This guy made himself known to me. This is my backyard. Didn't even see him in the picture until a month after it was taken.

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bluesbaby5050: Reptilian.....

Hi....I'm just curious, how, and in what manner did this entity become known to you? Did it tell you why it made contact with you, and its purpose? What state of mind was you in at that time? Thank you.

Myskinsmysin: Reptilian

I was sober. No contact.

bluesbaby5050: reptilian

Then what gave you the idea that the entity in your yard was reptilian origin? It also could of been Nome or fairy. Did this cross your mind? How could you be so sure it was reptilian? Also, I figured you might of been in a meditative state, I did not assume you had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at that time. You were vague in your statement, and not enough information was given to the forum.

Myskinsmysin: Reptilian

Did you see it? Looks reptilian to me. And the feet print where almost like an alligators. And from artist rendering of reptilians it's a very very close resemblance

bluesbaby5050: reptilian

What shows up in the picture, is a green face, and it shows nothing else but black lines along side it. A lot of writing about the android used to take it. Hardly anything else.No feet, or legs nothing. That's all we see.

Tarheel: Looks like...

Looks like 2 entities to me.

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