Reptilian mind control-Interview with Stewart Swerdlow prt 1 to prt 6 video

by bluesbaby5050 on September 16th, 2014

Stewart Swerdlow spoke about a Reptilian race which lives underground and first came here over 800,000 years ago. This information was imparted to him, he claimed, during the 13 years he served as an experimental subject in a government-sponsored mind control project in Montauk, NY. Reptilian mind control-Interview with Stewart Swerdlow prt 1- Reptilian mind control-Interview with Stewart Swerdlow prt 2 - Reptilian mind control- Interview with Stewart Swerdlow prt 3 - Reptilian mind control-Interview with Stewart Swerdlow prt 4 - Reptilian mind control-Interview with Stewart Swerdlow prt 5 - Reptilian mind control-Interview with Stewart Swerdlow prt 6 -

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eevie: stewart

And, while stewart is teaching you about rep mind control he is using his own on you. He is not to be trusted. He works with Aquino and the Bush cabal, not against them. Wolves in sheeps clothing at every turn. If you don't use discernment you are being fooled. No one is to be trusted, especially the popular ones of this genre. Most of them have been replaced with clones who serve their masters and mislead those who only use their 5 senses.

bluesbaby5050: I only post it for comments.......

And for feed back. I always knew that when their mind is fractured that there is no way that it can be completely repaired. This process would take years, and a good trained thrapists trained to do this type of work, and us far as I know there are none. This would be a new field of research, and only those that induce this mind control are able to undo it as well, and they are NOT in the business to do so. This would defeat their purpose in the first place. Mind Control of the masses is what they seek to accomplish.

eevie: stewart

lol Blues, it wasn't a judgment. :) Lost all my shit and could not for the life of me remember the name of this site. I was trying to remember again just last week. My spam this morning had about 6 emails from here. Cool! :) First i have had since i was last here. I might as well post my emails online. The bastards have my email almost locked down and all kinds of screwed up. So i went to a safe email site for secure communications. I tried to move my contacts to that email. lol Fucked their system up for a few days and i never got to move my contacts. lolol I felt really bad about being the reason behind their system getting raped somewhat. But not my fault.

pasqualie: Swerdlow

If you listen to swerdlows material, he does have some interesting information. But if you do listen to more of his stuff, you do see from his manner and way he talks, he is definitely not all there. And he also uses fear in his programs as well.

Not sure what the opinions of others are, but i have been using his chakra spinning and pineal balancing, you do feel different, more energized. And his talk of spinning it in a tube in one direction does seem to make sense.

what are your thoughts on the chakra spinning eevie. been using it and havent experienced anything negative.

but eevie is correct always use discernment with any material and never follow anyone blindly or give away your power.

swerdlow seems to be the most similar to asha deane in the kathara material. i was intrigued by swerdlow because he actually discussed the colours and arch types and what they meant. his galactic history seem in line with asha deanes also.

eevie: chakras

I don;t have chakras any longer. Most don't now. ;) It is necessary to disconnect from the malevolent beings, humans, ets, etc. The chakra harness is not natural to humans. It is a malevolent et implant for controlling humans. Many are harassed with severe chronic pain thru the chakras. I remove them and they are free of pain and free in many other ways.
Swerdlow pretends to be an enlightened individual but he isn't. He is bloodline and doing sex rituals with Aquino, forcing milabs to participate in the perverted acts involved. totally demonic. really sick shit along with sacrifices. That is the real Swerdlow.

Tarheel: Swerd's employment of fear is indicative....

Swerdlow's employment of fear shows he's living with the other fear-promoters in 3D-land. He is struggling mightily, along with his kind.
I laugh when I see the fear-mongerers trying to hold onto what's leaving/done/spent. The FMs just can't let go & migrate into The Flow. They are fighting tooth-&-nail to hold onto "the way it was". WAS is past tense. Everything is changing. Apparently it's changed too fast for those who SHOULD HAVE KNOWN what was coming.
The way it IS represents a marked change old-schoolers can't get a handle on. That tells yo all you need to know about them. They have to adapt or they'll get thrown away with yesterday's news.
Bottom line- It could have been lead, follow or g-t-f-out, but now it's just gtfo because "the train's left the station." Or, they can catch a later train but there will be some catching up to do. So, dwell in fear-land all you want, laddies, but you're increasingly in the minority.
Time waits for no one.

pasqualie: They all the same

Bush, Clinton, and many others.

If you listen to arizona wilders testimony about being an mk ultra sex slave, she says bush, clinton and many others were at bohemian grove. And she serviced both Bill and Hillary. Anyone who makes it to a position of power is apart of the cabal, whether, hollywood, politics, or religion or military. You just dont get the keys unless you part of the club. As for democrat or republican, its just good cop, bad cop but they both on the same team pulling the wool over the eyes of the people.

eevie: mk ultra

Yes, they are all the same. The bloodline are the bad guys and the good guys which includes the preachers. :) These good guys are not good at all. It is a trick of the false light. They are both god and satan. =) There is only one real religion and it is truth.
The matrix caters to its own, the false light and false dark. This why so many of us have such rough lives. Those of the true light are kept down by the matrix. So given it feeds the negative bloodline.......of course they are all the same. Depraved, sick pervs. Politics is exactly the same as religion. God vs satan.....dem vs repub. Fuck their games and don't play them as it keeps you from seeing what is really going on. If they say look here, then look there instead. If they say look right, then look left. Everything is backwards with them, that seems to be a constant so far.

pasqualie: How do you remove chakras eevie?

first time i heard of removing chakras, whats the technique or process to do this?

eevie: chakras

Simple and intent. I go within the one i am removing them from if any don't easily release. The base chakra is the one most difficult of them all if any probs occur. Not a problem tho. And, i am using double toroidals for everything now. They are wave of our higher vibe. They are alive and self sustaining. Regular protection does not work now. The toroidal will prevent you from being implanted again. if you wish that is, or you can easily remove your own.

pasqualie: so you use energy and intent

and imagine the chakra being taken out or removed, and you replace it with a double toroidal field where each chakra was?

is is something you thought of or you read it somewhere?

sounds interesting would like to read up on it.

eevie: chakras

The chakra harness all removes at once. :) To leave the matrix the harness has to go. It is tied to the matrix. Tim doesn't know it but his chakras are going. :) Everything we thought we knew once again was wrong. But we are closer to truth now than ever and i sense the shift is imminent. :)
Ok, ahem.....the chakra harness you had is already gone. Wasn't me. This is also happening for people. lol Cool. I looked. :)

eevie: Torodials

So you know torodials? Aren't they awesome!! Our hearts are toroidals, a vortex connected directly to Source. This is how we love the world. Source loves the world thru us, we allow Source to love thru our hearts. This is how true light Source reaches the people, all living beings, is thru our hearts, toroidals, vortex. :) DNA is a toroidal. The earth's magnetosphere is a double toroidal. Thank you for the links. I will watch them as soon as i can. I will be tied up tomorrow with 3d stuff. Necessary for now. lol
I was recently searching my memory banks for the perfect protectoin of a dear friend who was and is under heavy fire by nsa, cia, military all branches basically. I saw nothing that would work. We have noticed that having light around us is not enough now. None of our protections worked. So i asked what will work and allowed an answer to come to me instantly. I saw my friend inside a toroidal!! So i created, constructed one with him in the center and it is working still. It is self sustaining. The higher, faster energies we are in demand better protection that matches where we are now in vibe. A toroidal is alive and it is everything in teh new realities we are headed into.
there are 4 magnetic poles on earth now, since July. Remember the magnetosphere is a double toroidal with 2 energy points. In order for there to be 4 poles, or energy points, there has to be 2 double torroidals. We are at 0 point and have been since last weekend. :) When we begin to emerge from 0 point very soon i htink, we will be moving out of a white hole as they are known. all realities are meshed into one right now. Seeing and hearing all kinds of beings. lol Anyway, We emerge out teh other side we will have shifted, go to our respective vibratory realities. The black hole we have entered and the white hole we are emerging from is a double toroidal. I saw this happenign about 3 years ago in an oob. I was hanging in space and watching all teh realities moving parallel to each other and coming together as film feeding inot an old movie projector. It was awesome!!

eevie: toroidal

ha i forgot to say that there are 2 earths here sharing space in 0 point. One positive and one negative. This is the shift. This is how i was shown it. The new age shit about ascending in 2012 was created by guess who.....the elite, the bloodline in order to take away our knowledge of leaving here in a shift of some sorts.

bluesbaby5050: That's correct eevi......

Some people have been walking around with their hearts almost totally closed to others because of broken loves', broken relationships of all kinds, and so this closes them off, because they can't face, or deal with the pain. And when they do, then they have to re-lease it, let it go, because this was a learning lesson in your life. By doing so, then you will feel better, and you will feel alot lighter each time release. By releasing your fear and going inside yourself, and having a good look inside, then you will know what is inside, and what needs to be removed. Staying packed with all this weight/baggage only holds you down, and keeps people at a distance from 'Prime' creator [remember that you came from the Heart of Prime Creator.] Clearing yourself, and clearing your house too. Clean out those spaces, and corners, and remove old objects that hold old energies. Cracked, and glued vases/ broken furniture, old worn shoes, old worn clothes, and replace it with clean positive space, and new energy. Wash the surfaces, walls, floors, rugs in the homes because this erases the old energies. You need to clean/clear your basements, your attics, garages, and hold yard sales. Holding on to this old stuff/energy keeps you old, and weighted down. This makes a person sickly, and weak. Remember to heal the child in you too, and to love the child in you, and you must learn to forgive yourself, and to forgive others, because we are all teachers in life, and we learn from each other. So make a strong RE-Connection with your heart, and then live from your heart, because that is the True Path. Follow Your Heart, and FEEL with your heart, and make choices from your heart. Always make positive changes for the betterment of yourself [ and for mankind] from WITHIN yourself/yourheart. Listen and Feel and Grow in your heart. Take your time to get to know yourself, and to learn who you really are. We are a loving piece of the Prime Creator.

eevie: You must have found what i

You must have found what i wrote about...a most destructive love bite. They tried to do me in after that year long ops in europe.
I know myself only too well. I am not the same person who went thru the love bite ordeal. :) Thank you so very much, Blues. :) Love you too.

bluesbaby5050: I only spoke from my heart in that thread, from my experiences

So what is this love bite all about? I did not find the source of this' love bite' of what you meant eevie. I would love to hear about it, OR you could direct me to it if you did not want to explain it to me, I would understand. Thank's anyways though. I love you too eevie.

eevie: love bites

Love bites are the cruelest torture yet. MILAB learned it from the ets. They pair you off with whomever they want to do an ops. Could be an ops for a few years, a few days. You think it is your feelings that are so intense. They are not. Your feelings are stimulated to the point of thinking you have found your long lost soulmate, or twinflame. Eve Lorgen is the one who led me to understanding this. ha every relationship i have ever had was a love bite. I will not have another 3d relationship. They ruined me on that.
These go beyond normal feelings of a human. They are so strong, seem so right......

eevie: heart

I know you spoke from your heart, Blues. and your experiences. That is who you are. You are your heart adn i love and appreciate you for that. :)

eevie: intent

Everything i do is with energy and intent. I really don't know any other way to do anything. :) I look within and see the harness being removed and once out i obliterate it. They make them all the time. It isn't something personal to worry about losing and getting back. lol Same way i do most things. i don't have methods, i follow my intuition, my heart.

pasqualie: i just look at it as an energy field.

chakras in general is just a concept for a point where an energy field is generated, whether it be by nerve ganglion or other source.

mine is gone? i went on a 30 minute walk to take the dog out and inserted double toroidals.
had a little discomfort like gas in the stomach chakra area but its dissipating now. may have been gone before i guess, was doing alot of energy work last few months moving energy through each part slowly until it went through the entire body. as well i was moving energy balls through my body through the chakras. something i read and saw from robert bruce's material.

your concept about about the white and black hole i believe i heard of that with jordan maxwell. something similar with asha deanes stuff.

but in one regard you are correct in ascending and different levels and ascended masters , this is itself polarity, a mirror of what we have on this planet in religions with rank or military, worth based on rank. so the concept of going up or down is itself duality or polarity.

i was also doing the vesica pices arch type meditation where i moved the vesica pices symbol up and down through my body, which in itself is 2 spheres or a double toroidal for many months from asha deans energy exercises.

what you are describing as 0 point or source and all things existing, is the theory of simutaneous time, that there is no past or future, its all exists in all possibilities at once. and the double torroidal is actually a symbol for that which is a vesica pices in sacred geometry. it symbolize the past and future all merging into the present, or merging all aspects of yourself.

pasqualie: its what robert bruce says also

everything is energy and intent and belief.

pasqualie: The two earths

they represent the two aspects of self or earth or anyone. The male and female aspect or the matter and antimatter aspect that exists. both must be merged in order to become whole. reflective of the duality.

i only came across this because of asha deanes concepts of keylontic science which discusses this in detail. as well as to some degree swerdlow goes into it with his explanation of the left brain ego, right brain supra concious, pineal subconscious which merges and integrates the two so they can function together rather than one dominating. i found it interesting he uses arch types as well because asha deane used arch types also.

essentially in the double torroidal which is an energy field in itself, when placed at the chakras it forms a tube , which is congruent with swerdlows chakra spinning technique, he uses colours to differentiate the different areas of chakras but he says its a self contained tube going up or down with energy, which keeps the energy within you. the energy flowing up or down is dependent on which way you spin it, clockwise being downwards energy, counter clockwise being energy flowing from down to up. so the double torroidal actually makes sense now. i was looking around for an explanation of swerdlows method in different places to use discernment because like i said when i watch his videos, you can tell he is not 100 percent normal yet.

pasqualie: I know of torroidals from sacred geometry

I knew the heart had a double torroidal but i didnt extend that to apply it to the chakras and the bodys energy field as a whole. but yes they are found in stars and various different energy fields in the galaxy as well from planets to black holes.

pasqualie: reason i was comparing swerdlow and others is

because no one is 100 percent accurate, and no one is 100 percent wrong. so there is valid information from various people even though one may think they seem odd or spreading disinformation. I was looking for the kernel of truth from different people by comparing and seeing where what they said was congruent.

in my opinion, the double torroidal for me confirms chakra spinning is correct, rather than the other schools of thought that teach you to spin individual balls or circles which only forms a single torroidal field which is unstable and not self sustaining.

pasqualie: How were you able to see if my chakra harness was gone lol

are you able to look at people without actually knowing them personally, or knowing their full names and where they live and other personal details eevie.

I had electric jolts in my 3rd eye earlier this year and saw vortexes, but not sure if my 3rd eye actually opened and stayed open. havent seen anything out of the ordinary. been trying to oob as well with no luck yet consciously.

can only lucid dream and remember when my sleep seems to be broken up into 2 hr segments or so.

eevie: The chakra spinning is

The chakra spinning is actually creating a vortex to directly feed the ones who use us as food. The energy is not running up and down when spinning. So many lies. The spinning of chakras is a 3d construct, a part of the matrix. All this was great as long as we had to live in teh matrix. It was how we coped. But, we are beyond that now. Everything has changed and is setting us free of the matrix.

Tim Lovell: spin this into your chakras

spin this into your chakras eavie...

oh wait you removed them :P ok then into your immutable spirit :D

Tim Lovell: yes the matrix was setup by

yes the matrix was setup by anu and his scientists ages ago, has the frequency barrier gone yet ? they also setup the God spirit soul complex , to stop us every achieving the soverign interated state we all rightfully should exist in , this planet is so prescious but so damaged what a waste all for gold, think of all the different civilizations imprints of their cultures etc stored here that is inaccessible because of what has happened on this planet , god I hate the family of anu grrr

eevie: They have a shit load to

They have a shit load to answer for. I do know one of their most prominent family members is doing all he can to stop them. I stand with him. :)
I don't want to argue about anything. The chakra harness is related to the matrix and is an implant. Chakra harnesses are just disappearing. We have help. ;) If you don't remove them, they will be removed for you. It is for your highest good. It matters not what they have done for us in the past....that is over.

pasqualie: some call it a net or earths energy grid in space

dont know if that frequency barrier is gone. it was set up from what I hear to trap souls, the portal being a conduit into the moon from which your memory is wiped after they harvest your emotional energies after what they do to you. then you put in stasis in the astral until they send you back down.

its why you hear alot of people saying dont go into the light recently, and why hollywood puts out tv shows like the ghost whisperer with jennifer love saying go into the light.

robert monroe tried to oobe in a faraday cage, and even though he was able to leave his body, he says he was not able to get beyond the cage. so its something similar along those lines i think.

pasqualie: you know the consistency of the law of opposites

that the ruling elite go by, if they saying do one thing, its actually saying if you do that you are screwed.

so if hollywood is saying go into the light and even make an extensive tv show on it to condition people to go into the light in The Ghost Whisperer. you know going into the light is a bad thing.

pasqualie: Tim it wasnt actually just Gold, but the Ormus they make from it

Its why the annunaki, the named ones and others in the sumerian tablets from Sitchin describe this obsession for gold. Not as just a trinket, but to make white gold ormus from it. The pharoahs from egypt even took it because it gave them in the short term better health and psychic abilities. But using it long term it drove them insane, like any drug used chronically or long term, the benefits diminish and you start degrading. Originally it was used for the rite of passage in the egyptian mystery schools, but pharoahs thought it made them gods and they became chronic users.

Its why the annunaki became so distorted. Their genetic lines were pure bred like the ruling elite and it started making distorted personalities and minds. The annunaki realized this and began putting it into their atmosphere so they could ingest it through the air. Short term they saw many benefits in health and psychic abilities, but as they became chronic uses, it began to distort them more, and they needed more and more with less and less benefit.

If you meditate, you hear that high frequency in your ears or mind. Its called the Hu.

Written about not just in egyptian history of the mystery schools in the rite of passage but also by the chinese in a book called The Secret of the Golden Flower translated by Richard Wilhelm.

So ormus as needed or in short term use I think is ok, it heals. But long term it becomes like an addictive drug that degrades a person.

eevie: ormus

totally right! Ormus, or white powder gold is what gave them their glow. They are addicted to it as well. but, yeah, it makes them glow and that glow is why religious peeps thought they were from god. lol or that they were angels.

pasqualie: I think ormus or white gold ormus

What it does is balance the right and left brain. You notice the annunaki and the dracos are very left brain ego dominated thinking. So they used it to tap into the right brain more. When they found humans we were originally balanced brain. Its why we had no language or one common language of communicating with our minds.

So they gave us written language to push us into our left brains and to shut off for the most part our abilities of the right brain.

Its why when you see a left brain injury in people, some of them become geniuses, because they compensate or activate more their right brains. But when you have right brain injury, it leads always to permanent brain dysfunction.

There is a book written something along the lines called Alphabet vs the Goddess by Leonard Shlain.

But what ormus did or white gold is it allowed them to balance out their right and left brain functions more. But like any drug your body builds up an immunity to prolonged use, so more and more is required for less and less effect, at the same time degrading your systems.

Its where bipolar comes from, you are either all in right or left brain, so they swing through these highs and lows, because that part that integrates both is degraded or gone.

eevie: ormus

Bipolar is switching sides, of course! Thank you. I don't know why i didn't see that before. I seem to be surrounded by them where i live. Seriously. lol
Marduk glows. He is the "god king" of earth but an absent god king. He was here just last year in s africa. Collecting his tithes,dues. He is the one responsible for wiping clean the ancestral memories from our collective memories. That left him teh only "god" in memory. He is a major ormus addict, but he acts as though he is totally left brained. He is a controlling tyrant who needs to go. This is the guy xians and jews worship. Makes me want to vomit. They don't know any better. and you can't tell them either. anyway........:)

pasqualie: its why they say

the truth is inside you, or your heart knows the truth, or you are already that which you want to become. but the problem arises because we want to go through the mind, and we go into polarity or duality there, especially the left brain. and there are many programs or rooms in the mind and that is where we end up stuck or misled.

Bellerophon: This one is as standard

This one is as standard disinformation piper player as they come. I thought he retired from all this crap? After all he sold a fortune already, enough to retire.

Tarheel: He cant keep away

...Stew TURD-low.....all very tell-tale syllables, eh?
He should just change it to "Reptilian-Pusher". He's got quite the following here (LOLOL).

bluesbaby5050: Your wrong Tarheel.......

Sterwart was added to this forum topic as LEARNING MATERIAL, AS IS ALL OTHER TOPICS ON THIS WEB SITE. This does NOT mean that those that make the postings are his followers as you like to call it. Your short sightedness speaks volumns all by itself. This website is for LEARNING, and this INCLUDES ALL TOPICS. And that's why Quinton has many topic sections on this site in the first place. MKULTRA is a much needed topic to learn about, because our governments, and many people are involved in this. How are people to learn about this, if NO ONE MAKES THE EFFORT TO POST THE SUBJECT MATERIAL MATTER? Even you should know better.

Bellerophon: I feel like Steward Swredlow

I feel like Steward Swredlow teaching people about MK Ultra is akin to me being taught about morality by Ted Bundy. It kind of makes no sense given everything you know about the person/your "teacher".

But, you know, to each his own I guess.

bluesbaby5050: If people want to study the real truth then they

Have to study all sides, even the sides that are wrong. You know from your gut feelings/intuition. Of course Stew is not being totally honest in his information, because he is playing BOTH sides. After all, Stew was blind for 20 years from all his mind fracturings, and the drugs, and the desensitizing, and the torturing etc. He is still their subject, and he will always be used by them.

bluesbaby5050: AND BY THE WAY......

I did post very many people that were/are still victims, and they told their stories on TC beside Stewart S. I even posted the material about how they are picked, and how that they have handlers, and who those are, and how this system works, and operates, and so for you to make this remark is not accurate. For once please take a good look at all the postings that have been done by some members that take the time to post this on Truth Control BEFORE YOU , and Tarheel make stupid remarks such as the ones you both made already. The proof is on this site.

Bellerophon: I'm not undermining anything

I'm not undermining anything else about this topic. The reason I reacted about Swerdlow is because he was among the most recent stuff here. I have been absent for a long time from this place, so its logical that I don't know of the others. A year and a half, maybe two went by since I was active here.

bluesbaby5050: Stew was mentioned alot during your absence........

He is in many sections included on this web site, and you just so happen to show up out of the blue, and make stupid remarks to the members in this forum as if we eat and breathe Stew, and witout your doing any followup work before you pass your judgement, and yes some of us do remember you from back then and you seemed alot nicer then.

Bellerophon: I'm sure there could have

I'm sure there could have been a lot of Swerdlow talk in my absence, I only talked about this one because its relatively new. And as far as the other topics go, I only responded because there were left over notifications from that time. As far as me being nice or not, I'm still the same guy as before. Some may take offense of what I say, some may not. Its Ego at work. I'm fine with having mine around, but I question others when it comes to their own relationship with the Ego. As an example, I explained to one person here why they are wrong, and just to try and check that for himself instead of argue with me, he started getting even more antagonistic lol. Its not my fault if people like to live inside a bubble (that is so easily burst). Do I need to conform to everything in order to appear nice or tell somebody the ugly truth that may upset them and make me look bad? What do you suggest?

eevie: stewart

Not retired. He has been busy in sex rituals with Aquino. Most recently in Phoenix. There are 2 satanic churches there, 2 largest in the country if i am not mistaken. They never retire. They just go into hiding.

Nagirud Ordep: Omission !

Omission !
Manipulation of information!
Watch out !
They want to confuse us !
We do not need their technology to beat them .

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