A Reason why Earthlings don't see life on other planets right now

by freedmftr88 on November 3rd, 2018

What if the planets seem deserted by the Earthling eye is nothing more but an illusion . Also I've been channeled some info from my spirit guides time and time again that 5D Earth ( when all positive energy effects all living creatures on planet Earth ) will not only wake up the dead ( meaning that everyone would be more spirit like since gravity , pain , and human body limitations will no longer exist ) but I was just thinking , what if all the planets merge into just one big thing. Now I know that if the Sun merges with anything , that's like saying what happens when to add something to fire. lol But the Sun's fire won't exist because limited polarity energies would no longer exist. It may seem illogical , but that's the point. Logic would disappear. Literally Heaven on Earth.

I was just watching a video about planet comparison on how Earth is actually small compared to not only the sun but planets like Jupiter and almost the rest and how you can fit many Earths on the other planets. But all we really see is ... kind of boring stuff in terms of trying to find life on other planets.

So if all these theories merged , kind of makes since in an intuitive spiritual sort of way. Or not. I don't know. I think it's quite a mind blowing theory myself.

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