by Chris on March 2nd, 2012

Reliable sources have reported that extra-terrestrial reptilian beings are considered a race of intergalactic invaders. Unwelcomed intruders that come from a regions of space known as Alpha Draconis and Orion. Their apparent objectives are to seek out new life throughout the universe, conquer it by any means necessary, and use the spoils of their invasions as natural resources to fuel their ongoing goals.

They traverse the universe towards their intended destination in a mother ship which is a directed Planetoid/Asteroids base station. (Note: Some people theorize that the reptilian mother ship locates and follows closely behind comets heading in the same general direction, using the gravitational field to pull the planetoid along through space. The comet’s body also acts as a stellar debris impact shield and prevents any approaching civilization from observing their mother ship’s advance.)

During their long voyages, the majority of the ET reptilian population on the mother ship live in a state of hibernation. A contingency of reptilians manage the daily operations of the craft and maintain hibernation chambers. In addition, they send scout ships containing military and scientist types to the planetary system they are approaching, and establish underground posts on a planet of interest, such as. . . EARTH.

The reptilian military ET’s ensure the continued secrecy of their presence, carry out abductions of various life forms on the surface of the planet, and investigate the technological advances of the surface inhabitants. The scientific ET’s study the planet’s life biological forms, introduces their reptilian genetic code into whatever species displays traits they want to manipulate, and initiates a program of genetic crossbreeding.

From their underground bases, the reptilian military ET’s set the stage for the mother’s ship invasion by establishing a network of human-reptilian crossbred infiltrates within various levels of the surface culture’s military industrial complexes, government bodies, UFO/paranormal groups, religious, and fraternal (priest) orders, etc. These crossbreeds, some unaware of their reptilian genetic “mind-control” instructions, act out their subversive roles as “reptilian agents”, setting the stage for an reptilian led ET invasion.

Just prior to planetary approach, the large reptilian population aboard the planetoid awakens from their hibernation and prepares for battle. When the invasion takes place, it is from above and below the planets surface. Strange craft, piloted by reptilians, greys and human-reptilian agents, descend from the clouds while others ascend to the skies from the underworld of caverns and sub-cities, overwhelming the surface cultures in a totally unsuspecting manner.

After the surface inhabitants discover the futility of fighting off their invaders with their technologically inferior weaponry, a surrender is negotiated. Once the invasion is complete and the surface inhabitants yield to the demands of their new rulers, the reptilian mother ship strips the planet of its resources such as water, ores and genetic (DNA) information, then, having turned the planet into a new “Base of Operations”, the reptilian ET’s set out for the next “pearl” in space.

As if it weren’t frightening enough to imagine such beings traveling through space, intent on invading Earth.


Crigitine: I hear the late great Sherry

I hear the late great Sherry Shriner has been with the orgonite warriors and that they have hit many under ground bases successfully. They've even found messages of some of these beings admitting defeat and even started to burn or..god forbid.. get inflamed hemroids.


THE INSIDE OUT! They ARE the SCOURGE OF MANKIND! WE WILL GET RID OF THOSE BA%^&RDS ONCE AND FOR ALL! We WILL do battle,and keep them all the hell OFF OUR planet! I am so SICK and TIRED of them invading OUR planet, and raping her for all her resoucers,and the living life she holds close to her.We are hers,and she is ours! I still have alot of fight left in me,and I WILL DO MY HARDEST TO GET RID OF THEM, AND SO WILL ALL MY GROWN CHILDREN! My sons are a kickass crew to be reckoned with,I have seen them in action too!They can really be brutall! They know how to use firearms too! They have my spunk! And I am proud of them all.Even my grown daughters are really hardcore bitchs when they want to be,and do not take any crap from anyone!There are 6 of us! We HAVE GOOD GENES! HAHAHA! YA-LET THEM GET IN OUR FACES! They WILL be luggage!To be shiped back out into deep space (without a ship,)where they came from! And you can bet on it! BB5050.

wmarkley: orgone

I read an article written by Sherry Shriner, i did not know that she had died. she was talking about this stuff called Orgone so i went on youtube to researsh this stuff, it is a crystal and scrap metal encased in a polyethylene molded form, How the heck is this going to protect anyone? you can throw it at someone but not everyone throws a 100 mile an hour fastball. I have found that, great protection comes in the form of LEAD. And a good shotgun, or pistol. God Rest her soul, she was active in spreading the word to wake up the people, i just think that she used the wrong weapon for protection, I believe in the right tool for the right job. and protection starts with Lead. not scrap metal in plastic, unless you can launch it from a shotgun.

Tarheel: Who?

Not familiar with her-no disrespect intended.

wmarkley: she

Sherry Shriner was a woman who was on a mission to discredit the E.T.s as good, She said that they were all demons, the fallen angels, but she also said that she was one of the two witnesses for god and that her grandfather was king david i think, or something like that, i was under the impression that she wanted to wake up the masses, and that is a good thing, but i think that she was out there with some of the things she said, but she believed in what she was saying, im pretty sure that she was really one of the good guys at heart.

bluesbaby5050: First we put them in a------

Capsule of some kind,and THEN we will shoot them up,and way out into space,and then explode them all to open hell! This is the way to send them on a trip to hell! This will teach them to mess us humans! BB5050.

Crigitine: yeah, orgone sounds really

yeah, orgone sounds really out there. It's not so much an assualt upfront weapon like a shotgun or an aka-47, it's used for the "higher frequency"s it gives off, and a few other traits. Before I continue do not hold me to any of this, I've only done a few hours of looking on youtube and various sites about it..

From what I understand it is mainly used to spread a type of frequency around that drives those reptilians and other ET's crazy. It also puts it's own type poison that makes those demon possed, demons, reptilians, and other ET's start to burn and blister.

An orgone blaster is a chunk of orgone molded from a bucket of any size, and then attached to a pole, and to use it one would simply point it at a being not of this world....or zombies.

There are many other forms of orgone tools, such as chem busters, cloud busters, holy hand grenades, and even tower busters. I'm not going to bore you with the details but you can find them all over the interweb.

One thing to note however, the government is apparently looking for a reason to get it banned, I'm not going to blame them, but I do not support them either, I would start researching it too if a group of people started dropping orgone pucks in water systems. Also, in various stories of people gifting "placing orgone around the earth" people are greeted with black choppers in the sky, sometimes more than one.

wmarkley: wow

Maybe there is something to this orgone stuff, i guess it is better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it, its simple to make, a third grade class can do this. maybe i will make some and place it around my house and under the beds. maybe attach one of those orgone blasters to my shotgun too, cant hurt i guess. and if the government wants to ban it then there must be something to it. and thats the only reason i need to make it.

wmarkley: Geithner

Tim Geithner will need more than orgone to beat this, maybe the info i got the other day IS true, i hear that Tim is singing like a canary, giving up the bush scum as well as obama. but he is in a lot of hot water.

Fal: To try and sum up Orgone, it

To try and sum up Orgone, it is a pseudo energy, created by the earth, that supposedly is harnessed and emitted through the "blasters". Then these "blasters" are used as necklaces, or as you have more than likely seen, cupcake sized molds, are placed in certain spots to combat the negative energies let off by radio towers, AND to cause reptilians to 'suffocate'. Apparently, if you make one big enough, you can cause reptilian ships to crash, but you would need a lot of aluminum, copper, and a very large AA grade or better Quartz stone. I am talking 5 gallon bucket size city blaster.

I have a small one in my car. It was poorly made by a friend of mine, but I haven't had a run in with anything or anyone... yet...

wmarkley: kool

I can make a 5 gallon sized one, if thats all i need to do, i would hate to bring down friendly troops though. or does it only work on the negative beings? if that is the case then first i will make a bunch of small ones, then make a big one and hide it in plain sight on my deck as a small table for my cream soda.

Ecbra de Oaoj: it aswer so many questions

main... that humans arent; - or not would be- enemy of humans.


Health and Good Will

caseyhue: Alive

From what I understand.. I listened to her for almost a year to check her out. She has some good opinions at least that is what I got. I don't read into every word she says.. I felt her mostly. She's not dead from what I understand. You can still catch her on Facebook. I no longer listen to her .. because some of what she says was not believable any more. .. My intention was not to listen to her for ever, but I got tired of alot of it. She still has some good points however. I never tried the orgone formula, but I really don't buy into it.. I could be wrong, but the crystals they use does have some power...

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