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by Tarheel on February 27th, 2014

...I've wanted to post on this for some time now but I have waited. I want to tell YA'LL what I'm experiencing, but I really want to hear someone else say it first. There are 2 things in particular (at this time) that I have noticed STRONGLY. Certainly there are more than 2, but 2 smack me in the face (in a good way) regularly.

Please, tell me if/what ya'll are experiencing and I will share mine. There's no wrong answers.

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Tim Lovell: I have been noticing definity

I have been noticing definity movements from the past onto the next phase , you tend to be doing this as you notice it , but of course this process has been happening on a bigger scale over the last few decades but we all have our own personal jumps or movements forward also...

Starperson: The shift

Well, here's my shift experience. Simply put, everything seems to be happening at a much faster pace. Learning, understanding and acceptance. Major life lessons that used to take such a long time to digest, absorb and implement, are now condensed and easily understood. It is like life is on steroids and coming in rapid fire. Maybe it's just me.

If you are ready, share your experiences Tarheel. I am definitely ready to hear different personal thoughts on this.

Do it Tarheel, play that cowbell. I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.

obsrvantlouie: For me....everything

and I mean starting to "come together". I am truly creating my own realty via meditation and incorporating focused intent, attraction of thought and allowance for others. Over the last months I have seen a HUGE boost in my communications with people close to me. Some of this has been thankful communication from me to them.....praising and acknowledging old teachers....some has been evaluating the persons in my life, how much time I spend with them and reviewing 'who, what and where' I want to spend my time with and on.

On the short...I have ditched the shit I don't need or want...and incorporated the desireable. I am galvanizing my Yoga and Chi Kung.

Determining who I am, who I want to be, how to be this person, laying the foundation and becoming it.

I cannot say enough just coming together. I am really getting close to creating the reality that I have yearned for my entire life. I am creating this going on 7 months with NO income and somehow....some crazy way I (we) have found a way to make ends meet.

Example...three weeks ago...I was out of financial favors....and out of cash....we can't pay the bills on my girls salary alone. Next thing you know, my accountant tells me I'm getting $1800 back on taxes....also that I have $1800 in a HSA account from previous employer...I didn't even know I had an HSA...I DON'T DO ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE! My girl gets an end of the year bonus check of $5k!!!!

We have more money now than we did when I was FUCKING WORKING and knockin down six figs!

All I have been trying to do is help and be positive in every situation I can....I seem to be attracting this positivity back to me.

OL has a BIG MEETING TOMORROW.....say a hail mary for me and end it with Fuck You!

O and shit...almost girl is inline for a promotion that would double her salary! It's pretty much a done deal!!!


Well fuck....may as well also say I am to be a Father any minute now (due date less than two weeks).


Tarheel: I'm your "bell cow" so here we go .........

1)Time is crazy. I cant discern 30 seconds from 30 minutes. Delineation? I'm not sure. I never had any trouble before with time but now things are way crazy.

2) Creation - My ability to create (like OL mentioned) is WAY beyond what it used to be. Im not sure if I'm learning or if it was a SHIFT thing. One thing for sure, Im wide awake to it.

3) I'm in some sort of field I can see now. Is this the "aura" that was mentioned by Star before? I don't know, but Im in it and the only time Im not aware of it is when Im absorbed in some task that requires concentration, and even then if I try to bring it into focus I can. WTF?

I hope it's as benevolent for everyone as it is for me. I'm looking forward to progression.

obsrvantlouie: Maybe the great deception already occurred?

I have pondered this often that perhaps the great deception mentioned in all the ancient texts was the hijacking of the 2012 date and entrance into the age of Aquarius..? I don't know, but there sure was a lot of build up and fear talk about the world ending or shift coming in 2012; sounds like those of is with a positive mindset are reaping the benefit. Lots of dichotomy to consider.

I still have this nagging feeling a "big event" is right around the corner. Whether it will be of positive/negative intent or natural/manufactured I don't know.

Great post Tar - thanks for sharing.

Perhaps occurring is a 'quickening' ..mmmm?? How feel are you?? Avoid fear you must!

Tarheel: I disspelled all Fear a while back.

Someone or something may startle me, but they will
never put Fear into this vessel.

I like your "hijacking" analogy.

I look forward to a BIG event. I feel it will be positive. THEY know we're awake now, so it would be OH-so stupid for them to try any more of their happy horse sh--.

I am the person who put the "OH !" in GO, so I know.
And, I have it on good word.

Tarheel: I disspelled all Fear a while back.

Someone or something may startle me, but they will
never put Fear into this vessel.

I like your "hijacking" analogy.

I look forward to a BIG event. I feel it will be positive. THEY know we're awake now, so it would be OH-so stupid for them to try any more of their happy horse sh--.

I am the person who put the "OH !" in GO, so I know.
And, I have it on good word.

Quaesitor: Like a literal switch on a bulb

I just got "illuminated" one day. It started with some therapy modalities I was using. It's self therapy and it was like something popped. I can see where the foundation has been laid throughout my life. I can see where I got off track (boy that's a can of worms right there). This is something that is taking up a lot of time, because I started out looking at familial curses, karmic debt etc. It spiraled from there.

I literally went from one day to the next, discovering Enki, Michael Tellinger, and it's like everything else came at me in hyperdrive. It was like Star Trek warp speed activated. It's almost too much too process, but there is also SO MUCH TO LEARN that I literally feel "compelled" to keep reading, watching, processing. Some of what compels me is spiritual, some is self-preservation (prepping and the like), it's like ALMOST any question I have is immediately answered. I think my BS detector is improving. I keep thinking I should be depressed and frightened about what I have learned. I actually had that little voice in my head literally saying "you can just forget it, it will be ok, just forget all this". I told that voice to STFU!!! I actually feel really good for the first time in a long time. If not a little overwhelmed. I am so busy trying to learn and comprehend I swear I don't know if I lost my rope or found my horse!! It's like there is this pressure inside to HURRY UP AND LEARN IT ALREADY. I know that I don't personally have (any) control over "whatever" might happen. But whatever "it" is I feel like a bubble of physical pressure inside to move forward, no matter what.

While I feel good I also feel a little lonely. I have dropped the hints, shared the links, flat out spoken my feelings with the knowledge that it might *end* something important. You can lead a horse to water..

There are some really basic things like chakras that I am having a difficult time with because I literally do not visualize/see them the way I am "supposed to". I keep trying to work that out. Also, I keep getting sick. With weird things. I want things to gel, and that to end. I keep finding good things in people which was hard for me before. Snark meter is low. Positivity is higher. More patience with people. And I am finding my voice, overcoming old fears.

Ah thanks for letting me get that out! Thanks Tarheel for the post! I can't wait to see what everyone has to say!

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