by edisonik on June 19th, 2012

The Reptilians use Spam and Bots to stop the Truth from getting out.
But I am afraid it's too late my scaley Reptiles, the Humans know the truth.
Cheers to TRUTHCONTROL for the collective of Human Conciousness is waking up to the NWo Reptilian Agenda of Global Murder and Genocide , Reptiles aren't your Friends the Wolves have always been your Friends, Lord Enki , Lord Zeus of Olympus and others.

Tribute to the Wolf Alpha Male, a Friend to Mankind.

The Reptiles teach you to Fear the Wolf, I say they are a Blessing to Man.


bluesbaby5050: Wolfs/dogs----

Wolfs/dogs ARE MANS BEST FRIENDS! WE WILL NEVER FORGET THIS! THEY LOVE MANKIND,AND WILL GIVE THEIR LIFE TO SAVE OURS! They are a Gift from God! Blessed are the Wolfs,and the Dogs! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

edisonik: Yes but since it your Lives you must use Personal Responsibilty

Practice Personal Resposibility and do not Rely on Big Government.
Rely on yourselves and your Families. Humans must understand that Big Government will not save you from yourselves and niether can the Gods / Dogs .
Practice Personal Self Responsibility.

Practice Freedom.

bluesbaby5050: You are correct Lord Edisonik

Only humans can save them selfs! They MUST realize this fact! They need to take personal responsibilty for them selfs,and for their families,and never depend on the goverments for anything. They must become self-relient,to depend on NO-ONE but them selfs! Get back to basic skills,and learn new ones, never stop learning, and pass on your knowledge to the younger generations living now,and for the next to come. Teach them some good survival skills,and gardening skills too,they need to know these things,if they want to live.They have to keep warm,safe,and they will always have to eat. Teach them when they are old enough to learn. Take them out,and have them help you in the food gardens,and go camping with them. Teach them like our fore fathers taught their children how to live. This being responsible. Be your own boss. Do not do what the goverment says.They say go left,and you go right!

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