by creator on April 2nd, 2020

    What is reality?

    My reality includes the following.

    Time / clocks
    Compensated slavery
    Small hourly rate with state taxes, SS taxes, Medicare taxes, health insurance, and other deductions taken out. I don't pay federal, I claim high. I take home 500 per week after all that.
    Federal Reserve Notes
    Paying for Processed foods
    Paying rent
    Paying for electricity
    Paying for (cell) phone / tracking device
    Paying for auto insurance that I never use
    Paying for entertainment, internet, Netflix, etc.
    Paying for combustible gas...currently 1.59 per gal.
    Paying for water, sewer, and trash pickup
    I'm vegetarian, still just garbage to eat.
    Have a female to share expenses
    Luckily no car payments
    Overweight with elevated blood pressure, take 50mg losartan. About 30 pounds over
    Workout 3 days per week...3 weeks now
    Apparently there's a covid-19 virus going around...I personally don't know anyone who has it...and I don't fear it...right now it only exists in the media

    Earth is a pretty boring place to me...

    How about your reality?

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    M3RT0M: TV

    TV and all Glass Products lol, Evolution ofcourse.

    M3RT0M: Evolution

    Evolution is a lie and a reality. Past life, This life and Next life is the TRUTH.

    M3RT0M: World

    Earth is also a reality, world is flat.

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