Reptilian Internet Browsers

by Crackdown on November 26th, 2014

Here are the icons of Comodo internet browsers (Dragon, IceDragon, Chromium Secure). Their company is named after Komodo dragon - the largest officially recognized species of lizards that inhabit our planet

Despite having the same browser engine as Google Chrome (with the exception of IceDragon - which uses Firefox engine), these browsers are providing an additional security:

* Google user tracking is disabled
* Internet trackers are blocked
* Comodo Secure DNS servers are used
* Additional checks on the SSL digital certificates
* SiteInspector malware scanning technology

Only the source code of IceDragon is open...
Nevertheless, these browsers seem to be a quite good choice for reptilians! XD

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Silenci030310: Interesting, but those

Interesting, but those lizards and especially the komodo dragon are cooll looking i wouldnt mind having my on small zoo of different variety of lizards and birds, monkies and pandas.

Crackdown: Zoo?

Silenci, why do you want to put this nice lizard in a zoo - prison for animals? :-P

Silenci030310: The reason is i knew this

The reason is i knew this cartel/mafia member who was are nieghbor in LA, he had a small zoo in his backyard, it was amazing. But yea seening them free is always better, but if u had the money and a big land do it, i would do it, take care them feel right at home, lol i even seen mexican boots made out reptile. Imagine seening those komodos in your land, but i respect u t opinion my crackdown brother :) jeje

harrison orono: Explicit

Briliant display how perfect is the art of creation! Are they wild to humans or friendly?

harrison orono: Insight

Before you reach the stage of sufferig, is it good to pretend that you are auffering? Example: Someone has all the the money and.power to make his life better but you find that person living just like apoor man who has nothing yet if you scrutinized you will dicover that he has hundreds of thousands even millions. All this will be realized when death comes. Now my question is what is the use of this money? Ithought that money is atool to be used to achieve certain goals in life like improving enviroment,and even the standard of living etc

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