Reckless Endangerment. A Catastrophe Waiting To Happen with Assistance From the U.S. Government/video

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Reckless Endangerment. A Catastrophe Waiting To Happen /video.
The never-ending insanity of the oil industry
continues with assistance from the U.S. government.

Massive quantities of crude from fracking are
being shipped via rickety railroad cars through
densely populated areas of the US.

One mistake in an urban area - and they've already
happened often in rural areas- could kill hundreds
or thousands.
Everyday, the energy industry and railroads sends hundreds of bomb-sized containers of crude oil in containers that were never designed to hold crude through densely populated parts of New York State.

It's all part of the great fracking scam.

New York State has banned fracking within its own borders, but oil from other states is being moved surreptitiously through the state by rail and boat. The government is doing nothing to protect its citizens.

One near-miss that already occurred on a ship containing crude would have been BIGGER that the Valdez disaster in Alaska - but in a densely populated area. -

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