the reason people never like other people

i tought about that most people became very egoist last times and i think its because of the internet and the facebook people started to be Nercisists they loving only themself
i also wonder why person should only love himself and care for himself its bad tought
many people have Nercissism Disorders because of the facebook and thats why i dont like facebook its kinda fake community that based only on likes.
what do you think guys?


bluesbaby5050: People have egos, and live from there---

Some have bigger egos than others.When People can Learn to put their egos Aside for the betterment of all,and live from the heart,then people will live in Peace,and Harmony.For most people this is a hard lesson to learn,because you have to be concious of yourself at all times.You have to be concious of your thoughs,and feelings at all times. This can be tricky.But, you can lean how to do this though practice.Patience with yourself.With patiences, you can,and will learn wisedom.Falcon G.

bluesbaby5050: Facebook---

People use facebook to be connected to friends, and family.This is just another form of communation.It is ok to use facebook, if you do not use it to hurt other people though their feelings. Always use the code of conduct. Do unto others,as you would want them to do unto you.Treat each other with respect,and hopefully,you will get it back in return. If not,then the other person has alot more lessons to learn till they can get it right. Because, WE ARE REALLY ALL ONE. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Annunaki77: Humans are Polarized,this is the Problem.

From Birth they have been taught Ignorance , Fear, Uncertainty, Hatred and Arrogance, as well as Class.
This Garbage has been taught that by the Extraterrestrials themselves. Humans have been used by both sides, the Good ET'S and the Bad ET's, it is Time to take back your Personal Responsibility, so instead of having others decide your next move, you Master Yourselves and you Carve out you own move.

Become Masters of your Destiny, do not become Pawns, but rather Independants.
Masters of Wisdom know this so this is why I am here to teach you to become Gods yourselves.
Is it Blasphemy to want to become a Better Being without Manipulation of Religions or Extraterrestrials?, I don't think so.
Exercise your Free Will.

Awsomeness is what you are when you embrace your Immortality.

HebrianDaniel: i can tell you something

i can tell you something kanesh try imagine you born as normal human weakenned as 3rd dimension and born to illusion reality like us. its not easy to escape from the current system
we are very depanded on money because its help us to survive most of us not really know how to produce food and supplies by themself
but i whould like to learn it myself however i don know where to start

Tarheel: The very fact that YOU WANT to know how is a start.

"Seek and ye shall find", HD !

Please kniow that You are not alone. The system has made you think you dont know what to do, but we have the ability to learn how to become self-sufficient, INdependent of money. Cave men didnt pay for their food/clothes/lodging-they made them and/or bartered for what they need. The Creator has instilled what you need to GO ON LIVING, free of the system.

Seek and ye shall find.

alinabezerra: facebook

From my expirience facebook is just people being dishonest and trying to make people think that they are happy when they are not.Also i see facebook causeing alot of problems between friends and just drama none cares about.There are good qualities in facebook but the bad ones out weigh the good in my opinion,i have a facebook but i try not to get consumed by it and i dont post pictures.

Crigitine: Big brother hits the like

Big brother hits the like button on every post, that's for sure :P

Tarheel: Facebook is THE biggest FARCE on the internet !

People reveal themselves on Facebook likie they are protected. Facebook blatantly violates your privacy, and YIOU ARE RIGHT-THE BAD outweighs the good.

Be very careful-everything on Facebook is monitored to the Nth degree,

wmarkley: facebook

i dont do facebook anymore, it slowed down my computer.

Tarheel: It slowed yer PC becuz Facebook was raping yer hard drive...

....becuz when you agree to Facebook's Privacy Policy, you allowed them (and EVERYBODY on Facebook does too) to pull info from your hard drive to use for their vendors so they can sell you goods and services!

Facebook takes your personal info and they sell it ! That's right-they sell ALL THEIR MEMBERS info to companies ! All your info, name, address relatives and friends and they try to sell you stuff in such a way that you arent even aware of it ! They claim they are marketing to "your secret desires". That is a fact !

wmarkley: i know

This is true, thats why i stay away from it.

alinabezerra: The government pretty much

The government pretty much can find out anything about you from facebook .
People just want to feel like someone cares about what they have to say so thats why facebook is still so popular even though it isnt safe.

Tarheel: Facebook users are ingorant to their Privacy/Security issues.

They either Dont Know or they Dont Care.

Wow! How could you not care about privacy in this day and age?

Crigitine: yeah

its kinda sad how things are reversed now a days. Back then you wanted your name known for doing great and awesome things. Now people want / need to hide their name from existence.

And technically, no where on the internet is safe. The websites we use today are the easiest things to unlock, the only thing that makes the web we know different from the darker side of the internet is that the police will more than likely do something about a web site that ends in .com .org .gov or .edu (Publicly anyway) . When going on to the darker side you have to tape over your webcams if you are using a laptop because like in Die Hard 4, that shit is real and the things on that darker side will destroy you as soon as they know your name.

alinabezerra: Everything on the internet is

Everything on the internet is there forever and can never be erased. No matter how old the info is they can find it.Once it is on the internet is it no longer a secret or private ,its automaticaly someone elses business.
People should get smart and not put all their business on the internet if they want privacy.If people want privacy its not on the computer,its in your head.

Annunaki77: Good Very Good

This is why we Created it. For the Evolution of the Human Species.

Annunaki77: Your Head?

Even your Hearts and Minds can be Read like a Book.
The Gods do not need Machines for what is in your Hearts.

bluesbaby5050: This is so True, Lord Kanesh---

I'M glad you did mention this. People should realize this.Your head is really in open book. Some people really CAN read your thoughts.I know this to be a Fact! They can also read your hearts too. People do NOT realize that they give off vibrations of all kinds all the time! I NEVER liked shopping,or crowds! F G.

alinabezerra: There are some very

There are some very perceptive people out there who truely can look into your eyes and know that there is something bothering you, and body language is no chalange for them either.So i always watchout in case someone can tell what im thinking by how i look.

bluesbaby5050: It is not by how you look,or by what you wear.

They can be blind and know what is in your mind,and in your heart. They do not even have to be looking at you to do this. FG.

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