Real people fighting the tyranny of the US Govt under siege

by Quaesitor on April 11th, 2014

Right now in a little town called Bunkerville NV the BLM has laid siege on the last cattle rancher left in Clark County NV. The story is long so I will give you the short version. The family has had the grazing rights since 1877, long before the BLM. The Taylor Grazing Act forced the BLM upon the ranchers. The family always maintained that the Fed was trampling state rights. He was forced to pay allotment fees, when the BLM started using the fees to push the ranchers off their allotments he effectively "fired" them and tried to pay fees to Clark County. This has been in litigation for 20 yrs. a judge recently gave the BLM the go ahead to seize his cattle. This is an illegal act. The BLM has no rights to the cattle and the auction houses in NV refuse to auction them and UT won't let them in the state. They have used helicopters to herd the cattle, killing many cows and calves and trying to cover it up. They have hired mercenaries (Blackwater?) that have high tech monitoring equipment and snipers everywhere. They have illegally detained people, attacked them, tased them, beat them, sent dogs on a pregnant woman. All at the tax payer expense of at least 3 million. They paid the "contracted cowboys" $966,000!! The media has basically blacked this out, and if they do report it, it's incorrect or biased. Please consider going to and help spread the word. They need supplies, money and protesters. They expect about 2000 people protesting this weekend but need more. Many militia and bikers are on the way but they need help spreading the word NOW! There are an estimated 200 Rangers + Mercs on site. This is the fight Annu77 is always talking about and many are calling it the 2nd Lexington. People are fed up with the dismantling of the Constitution and the bloated, tyrannical government.

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bluesbaby5050: I'll do my best...........

To get the word out to as many people, and sites too. I have been doing similar work such as this for a while now, and this must be done, and this type of BS being done by those people being paid off are CRIMINALS ALSO, and they HELP those Corrupt people that have enough money to pay Desperate people off, along with the CRIMINAL JUDGES THAT ARE ALSO BEING PAID OFF, TO CARRY OUT THOSE HEINOUS DEEDS, and this corruption HAS TO BE STOPPED NOW!! This is an Outrage to say the very least! It's about time that people around this planet put a stop in to their Tyrant leaders in their countries that are bought and paid for, and installed in to public office by those with our tax dollars!! Stop letting those criminals waste our tax dollars that could, and SHOULD be put to better use, such as cleaning up this poisoned planet, and by feeding our poor and our homeless families. Let's join together, and take back our power to make a better difference in OUR World.

Quaesitor: Thank you BB! They need all

Thank you BB! They need all the help they can get.
The mercenaries I told you about are in fact, Xe. They are illegally surveilling the people, they are illegally searching vehicles and confiscating LEGAL weapons, the BLM is sending in 100 DHS with armored humvees. The FAA has instituted a no fly zone.
It has come to light that Harry Reid and his son have gone into partnership with the Chinese to build solar power plants. But, guess whose ranch is a fly in ointment of their gazillion dollar deal? You got it, the Bundy Ranch! It's a land grab plain and simple.
I am worried that they will brand them terrorists and kill them. They need more people with cameras and cool heads!!

bluesbaby5050: This Situation is Very Serious......

This reminds me of the Water -Wars back in the 1800-1900's, when the NATURAL FLOW of Streams, and brooks, and rivers ran though people's properties, and the poor cattle were caught in the middle, and those people that owned the lands that the water flowed though, had a lot of slaughtered cattle ( poor animals, they have feelings also) that were killed needlessly, just because of the fact that they needed to drink water in order to stay alive, and healthy! Just the SAME as WE HUMANS DO! So those land owners (where this water flowed though their properties) had wars between their neighbors over their Water Rights!! Can you believe this??!! NO ONE OWNS LAND, OR THE WATER ON THIS PLANET! Because it is Free! from the Creator! Even the American Indians could not believe, or understand this kind of SICK thinking- Mentality! They just could not believe that any one person, or persons THOUGHT that they had the right to cut animals, and people off from the waters, and the lands thinking that gold ( a natural mineral, or paper with ink both originate from trees, and plants, and flowers) could be exchanged for profits! This land, and the water, and the trees, and the minerals etc. all belong to THIS PLANET-GAIA! TO BE USED FREELY TO SUSTAIN ALL LIFE! THIS JUST RUBS ME THE WRONG WAY! This infuriates me to the utmost! This behavior is so SELFISH, and Greedy! And NOT "NATURAL" THINKING! It's ASS BACKWARDS! I hope, and pray that the people surrounding those areas,(in the surround states, and beyond ) come forward, and UNITE AGAINST THOSE SICK, GREEDY BASTARDS! ( sorry, I'm just a passionate person) And if it takes some blood shed to get the job done, then this is what has to be done! Period! But, between you, and me Quaesitor, those Chinese hold ALOT OF GOLD BACKED PAPER MONEY TO PAY-BUY OFF GREEDY PEOPLE WITH-OUT MORALS TO KILL TO HELP THEM GAIN -STEAL THIS MANS LAND, FOR PROFITS, and this is the SAME PROBLEMS THAT ALL AMERICANS in this country-U.S. are FACING RIGHT NOW IN OUR BACK, and FRONT YARDS! This is exactly what the other countries are going to have to face up to, and to deal with too! Sooner or later, but they SURELY WILL COUNT ON IT! America is the FIRST NATION IN LINE TO DO THIS NOW! We will have to Set The Example for the rest of this world! So you people that come to TC to read this material-THIS APPLIES TO YOU ALSO! So get ready to TAKE BACK OUR PLANET FROM THOSE EVIL THEIVES THAT ROB US BLIND DAILY! So Stand UP, and Never Stand Down Against TYRANNY people of Earth!

Tarheel: Sad, sick BS Quaesitor.

Good post FOR us, the common man. Pardon my ignorance , but what is BLM ?

Quaesitor: BLM stands for the Bureau of Land Management

Living back East you would not have much interaction with them. The BLM manages (think about the word manage vs owns) most of the land in the Western States. The convoluted legal issues with federal vs state rights out here are unbelievably complicated.
My issue is with them pushing ranchers and farmers out of business using land preservation or species preservation as a guise to appropriate large tracts of land, only to turn around and use it for mining, tracking and development. I also do not agree with the militarization of any of these alphabet groups. BLM, NPS, or any other federal agency. It leads to abuses such as this.

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