The reason why I left -- I was FUCKED

You see whether you believe this or not, I was back stabbed by people I trusted, some very close to me, you see without your knowledge im actually at cardiff univeristy wales, and there was extraterrestrials all around the place, and they back stabbed me, they were secretly watching me you see, i believe that some of them were from the hollow earth, hence quite some anti-terran sentiment. They still are watching me even as i type this, this is a calling card to anyone who is willing to help me, whether it be government or another race of beings because they are electronically harrasing me and following me around, I have facebook pictures of them and I will kindly share them with you as an act of revenge

I cant even type properly im so shaken....

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Terran resistance: i must warn you

they have mobile phones, and the patrol all of the roads, head sets and everything

Tarheel: I/We will help you IF you let us, but you HAVE to want it.

They are easily defeated. You must listen to some of what people tell you. There are people here who can & WILL help you- I am one of them.

Even Anu77 & Edi wanted to give you a chance but you shunned them & other people who would have and could have been your friends.

You are near an epicenter for activity, yet they are still easily beaten.

I'm not sure what the picture is all about. Are those your so-called Friends or real Friends ?

Come on back & you will see that you have more real "Friends" here than you think. A little less personal attacks and a little more LOVE go a long way. LOVE is something THEY cant handle.

bluesbaby5050: @ Tarheel...........

You already missed the boat of this subject wayyyyy over the weekend. It is settled now. And your NOT his true Friend even from the very onset when He joined TC. You made this fact Perfectly Clear in all your replies in TR'S postings. WE read them all. SO DROP THE ACT!! This is about TRUTH,and not Game playing. You can't lead TR on,he is too smart for you.

Terran resistance: they have interdimensional cameras aswell

please help

this isnt a joke please help.

Terran resistance: they have violated my privacy

and despite telling them to go away, almost killing myself twice because of them and crying myself to sleep almost every night, they still harass me,

Terran resistance: i have confronted them at along last just today

and all they do is play dumb (usual alien routine, and future terran time travel bullshit)

Terran resistance: this is a calling card to the uk government

they are not leaving me alone despite telling them multiple times, talybont north cardiff

bluesbaby5050: TR I remember once you stated to the forum ......

That you were attending a University ,but you did NOT Name it. You had said you were a student at that time. I don't know what to say to you about this. But, I am Truely sorry for your troubles with them. Please do share what you do know about any et's as you said you would. I myself do not bother with Face/book as it is also watched thought out it's site by many goverment agencys. This is common knowledge now.

bluesbaby5050: TR- I take it your..........

Not in this picture. These are just some of your school mates.

Quinton: If you can post the images

If you can post the images and any other information you have. If there's anything I can do to help let me know TR.

Terran resistance: they are still laughing at me as we speak

becuase i sussed them out ages ago they put invisible cameras in the corners of my room, the toilet especially, even were watching me having a dump earlier today while shouting abuse at me from miles away through the window in my room, I wont stand for that crap, like I said, this is a calling card to any race out therethen the ones here is WELCOME, to atleast get me out of the situation. They are still laughing at me while watching me even now....

Terran resistance: they run around on their bikes

they were pretending to defend me when I posted the initial pictures of aliens, but they were actually monitoring, hundreds of them, via laptop, and mobile, and still are!!! I cant take it anymore, they literally dont care about me and cound not care less, they probably want to see me dead, im not sure of their intenetions, but even now they shouting druken abuse at me from outside the window.

Terran resistance: im not sure what to do

I tried the whole galactic law thing that alex collier taught but they are not going away, despite making verbal complaints shouting at them, putting tin foil all around the room in the corners, they still insist on bugging me and watching me, stalking me, they mostly run around on their bikes, this can be seen on google earth especially!!!

Terran resistance: GOOGLE EARTH PEOPLE

google earth it, they are everywhere with glow in the dark jackets.

Terran resistance: I honestly dont know what to do

im not sure if I should comit suicide, confrint them, kill them, or what.... I honestly dont know what to do fucked....I wasted my life for this? to be treated like hamster in a fucking cage, i thought I was on terms with them, but apparently not, they are scum!

Tarheel: Death is no answer.

Charles Haanel said, "The world without is a reflection of the world within." Perhaps you are manufacturing some of this, or manifesting it.

Realize who TRULY wants to help you, and your pals here will help you make them go away.

Quinton: Connect to the higher energy

Connect to the higher energy TR. Above all this you are part of the source. This is all just a physical experience that you've brought upon yourself. Find the peace within yourself and remember that you are above all this.

Terran resistance: cardiff university talybont north area, around cardiff area

see Royal george pub makintosh place classic example, they use their mobile phones and are electronically harrasing me, listening to my thoughts especially by phone, head set and laptop, pretend to turn the cameras off but were still monitoring me. Even though I heard people shouting from outside when I was deleting my initial pictures that they turned them off, they are literally torturing me, they are scum!

Terran resistance: I uploaded pictures of aliens

and this is how they repay me? they can go to fucking hell.

Eldertree: Why are you going to Cardiac

Why are you going to Cardiac University when you proclaim and know the matrix is bogus. I'm interested in your take on beings from the inner earth. I have found most of them to be so psychopathic and derranged. Not all are like this but most of the ones who I felt came from the inner earth were. They are very aware of who they are and take advantage of it.

TR crying for help on the internet isnt going to change anything. Ground yourself and get yourself together I know the exact ordeal of what you're going through. I go through this every day of my life.

As for revenge,what exactly did going through"they"do to you besides tracking you and watching you ? Privacy doesnt exist. It's an illusion

Terran resistance: they are

treating me like a fucking hamster, thats what bothers me, constantly reading my thoughts i went out into a field today (with them watching and doing rounds on the bikes ofc all around me, and shouting and screatching like fucking twelve year olds. Found out they use cloaked cameras and attach them to the power supply (no attachments on the wires though) they even stuck a listening device to my battery in my phone some how, I just found out. Also today they were literally watching me on the bog while hurling comments through the window, im sick to death of it they are the biggest perverts going its like being watched by jimmy saville.

Terran resistance: I dont know what to do???

should I just walk away? I think they might have even put listening devices (it doesnt even have a flippin word in the english language, they hear your thoughts with them!) in my parents house aswell, I figure they probably did it when the electricians came in to rewire the whole house...

I honestly dont know what to do....I need advice....

bluesbaby5050: TR, those are called BUGS........

You CAN KILL them where ever you Feel them, and Aim your weapon at them with your 3RD -Eye,with your Mental Light- BUG-BOMBS! Try it because it Really Works! Always Surround your whole Outter physical body, with an Ovoid Of Light, and then seal it all around you. This will be Your Shield of Protection Against those people. And just send them a Huge Dose of Love, and really mean It! They will lose interests, and be on their way. Negative Beings Hate Positive Feelings of Love. Send Love and Feeings of Compassion Towards the people at the same time. This is Positive Vibrations,and this planet really could use alot more of this. When anyone Projects these feelings outward this will heal everything,and everyone,as well as the Healing of this Planet,and all it's Past Negative history. Love is The Key, and it Heals All. Open your Hearts, and Send Out Love, and Light to Humanity,and this Planet Earth, Our Home. Send these messages to the Controling Dark OverLords, because these positive Vibrations will Neutralize their Darkness. Hopefully some ,if not all will move over to the Lightside,But I guess this is asking for alot.

Tarheel: You have us to turn to.

I just found this thread and Im sorry I wasn't around on the weekend.

We'll help if you want it.

Terran resistance: I thought by

I thought by deleting EVERYTHING in my profile and threatening them they would go away, but its just made things worse....

Phaminator: Dude,

ya gotta think like a tactician from then on since you obviously knew that almost, if not, every single aspect of your life is under surveillance. Confronting them wouldn't help at all since they're aliens as they possibly don't give a crap about a human being, killing them would make the situation because they can kill you at any moment due to your knowledge of ETs, and committing suicide is only the same as them killing you. I'm pretty much assuming that your situation's much like Julian Assange except you have aliens with telepathy and wiretapping trying to make your life as miserable as possible to the point, like ya said, that you wanna kill yourself.

Terran resistance: jesus christ

I've even put tin foil on my head -.-

like a tactician you say? Ive been trying, but like I said their laughter is so fucking annoying, almost everyone here is one of them....

like I said i dont know what to do... Should I just pack up and leave? Im not sure its as easy as that though

Terran resistance: When I uploaded the pictures of them

When I uploaded the pictures of them they just laughed at through the window, they are constantly judging, always watching, always...Even when I was sleeping they would watch me while constantly hurling abuse at me through the window, like anytime i would comment at how watching me was a grave injustice thye would hurl insults like *faggot* *twat* etc. Yet im supposed to play dumb to the fact that they are ETS???! I mean WTF!!

Its okay to spy on me, and betray my trust TWICE, I wasnt asking them any questions I wasnt supposed to, i wasnt doing anything wrong, yet when I deleted my pictures apparently its a bad thing, they are the biggest hyrocrites going and I want everyone from here to fucking draconis to hear it.

I was talking to a friend earlier (guy in some of the pictures) about a camera in my toilet he just brushed it aside, mentioned the polar entrance, then I mentioned how he has mortons toe (not very common in terrans if u ask me) and like I said just played oblvious to it all "I dont know what your talking about", "Im so confused right about now". They are so full of shit.

Phaminator: You can do that

But you still have to think like Sun Tzu, your enemy will do everything it can to make you beg for their mercy (they might not be merciful) whether if it's your parents' life, career, relationships, everything that relates to your daily/personal/family life. Hmmm... gong to Canada wouldn't be a bad idea but it's still a place that you could get tracked down. America's definitely not the place, same goes for London. Not quite exactly sure of Latin America but all in all, your life is at stake and you have to find a way to gtfo where you're at right now.

Phaminator: Btw,

It appeared as if you're showing your weakness to them when they try to insult you.

Terran resistance: Oh trust me

the insults are both ways, im sick to death of them, I mean watching me in the bog while shouting my name out at me on the bog is not fun... I commented how we should darken up the hollow earth people, maybe add a bit of rainbow to it.. they didnt like that one lol and how they are very much like jimmy saville, them liking the youngens wander around naked to lol!! XD Having said that I got a suspicion that they not all from down there. But they betrayed me all the same. Its even more fun because I got OCD (intrusive thoughts i cant control!) which makes it even more diffcult, I cant see what they have to gain from watching me becuase they wont be able to tell the difference between ocd thoughst and my own (heck sometimes I even struggle).

Terran resistance: they have ruined my life!

i had big things planned, but that doesnt look like its going to happen now...

Phaminator: You could make a song from

You could make a song from their double pronged insults and sing it.

Terran resistance: lol

im tired and warn out i think suicide is the only option counting my loses and moving on....

bluesbaby5050: TR your only Giving Them More of Your Energy!

They are Fu--ing Vampires! Fangs, and ALL! Never Give In, and Never Give Up! This is Playing right into THEIR Hands/Claws! You CAN Block Their Thoughts with your thoughts of Positive Passions, and Go Though with Your Life's Plans anyways. Live Your life, as it is Yours to Live. We have Good advice for you, just ask any one of us. We are here for you.

Quinton: You can't ignore them TR? Isn

You can't ignore them TR? Isn't it your transfer of energy to them, through acknowledgement, that fuels them to continue? You can't just completely ignore them and go along with your daily affairs?

Terran resistance: -

let them watch me on the bog, in the shower? every thought that crosses my mind? embrace the orwellian nightmare? Be treated like a hamster? i dont think so, it goes against every morale code of every conspiracy theorist that has ever existed including me. Yet they ALWAYS take the morale high ground with me which is why they dont command my respect anymore.

Phaminator: So you're gonna give up just

So you're gonna give up just like that? Not being able to fulfill a particular goal is part of life. It happens to everybody. I mean, I pretty much screwed up my intended future career due to my average-poor academics and I have a shitty eyesight. Right now I only have less than two months before I graduate high school and the courses that I applied for college is still pending despite I'm admitted to philosophy (1 out of the 3 courses that I'm admitted in college) yet I'm still unsure what my future's gonna be like. As I said before TR, suicide would only make things worse and that means the lot of us won't be able to see your symbolism signs and I'm pretty sure your parents would be in great deal of sorrow to hear you dead on the news but I know nothing of you quite frankly.

Terran resistance: yes but

normal people lose their job, their dog dies, they break an ancle, but me? I get watched by perverted aliens....and driven insane by them constantly mocking, they have a third eye FUCKING USE IT AND STFU! they are watching this aswell, I can tell.

Phaminator: There

are other people somewhere around the world being targeted by these very same aliens you speak of and some even died from them, am I not correct? You seriously need to leave this circus freak-show (where you're currently living) and find a place to develop that pineal gland of yours outside of the UK. At least you managed to endured through this ordeal up until now.

Terran resistance: name and shame time

hollow earth people
asiatic group (unknown).

Starperson: Remove yourself from them

No class until Monday, right? Get away. Take some time for yourself, in the countryside. Must be beautiful right about now. There are a lot of people here who care about you and want you to stick included. Separate from the negative sh!t you are experiencing and re-evaluate your path.

Terran resistance: well I made up my mind

im going to drop out of university to get away from the circus.

Terran resistance: you know what I really think?

I think theres different groups working together, but particular interest groups (we can guess who that is) probably want me dead in a very subtle way as possible by any means ness.

Phaminator: You're

already risking your life by spilling out the beans via your threads on this forum.

Terran resistance: tbh

i dont think they really care, im going to stick around and be a pain in the arse as much as possible, they are not going to learn anything from me anyway, because i will just keep lying about every thing I think, or am i?? Like I said im not spilling the beans on anything, and i will keep going at this till I die :(

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