The reason why people are getting ratty

>Negativity needs to feed on positivity in order for it to survive.
>People are getting ratty and angry nowadays because their negativity is being compressed.
>I have seen dozens of examples of this...
>This has to do with the earth changes we are experiencing.
>Negativity cant cancel out negativity because they cant feed off of each other, they just bounce and wear each other down.
>I have seen examples of this aswell...

"....The entire Universe is moving into a higher vibration of 4th and 5th density. Many of there already other dimensions. Those who chose to carry negativity will find their space of influence getting very small, and will compress to the point that they will literally be creating in a totally different environment for themselves. Now, here‟s what‟s happening. You can see this happening in the world today. There are outside influences that are moving a different kind of energy past the Earth. It‟s happening everywhere. And what is happening is, negativity, or its realm of influence, is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. It is having to move away because it cannot deal with this higher vibration. It‟s a totally different vibration, and I don‟t pretend to know all the real specifics, but its energy. It‟s all about energy. And what is happening is that it‟s getting compressed, the energy. The negativity is getting compressed, and it‟s imploding on itself, is what‟s happening. And people are reacting to it, which is why you are going to see some real terrible things happen in our future here, the next five years. Things that humanity will do to itself will be terrible things. And its because of that negativity imploding on itself, that its just reacting. Its in a survival space, and on some level it knows it. This is in another lecture, and its my last lecture, but I‟m just going to say this about it, they‟ve told me that our universe has 11 dimensions in it. Now a 12th is being added so that everything can evolve up. A whole other dimension, a higher dimension is being created. And what‟s happening is that everything is now moving, it‟s shifting up. But those things that are resistant, because now the energy‟s getting higher, they‟re going to have to go somewhere else, literally go somewhere else. And this comes to how our universe was created....."

"....Our frequency is changing. This has tremendous ramifications for us. The ramifications are profound to say the least. We are going to have to learn to move with the frequency or rather, evolve into it. We’ll need to release our own negativity or whatever it is we are holding onto. The `power over’, relationships, the `power over’ models are going to cause us to self implode. I don’t mean that we are going to spontaneous combust. What I do mean is that we are going to get more and more unhappy. More and more frustrated. More and more stressed fighting the flow of the Earth. According to the Andromedans, within the next 3 weeks, there is a high probability that the `Wall of Fire’ in the Pacific Ocean is going to move. It is going to cause the planet to quake and really shake things up. It will be the beginning of all the Earth changes. We could be looking at it within the next 3 weeks. The Earth is now beginning to absorb all this energy. The Earth has been holding on to the detonations of nuclear weapons, pollution, everything that we have done, and everything that we are holding onto. Now, the Earth has to release all this because she has no choice. The frequencies are changing. Everything is changing. Volcanoes are all reawakening. Volcanoes are reawakening on all planets in the solar system including some moons where absolutely no activity was ever recorded. Everything is starting to wake up. It is happening everywhere...."

"....Negativity attracts more negativity. But the thing about negativity, is that you pull out these negative energies together and there’s no positive energy there, they’ll feed off each other. And the blessing there is, they eliminate each other. We don’t have to do a thing, as long as you don’t let them siphon off our energy. Because that’s the only way they can continue to survive. Negativity, the negativity does not create its own light. It has to steal it. And if you give them no fuel, it burns out...."

-contactee Alex Collier

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Tarheel: I wholeheartedly AGREE and the cycle MUST be broken.

Consider the source. It dwells on negative frequency.

bluesbaby5050: It stems from the many UN-resolved issues .......

From the past, and the present lifes of the Human race, and it's history, and you can NOT take this Baggage with you into the higher dimentions. I have explained the many reasons why this is so, in the past postings on this forum.

terranjuice1and7: is saying tht im gona skull

is saying tht im gona skull fuck the bad guys for all they do to us negative?

Annunaki77: You will get your chance Terranjuice1and7

I hope you Man up when they try to do it to you.

bluesbaby5050: GOOD ONE , AWESOME Annu77!


bluesbaby5050: GET REAL DUDE!

Your here just to Fool Around, and NOT LEARN. It is Obvious by YOUR DOPEY COMMENTS!

terranjuice1and7: no disrespect if your talking

no disrespect if your talking to me ur jst being quick to judge i am tryna learn, this stuff its interesting but i like looking at it in a humorous pov it doesnt mean i dnt take some this info on here seriously

Annunaki77: When Obama takes your Liberties you will take this Siriusly.

Why do you think we are here to have Milk & Cookies?. To have Marshmallows by the Campfire?. Nope!, we here because there are folks who wish to Learn what hasn't been told, what has been Silenced for thousands of years.

You will Learn. If you wish to, Learn as much as you can, because I am Dead Sirius.

Terran resistance: speaking of ratty

I think I might have pissed some people off... if you know what I mean, keep seeing people walking around with headphones on them all the time, apple must be making a small fortune.

Tarheel: Certainly you have, BUT...

....the headphones are to block you & the Negative Frequencies out.

"Ratty" word does conjure up anuda WAY COOL tune.

Terran resistance: pffft

I wish I was joking O_o

Tarheel: Me, too.

You dont understand my silly-sick humor, yet? And you're a Limey?
Dude, Brits have the weirdest sense of humor of any being in the cosmos, bar none. Benny Hill/Monty Python,etc. They are good but most are weird and I always chalked it up to the weather there.
You arent Brit, are you?

bluesbaby5050: Tar...........

TR is from Wales! It still gets pretty FOGGY there too. The SAME AREA! The western side of England.

Tarheel: TR=Frickin Welch! I shuda known. His avatar...

....I think TR would be better served to have posted "The Saqqara Bird" instead of that poorly painted whittle-job Dove he found on the shore.

bluesbaby5050: Tar..........

That's a CLUE--->a picture of a "City Chicken", Better known as a "City Bird". They are all over the place on this planet! You know the one I mean now? A CLOSE COUSIN TO the Doves-Guess....... LOL!

Tarheel: I just spewed Water all over my monitor !

OMG, you make me laugh. Yes, I know.

Siriusly, I will tell you that I have been waking to hundreds if not thousands of tweety birds in my front/side yard for the last month or so. I think I will put some bread out for them. Oh yeah, and the Owls that were hangin out, they left for a couple of months, but they came back. Now they are missing again, seriously. They'll be back though.

The city chickens get popcorn, eh?

bluesbaby5050: Tar............!


bluesbaby5050: It's a Nic-Nac.......

An ornament you can put on a shelf, or on a Windowsill. I noticed this when TR first changed his avatar to this. I just figured he knew this,and so I never commented on this fact.I didn't think it important,as you can use whatever you want to.I like the moving picture too. NICE TOUCH! I didn't know you could do this on the forum threads until now.

Ecbra de Oaoj: We can judge the heart of a man by how he treats animals.

Immanuel Kant


Compassion for animals
is intimately connected with goodness of character,
and who are cruel to animals
can not be a good man.

Arthur Schopenhauer

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.


We humans are in
nature to aid progress
Animals in the same proportion
that angels are to help us.

Francisco Xavier

I dont know wich kind of; simbol may came from... something like its but;
to constitute a naction but... isnt my ... im not in, I prefer join me in nactions that Doves can and fly,


Terran resistance: wow you guys are slow

im not sure if your taking the piss or you guys still havnt worked it out XD

bluesbaby5050: EXCUSE ME! BUT..........

I was off on another site reading,and then decided to come back when I was finished! Maybe you're the Slow one!

bluesbaby5050: How did you do this with the Bird 11O11?

Explain this Please. THX.

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