RELEVANT: The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Procession-she flaunts WEALTH in World's FACE !

Sorry to interrupt the pretty pictures, BUT England has RUN AWAY unemployment and labor discord, yet The Queen has her "Diamond Jubilee Procession". Billed as a "celebration of Q Eliz's 60th year on the throne" and promoted as a gala made me THROW UP ! The wolrd struufggles and The Queen of English Empire self-serves and honors herself. WHAT A JOKE !

The entire world struggles and Queen Elizabeth flaunts wealth in our faces with a self-serving gala that is supposed to last a year, off and on.

Make no mistake-THIS is a party of the ultra-wealthy and nothing short of in-your-face politics.

"Pomp,pageantry and patriotism" is what the throne is calling it but we all know it is about "honoring thyself by her royal bitch-ass majesty". QE is said to be wanting to shed the negativity the throne caused with their participation in the death of Lady Di.

The only good thing I saw was that Sir Paul McCartney and SDir Elton John are playing in a concert at Buxckingham Palace. Otherwise, I'd love to have her royalty bitch-ass majesty chemtrailed with sewage to remind her what she's done to this World in her 60 years on the throne.


bluesbaby5050: The English Queen is not----

The Only ones that flaunt their money, and wealth in our faces,and in the faces of the 3rd world Countries,that have very many impoverished people just waiting to die.They are dying all around.They are too weak form Hunger,and Wars,and can Not even sit up if they had to. The Buzzards are sitting next to babies lying down bearly alive, while the Buzzards are waitng for their fine meal to happen! I fine this quite upsetting! There is NO excuse for all this misery on this planet. So everyone should Pray, and ask /invite the Good Aliens to land on our planet, and help us to become able to help ourselves take back our freedoms, and to help us clean up our planet, before it s too late! You say you want them to come,and help? Then YOU have to Pray ,and ask the holy spirit to send them down to land on our soil,and do so. It is up to YOU ALSO. They Have to be Invited by YOU! This is the Universal Law!

Tarheel: Queen Elizabeth is amongst the most visible people on Earth.

At one time, The British Empire was directly over 1/5 of Earth's population. That has dwindled, but UK influence is far reaching, as we all know.

The point wasnt that The Queen is the only person, but she certainly is one of THE most visible, and she flaunts money and wealth and extravagance in The World's face-in the middle of Europe's crisis, which may filter down to all of us.

Annunaki77's and Edisonik's view of The Queen isnt good, at all.

bluesbaby5050: Their System is Failing also!

This is like the Old Saying- Humpty Dumpty sat on the Wall, and had a Big Fall,and None of the King's men Could put Humpty Dumpty back together again! Hahahaha! This is already happening too!

Tarheel: That B---- has some nerve -flaunting her reign .... the middle of a MAJOR European crisis? A celebration of herself???

My God what COULD she possible be thinking? Europe teeters while Q Eliza parties???

This is the straw that broke the camel's back. We'll break out all the analogies here...Humpty Dumpty...staw/camel...etc ! Hahaha !

I really liike my "chemtrailing raw sewage on Q E's party" idea. I'll even fly the plane.


When you are all Genetic Royalty. Kings and Queens are no longer needed.
What is needed is a Great Understanding for all Humanity. For all Humanity to be on Par with all for all to know and understand all and not to give your Power to those few People that care not for the Progress of your Species.

Royalty has outlived it's usefulness, it is no longer needed. Worship yourselves and help one another instead of being polarized so that the few can use you as pawns for their Chess Game.

Be Independant and Free.
Lord Enki is pleased with Humanity.
The Gods believe in Humanity.

The Rebel Queen , we know you know that your Enemies are here.
Afraid , I know you are.

These are Real Lords speaking, not counterfiets.

Tarheel: WE are in COMPLETE agreement re: that !

I would offer that you should question ROYALTY rather than worship it. I wonder how many of UK's people actually do worship them.

bluesbaby5050: To worship royality---

I also agree with you Lord Annu 77.This is REALLY STUPID of the people to get all excited over these Royal Asses! I can not see why ! The people better wake-up to their REAL REALITY,OR THEY COULD BE THEIR NEXT MEAL! NO JOKE FOLKS! This IS REAL!

wmarkley: now

Now would be a great time to have a sniper rifle, and im sure that they know it, i wonder if they will have a clone or a look alike go in public while the queen hides.

bluesbaby5050: Good question Wmarkley!

Yes, I DO BELIEVE they Do Have Their Clones! They would need some. They have a hard time holding the hologram of their human forms. And the queen is old now, and she is seen getting in and out of cars without a cane,or any help,she does it all on her own. She gets around to all the public events too quite well also. A person-a human would have a hard time to do all these things,and at a steady rate as well, at that age! Even I get tired! I need to take a break at times too. Her life takes alot of time and energy to keep up with it all. Did you ever wonder how she keeps herself up,and where does she get all that energy,and her husband too for that matter?

wmarkley: awake

I think it be foolish to worship anybody, never get on your knees for anyone, maybe the queen wants to have this party because she is broke now, and wants to take advantage of the free food, nothing like mooching a meal from the Brits, lol

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley---

The queen has her OWN special food. The human form eats their own organic food,and they have it taken with them where ever they go. This is a fact. She even has her own chefs to travel along with them. The human form needs to be free of all the toxins to maintain the human holographic form. The reptilian form has it's own special food too,US-THE HUMANS! This helps them to live longer lifes from the human food source.

wmarkley: i agree

yea there is something not right with this disfunctional family of degenerates the brits call royalty, anytime i see the queen, i can see the evil in those eyes, just like the pope, and dave rocafeller, mr rocafeller got a huge forehead, cant miss that target.

bluesbaby5050: Not right!

That whole dam royal clan is NOT RIGHT FROM THE GET GO! The whole royal line from beginning to end!


In the beginning they were doing a good job being the Representatives of Heaven , Administering to the People of Earth. But now they have made a mockery of the Systems of Sirius for they allow the Illuminati to do Immoral things to Humanity to manage them like Animals or Vermin.
A total about face to the ways of Mighty Lord Enki's Systems of Rule and Compassion and Fairness. They have now taken a position of Infamy.
Justice is coming and great change is coming.
For the Humans are now awake, there will be no place to hide from Heavens fury for Heaven is in the Hearts and minds of all Humanity.

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