A Reptilian Killed by a Brazillian Shaman

by Annunaki77 on January 31st, 2011

Here is the Head of a Reptilian, this creature was in a childs room and the Shaman killed it.
These Creatures are real and they do abduct people for food.



bluesbaby5050: The Head!

Yes it is, but not a big one. Some are alot bigger then this one here. It has also started rotting,and this makes it smaller.This reptilian was found in a childs bedroom! I guess it was going to steal him/her and then eat him/her. That's what they do. I am glad it was caught before it could do this horrible deed. They sneak around everywheres, and come out mostly at night, under the cover of darkness, but NOT ALL THE TIME! They sometimes have the small greys do this for them,as the kids are not scared because of the small size of the greys. They are then taken away before the family,or people find out about the missing child/children. They appear in the woods,and near mountains,under your cities,and come out of the man-hold covers in the streets in the cities,and the underground sewer tunnels,mining shafts, the skies, anywhere they want. Keep your kids close to you when outside,and in parks,while camping etc.

bluesbaby5050: Remember that the reptilians do NOT.........

All look alike. They come in many colors shapes,and sizes.Learn what they do look like,so that you will know. Do NOT trust any of them!!

UN.i1-PHI: that picture

is fake...

UN.i1-PHI: This picture depicting what appears to be a severed reptilian
This picture depicting what appears to be a severed reptilian alien head was received on 15 September 2003. Interestingly enough, no information accompanied the photo, nor had any been found pertaining to a related incident. It appears that the child holding the stick is lifting the lip of the creature up to further expose the long teeth, an indicator of a carnivorous species.

After a brief investigation, it was learned that this picture was actually created by graphic artist Charlie White. It appears that some disinformation artists got a hold of Charlie's picture and began circulating it on the internet as a genuine alien photo! His work is featured on the Art in Context Center for Communications website and can be found here. This is an excellent example of how modern software programs can be used to create elaborate hoaxes.

Crackdown: The video is not available :P

The video is not available :P

UN.i1-PHI: i did not provide the video

i remembered this post and tought to repost this regarding juscila making reference to it
i still had this image wich i downloaded some time ago when searching for a larger format of this picture and found this one to be the largest (800x400), and so i uploaded it on tinypic to post it here (as i didn't want to use google to try to find it again), i did provide the link to the website telling that this one is a fake created by an graphical artist but leaked by some disinformers, i considered that it could be a cover up for this picture being real but i personally do not believe this thing in the picture is real and rather synthetic and photoshoped

juscila: Severed REPTOID Head

Thanks to whoever was able to post this picture. I thank bluebaby5050 for passing the info on to crackdown and it appears others took up the task to find and post it which I was unable to do. I personally DON'T THINK ITS FAKE!! I've lived in Mexico and as I had stated these photos aren't censored and certainly fits what experienced people have described. I BELIEVE I DATED ONE OF THESE , NOT IN ITS REPTOID FORM thank you very much! Consequently because the Reptoid I. Dated lives around the corner from my house I hope to develop a device that can DISRUPT their frequency vibration and have them visible to all of Humanity and destroy them. Quinton put a schematic of the chain of command. MY BELIEF is that the REPTOIDS CREATED ALL THOSE GROUPS TO MAKE IT SO COMPLEX thinking we simple HUMANS couldn't figure out that they are at the very top except that SATAN ,I think, made the Reptoids. This complexity is INSURANCE so that they don't get discovered, well guess what? We SIMPLE HUMANS connected the dots and kept it simple and now we know that it's the REPTOIDS THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE for ALL OF THE WRONGS ON EARTH! Jo

UN.i1-PHI: still that doesn't mean this

still that doesn't mean this picture is genuine, and i know they'll be covering up indications of real alien activity and taking credit for it to keep people think they're not real (like some ppl did claim to have made some crop circles but when they were challendged to prove it by reproducing one they failed in disgrace to (sacred) geometry) but at the same time there are also a lot of faked materials out there and tough it may seem realistic and appeal plausable to the descriptions, i think it's very likely that this is one of them (faked ones), and if it was real i think it would rather be pulled from the web

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