourself like religions actually do with the so called god(s)...

obentenyson: demons are reptilian not

demons are reptilian not reptilians are demons, demons actually transform to reptilian to deceive mankind in believing the scientific theory of evolution........

UN.i1-PHI: i'm just offering the info i gathered from this website

many things makes much more sense when you see it was just et intervention/manipulation in humanities history...

obentenyson: i am not the maker of myself,

i am not the maker of myself, i was a created being so i give worship to that which created me

UN.i1-PHI: enki created and saved humanity

and was punished and demonized for it, his brother enlil was angry against humanity and enki and he told the humans everything that has to do with enki is evil and demonize him as the devil or lucifer, but he was really DE EA BAEL, and he did bear and bring light and knowledge, and this was considered evil in the empires of sirris&orion / annunakis because anything that had to do with free will was seen as a crime against the empire's rule&will

you dont need to worship anyone, worship actually means to work for a deity and serve him/her obediently as a servant, and there were some beings that claimed to be creators of everything in the universe while they weren't and made people worship them because they were considered superior beings/deities, as the real 'creator of all' is the universal consciousness of all life, wich we're all a part of and you're not just your body but your spirit, as you shed your mortal body when you die and can incarnate(go into flesh) again even somewhere else on another planet and star system

enki was humanities true father but he did not ask anyone to worship him, enlil is his angry brother spreading propaganda and claiming to be the all and one god/yahweh of the bible
marduk/ra did the same thing when he claimed to be the only god and erased peoples memories and of previous 'gods'/deities/aliens/et's, he had a serpent queen utana from orion's belt who took over and banished him and so they took over control and rule earth reptilian style (while they fooled people making it look like the marduk/ra was still in power or something and nothing changed, they take over and infiltrated his rule and continued it in that disguise for their own sneaky profits)

Tim Lovell: Erm lucifer was marduk WAS

Erm lucifer was marduk WAS reptillian also enlil was portrayed as lucifer sometimes even tho he was yaweh from the false light religion of control he created and along with shitan in islam who again was marduk its all the same false gods and thier adversaries played out by various of the ets the family of anu the only good guy was enki and even he was portrayed as the dwvil

Tim Lovell: Also edi i have definatly had

Also edi i have definatly had reps messing with my dreams i have had some very nasty dreams espescially in the last 13 years

obentenyson: hmmmm


Jammesd: Reptilian sex dream

I had a dream this random girl who was the cleaner in my dream came in to the shower while i was not expexcting it. She was hot. It got sexual. Them we started kissing and I noticed her toung was split like a lizzared and I remember feeling grossed out and went to pull away and she would let me pull my face away the she did something to me and a mass was growing out of my tongue I bit down and tore it off my face. It seemed so real I woke up and was sure it was a reptillian.

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