by Annunaki77 on April 11th, 2011

Remember who you are, you are all Gods, believe in the Power you have within Yourselves, the very reason why you fail is because you try hard to " Fit In!", wanting recognition from others at higher levels then you.
That is your mistake, no one will recognize you, you must recognize yourself and your abilities, you must believe in your Godlike Powers.
Once you understand who you are and where your DNA came from you will understand that you are all Gods.

Just like the Mighty Zeus of Mount Olympus, remember who you are, you are in physical form, now is the time for your opportunies to blossom, mighty Gods of Earth.If you let negativity consume your destiny you will repeat the failures in the next lifetime for Immortals never really die.

A Tribute to the Gods.


Phaminator: no wonder i fail whenever i

no wonder i fail whenever i try or attempted to fit in. but im sure that i could believe in myself to an extent despite i have lots of negativity and made many mistakes.

harrison orono: Hi!

ido recognize my own self ihave everythin within me iwill display all.

pasqualie: what harrision says is true

there is a saying, do not seek approval from others, give it to yourself, as well as what matters more is what you think of yourself, rather than what others think of you.

pasqualie: Think of it as a door

Most people are asleep so the door is closed. For some its open a little bit so the light comes through a bit. But they have so many fears or beliefs taught from this world they dont want to open the door fully and go through, or they want to close it. When you open that door and let the light shine through and walk through it, you find out who you are. But you have to release the fears and beliefs that hold you back first. Because that is what is holding you back from knowing who you are.

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