by edisonik on March 10th, 2009

Religion is ET Made , it is a great mind control program to control millions. No one questions religion and assumes it correct. But nothing can be farther from the truth.
Religion is Bogus and is the Ultimate mind control Program to install fear and Worship of in coming False Gods.
It is a taboo subject but we must study the concept of Religion abit further to accept the realities of what we really are. The Is a Creator but the interpretation has been perverted severly over the centuries.

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Genio: i totally agree, its

i totally agree,
its propaganda to keep us from evolving into a higher consciouness .. we must learn from our mistakes and teach the young of the truth a truth with no fears and a truth that will help us all evolve as one race ..


Just a couple of hundred years into the Past , you would notice that the people were awakened to this reality and this treachery of Deceptions.
But unfortunety inorder to Keep the status quo and to keep the control of the Masses Fear tactics were in place to prevent the masses from realizing that Religious Doctrines were a big lie , they labelled those visionaries Heretics and had them Burned at the Stake. The Indians in the New world didn't want these False Religions put on them either and the Spanish Murdered Millions of Innocent Indians for the Religion and their State. It is time to put Religion aside and Learn more about the current realities we face as a Species becuase we are being played with by Malevolent Extraterrestrial Races.

That is the Absolute Truth and the sooner we accept that fact the Better.
Never let any ET Race make themselves out to be better than you , you must learn to accept your own Godhood and learn to evolve on your own without the help of a manipulative third Party no matter who that being may be. All Races including Extraterrestrial ones are all equal , just becuase they have fancy toys doesn't make them better than us.

Let the Truth shine forth for Humanity

Genio: you watched the alex collier

you watched the alex collier videos didnt you

edisonik: Yes Alex has Courage

I knew this even before Alex, read the Book the Great Contraversy between Christ & Satan and you will see that Religions have been manipulated.

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