by edisonik on October 26th, 2010

Religion and Politics is considered the same thing for the Extraterrestrials, I will tell you my Perspective regarding Religion and Politics and if this is new to you this will be a new learning curve for all of you Souls here on Earth.
Religions & Politics has been created to divide the humanity through Wars, through Ignorance, through Arrogance, through Indiference, through Fear, these Systems are like Sports Teams, These Systems Promote Competition and Division all over the World and these Systems have One Main Objective and that is to keep Humanity Divided within itself so that Humanity will not Evolve and move to the Next Level, 4TH & 5TH DENSITY.

In Reality the Human Races live on One Planet and there is Co-operation between the Races just think of what Humanity can accomplish, just think of the Unspeakable possibilities humanity can accomplish, but these Old Outdated Systems have been Established by the Malevolant ET themselves and their plan was brilliant and to this day many Humans fall for this Ancient Tricks because these two Systems declare that you cannot take Responsibility for yourselves so the Church and State will be babysitting you from Cradle to Grave , Take that Step Humans to Become Unconditionally Responsible for your Lives when you do this you will no longer need Oppresive Regimes Like Church and State and then you can begin to create a New World for your Species.

Not a New World Disorder but a New World for yourselves and your Children, but first you must Grab the Bull by the Horns and clean your House being Earth from Corruption , Secret Societies and Malevolant ET's the Benevolant Cat People, Andromedans and many other Good ET Groups will meet you halfway.

If you want to meet with these Groups go outside during the night and say this Prayer " I am a Human Becoming help me become!", say it many times and they will contact you, you must send forth the message into thought which then will transfer into Galactic Consciousness and you will be Contacted, Peace People.

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