Recently contacted by Centauians thru Automatic Writing

by cardar on December 1st, 2016

I'm not sure what to believe about this, but I was directed to this website tonight so I am going to just go with it. I have been doing automatic writing for about 16 yrs off and on. I had stopped for several years and just picked it back up recently. I was always channeling my higher self, angels and guides, so I believe anyway.
I am 55 yrs old and curious as to why and if I am actually being contacted by Aliens.

A few months ago I sat down to write and it felt different and when I asked who was "there", it responded "We are the Centenarians". Not knowing what that meant, I immediately looked it up on the internet, where to my surprise and skepticism, it explained they are extraterrestrials. I had had a similar experience a few years ago where they came thru and claimed to be Orion's. I received information from them, some I was able to verify on the internet, and some not.

Tonight while I was writing I asked if "he" would be able to project or show himself to me and he claimed that I wouldn't be able to handle that quite yet. I asked if he was scary looking and he replied that no, he was actually quite beautiful. I asked if there were any pictures on the internet that he could direct me to that would show what he looked like and asked him to direct me. This is the site I was sent to.

So for some reason, I am here. Not sure if it is for validation, answers, or if I have gone crazy. Funny thing is, I have always believed and had a fascination for aliens since childhood. But find it strange that if I am being contacted at this late age. I would be willing to share some of the writings if any interest so you could better tell if what they say to me makes sense. I was relieved to read several forums tonight and realize that maybe I am not alone.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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cardar: *typo....suppose to say

*typo....suppose to say Centaurians

bluesbaby5050: Recently Contacted by Centaurians...,

Hi there, and welcome. Yes this alien race does exists. They are Alfa Centaurians from the Alfa Centauri star system. There is Alfa Centauri A, B, and C. They from Alfa Centauri A. They are the ones that I am aware of, and they are very human looking and tall, a lot taller than some humans, and they have a large stature, and
their heights will vary from 6 to 7 feet tall, and from 12 feet to 17 feet tall. They are humanoid looking, like humans. They have varying shades of gold skin. They have many eye colors from brown, to blue, to purple, to gold and to green eye colors. They have gold hair color, and brown shades. They are of Vegan decent. They are friendly towards humans, and non threatening. They are members of the federation of planets. They are an advanced race in high technology, and a high spiritually advanced alien race. So feel free to ask them all about this. I'm glad I could share this with you.

cardar: Thanks for the comment. Glad

Thanks for the comment. Glad to know I am not crazy! This site is great. I was able to read thru some forums that actually validated some stuff he told me but couldn't find on the internet because I had missed spelled some things. I am anxious to continue my conversation with them and see what other information they have for me. So far, they said I was "chosen" because of my higher vibration and I am open to receive information. So I guess I will just see where it takes me. They did mention that I would visit there star system one day, but said I was no where near ready at the moment to handle it. Now that does scare me, don't mind communicating, but really don't want to be "abducted" Thanks

bluesbaby5050: Recently Contacted by Centaurians...,

Don't worry. They meant in another incarnation at some point in your spiritual advancement. They just might be your star seed family. You can ask them this among your list of questions. I'm sure they would gladly give you the answers you ask them for. After all, they contacted you. Remember to protect yourself before you do anymore channeling though your automatic writing.

Logical Chaos: Share writings?

Just found this awesome site. This is my first post. Can you share any writings? I just read The Ascension Mysteries by David Wilcock and he says at the end of the book he was contacted and wrote "automated messages". Really interesting stuff.

qbhawkeo: Aliens

New here, but would like to weigh in on my thoughts, about aliens or Ets.
I have had many experiences living in nature and being open to the spiritual world living in the redwoods and in Hawaii. All my life, I’ve always wondered why am I here and who Am I!

1) the definition of alien is anyone somewhere not originated from that area. This would make us all aliens from the beginning after birth.

2) No one can say we are the only intelligent species to exist, because multiple universes, dimensional travel and previous life time traveling can not be dismissed.

3) it is a major mistake, to overlook Nature as having less intelligence then humans.....

My conclusion is that we have only one purpose for a joint solution as too what this life is all about. That is Learning about who WE are and — the purpose of why WE are here.

Since everything completes a Perfect Circle — as in up or down, as above is below and what comes around goes around as in Karma - the answer too what an alien is, can also be seen when you reverse facts in simple terms - an example is when you take the Window (W) and the Mirror (M) as symbols — it clearly relates to We and Me, (No Coincidence under numerology) as you will then have the keys to all puzzles in life.

This proves that we are aliens to ourselves.

Logical Chaos: Centurians

I realized after researching the subject, Centurians must be the "Nordics" correct? Seem to fit the description. They are also called "The Talls".

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