King Anu set up the full- blown Anunnaki temple/city on the Tigris, and the Euphrates rivers as a beautiful gift to humans. However, he did it out of competition and jealousy instead of as give away. This instantly set in a dynamic of creating and building in order to be a mogul. Craeting and building is meant to be an activity that frees humanity and offers the opportunity for communication and socialization; it is not meant to be a power play. Humans have always been smarter than the Anunnaki have realized, while the Sirians always had a deep understanding of human potential. Since the Sirians are a star people and the Anunnaki are inhabitants of a planet that is part of Earth's solar system, the Sirians always hope that the Anunnaki will learn a few things from the Sirian creations on Earth. Jealousy has reduced this potential for earthlings, since the consciousness of planetary inhabitants. There are many connections between Sirius and Nibiru. When Nibiriu leaves the solar system, it orbits far out in space and gets close to the exquisite Sirius star system. From Nibiru's point of view, Sirius and the Sun are twin stars. Nibiru is more concerned with the consciousness of the Sun and solar system and with consciousness of the Sirius system, as well as the planets of Sirius. The Sirius is a trinary system, it is very advanced, and it has had a great impact on earthlings by means of various initiatic African cultures ,such as the Egyptian, and the Dogon. Nibiruused to orbit around Sirius B; however, due to various celestial dynamics, the Anunnaki of Nibiru began to visit Earth 450,000 years ago, as was perfectly decribed by Zecharia Sitchin. The Sirians know a lot more about Nibiruans by means of the Egyptian records, and the opening of these records is why it helped to create the Sirian/ Pleiadian Alliance. This alliance actually began in August 7, 1972 when the Sirians intervened to keep the polar axis of Earth from flipping due to a great explosion in the Sun. This alliance between Sirian/Pleiadians helped to implant in Eygpt at the end of 1992 in the Great Pyramid and at Saquara. This alliance would assist the Anunnaki and the Sirians to healing n their relationship. To examine the relationship between Sirius and Nibiru, the great Sirian /Egyptian god Anubis is the guide who holds Nibiru's orbit in form. He is the guide who travels with our solar system all the way though the Galactic Night. The Pleiadians hold the orbit of our solar system while we journey though the Photon Band. They are our mother cow and Anubis is our jackal guide. Anubis is a being who travels the universe with the consciousness of Sirius, and he is a very, very serious being. Think of Anubis as holding the orbital patterns of the solar system as a whole unit traveling it's 26,000 year cycle in Alcyone's spiral. As Abraham journeying away from Ur around 2000 BC. Abraham is a Sirian, for many had assumed he was a Nibiruan! Abraham's story in the bible was just a coverup! The Egyptians have been unfairly maligned, and these are typical Anunnaki bad press on the Sirians. And when figuring out all these lies will disempower the World Management Team. And all you need for taking back your power is to recover your stories. Since Nibiru orbits out around Sirius B, it has been functioning as a Sirian postal service into our solar system, once Nibiru got caught in our solar system. The Sirians want certain kinds of information deposited on Earth, but Earth is a tricky place. When information is deposited into the 3rd Earth field, its multidimensional qualities must be transduced. That is, the power of Sirius must be activated on Earth, just like electricity becoming audible in a phone. Beings from other dimensions, and systems are constantly depositing information is on Earth, such as crop circles or hieroglyphics. Often this information is destroyed because it contradicts the official story of your past that has been invented and monitored by Anu. Anu is especially incensed about Sirian information. This is why the indigenous Egyptians, who are still keeping the ancient Sirian knowledge, and will not allow excavation of certain sites, especially the tunnels under the Giza plateau. Beings from other systems are constantly depositing things there, because the main Transducer of our planet is located under the Sphinx, and the indigenous Egyptians guard it. Once the system is open again, we will get this information, so remember your heritage, and become multidimensional. Abraham was a Sirian, and yet he was carrying the Anu bomb. This would indicate that Sirius was also involved in this deposit of radiation. The Sirian package that was picked up in 5400 B.C. and delivered to Earth in 3600 B.C. was the temple/city culture model. The temple/ city cultures flourished on the planet for over a thousands of years, but now a Sirian is seen depositing the uranium. The implications of that are mind boggling. Abraham was introducing uranium because the Anunnaki were jealious of the Sirians and of their magnificent city/temple culture in Egypt. However, the A nunnaki temples and cities never attained the exquisite and suble levels of the Egyptians. Why? Anu's city/state was created out of competition and jealousy, and ultimately it would always evolve into Sodom, and Gomorrah, which would destroy Gaia. It was a lethal creation. It could eventually destroy the planet, so it had to have a built-in limitation-radiation -which would always activate when a certain level of complexity was attained in any culture based on competition. The Sirians never hid their own information, and we can see this in the ancient records of Egypt. The Sirian frequency is still in form in 3D in Egypt for anyone that can read it. This energy influencing some, yet it is too suble to be apprehended by most, especially professional archaeologists. In the temples in Egypt, some people will that they have glandular systems that are in resonance with Sirius. Until the last few years, your endrocrine systems have been reading intense and gross feelings; however, some of us have felt our endocrine systems responding to these more subtle Sirian vibrations. Meanwhile, the Pleiadian knowledge has been activating your thymus, a higher heart gland. This gland is triggering rapid physical healing in preparation for the long journey though the Photon Belt, are helping us to begin to feel and consciously work with the subtle glandular while systems. These subtle vibrations are difficult for many of you, but it is relatively easy to feel different vibrations in Egypt, especially the qualities of the Nibiruan vibration. For example, if you want to access the Nibiruans, notice when you get a strong hit in your gut that causes your throat to close. The Pleiadians impulse you in your heart, lungs ,liver, and skin. It is more subtle to heal in the glands, and glandular healing techniques will end up being the way to bypass the more gross mechanisms of the Anunnaki allopathic medicine. As mentioned earlier, the temple/city states in Sumer tended to quickly become armed camps, which ultimately resulted in the making of Sodom and Gomorrah in 2024 B.C. It is time for us all to realize that the resolution of human conflict everywhere on this planet is not possible without having an understanding of multidimensional beings who have been on this planet. The World Management Team and other forces that work to limit your confluence of all energies on this planet that have been manipulating your behavior. You are fighting the battles of beings who are not from Earth! By being totally trapped in 3D you were having difficulty knowing what has been impulsing you, and yet you could see it all if you would become multidimensional beings as you were BEFORE you were born! Now that we have already entered the lower 4 dimension we will be able to see things a lot more clearly, and even more so as we all strive to advance, and evolve ourselves further.

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Tim Lovell: thx for this BB everytime I

thx for this BB everytime I read about the annunaki or family of anu I hear they are from the pleidies but it is my knowing also that they stem from Sirius well the human part does anyway their family is so cross bred its hard to keep track :)

bluesbaby5050: Ya...I know LOL!

Your very welcome Tim. A lot of Dis-information is floating around out there all over the place, and I wonder WHY that is! You will ALWAYS KNOW THE REAL TRUTH WHEN YOU FEEL IT! Some people can way more then others, and I get a lot of condescending remarks all the time, but I always understand why this is so when it gets shot in my direction. I just go with the Flow! :))

bluesbaby5050: Anunnaki consists of many TRIBES of Humans, Reptilians---

Reptilians/Human hybrids, and Canus, and Canus/Reptilian hybrids, and many other non -mixed , and mixed off -shoots of alien species from all over the galaxy. Nibiru is a brown dwarft that never became hot enough to become a sun. It also has it's own planetary system with many inhabited asteroids, and planets of different sizes within it's own system, and it comes though our solar system on a cycle of every 26,000 years. All this information can be found within this web site, Truth Control along with a huge compilation of information on many topics that has accumulated over the years from the Master teachers=Annu77, and Edisonik, and from the many members that also contributed their time and their energy to give to this site, in the hopes that it would help those that seek to learn of the hidden secrets withheld from the human race.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Syria reports

today, indicate; that chemical muder atack was made by outsiders. hirelings. payed. to blame local govern and so justify, to public opinion, the invasion of this naction from USA; UK and France (...just to ilustrate)

and moviment of troops and militar resourses indicate that is iminent the confront.

well; consequences would (will?) be inevitable in planetary scale, so...
to end. this letter. just a message. to remember.

do not faut no one for your acts. your leader... your president. some high-ranking military. your flag. etc.

you are responsible for your choices and actions. no one more afte all. you will answer that for you; no one more.

You have chooice.

no matter if north american, russian, israelit; . ...



Peace and Love

Tim Lovell: I would like to point out

I would like to point out here that the sirians refered to in the title of this thread are extraterestrials from the Sirius star system not the country Syria so you might have got mixed up there ..

bluesbaby5050: Your Correct Tim ................

This articles was referring to the ANNUNAKI'S, and The SIRIANS FROM THE STAR SYSTEM SIRIUS, and NOT in REFERENCE to the country of Syria in the middle east. The comments pertaining to the country of SYRIA in the middle east conflict should of been placed on a new page. Sorry you got mixed up HD, but I thought the readers would reconize the difference in the article above.

HebrianDaniel: Sirians or Syrians?

Sirians or Syrians?

Tim Lovell: lol


Tarheel: False Flag was just in time for my predicted oil price hike.

Not that I was the only person to realize this. Gas has already started dropping again.

They cannot come up with enough false flags to keep the bottom from dropping out of oil. World-wide demand is down and inventories are piling.

Yeah, the times, they are-a-changing. The loser now will be later to win.

Sky: Anunnaki Sirians from star system Sirius of intrgue to say the l

Greetings:Bluebaby5050. This is ET1938 (short for my formal site name ErieRailraodV.Tompkin1938). FYI. I now just realized I mispelled my formal name with the word RAILROAD--Any way, getting back to your article post. I read your in-depth article. I would like to have read it twice before commenting. However, cannot due to time constants. I really AUGHT READ it again to comment intelligently. I am just fired up so to speak to make my first comment. I joined hours ago after months of reading on this site. I found your information on the Annunaki (perhaps made best known by none other by Zachhariaha Stichin) of great import. I vary much have been fascinated by the Plieadians as I understand them from Barbara Hand Clow as I understand them to be from the dated book (1991) BRINGERS OF THE DAWN--teachings of the Pladians by Barbara Marciniak.

I get the impression you have a long standing member of this site. I recognize your writing to reflect values of a high calibre.

SIncerely ET1938. Mother and Father GOD bless you with their celestial helpers.

bluesbaby5050: Thank You for Your Nice Comment...........

On my post. Yes, I have been a member for almost 2 years now. ( Lacking a couple more months) And by the way....Welcome to Truth Control. You will learn a lot from this site. We are glad to have your membership here. Feel free to join into the conversations anytime.

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