The real meaning of Atheist, oh boy, oh boy!


Theres atheists in western society, then there are A-theists in western society.

Im asking you all to be open minded.

This may seem controversial and I dont want to give christians steam to burn real Atheists with but, Ill say it anyway...

Ever wondered why satanists always claim they are atheist
such as in laveyan satanism which was started by some guy called Anton laveyan

Well because Atheist doesnt really have the meaning that people think it does.

When we break up the word Atheist we get A and theist.

Theism, in the broadest sense, is the belief that at least one deity exists.

The Idea of Satanic Atheism is a bit of an OX-ymoron.

Well when you think about it the first real atheists would be seen as satanists would they not?
yes you can see where this is going....

But what exactly is the A?

“I am Alpha and Omega, THE BEGINNING AND THE ENDING, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and is to come, the Almighty....“Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore, and have the keys of HELL AND DEATH”.

It stands for alpha so A-theist actually means alphatheist. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alpha-bet and is where the letter A comes from.

A person who follows the apostle Barnabas who is seen as satan particularly in freemasonry is classified as an atheist to cover the fact that they are satanists so they dont get found out by anyone who isnt a non-mason so there is no witch hunt for them.

Acts 13:2
While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul (Paul) for the work to which I have called them.

The alpha and omega is the apostles Barnabas and Paul. Barnabas is the bull in mythology and in higher level freemasonry it represents the Hyades cluster, while the apostle Paul represents the all seeing eye of freemasonary and represents Orion in astrotheology.

So there you have it!

This also explains why the letter A is used by anarchists in flags aswell:

Notice the Atheist symbol I used in the post? Found this in the top 15 images on google images for "atheist symbol", notice what its shaped like?

EDIT: these satanists are in the car industry and oil industry aswell:

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HebrianDaniel: great another primitive

great another primitive religious idiot....

Terran resistance: excuse me what?

im not following? i dont believe in any gods for the record if that is what your suggesting.

Terran resistance: the reason satanists have thrived for so long

the reason satanists have thrived for so long without competiton is because the only competition they have at the minute is religious christians who no one takes seriously so this conspiracy by satanists against western society has been ignored by the majority of conspiracy theorists.

Benjamin fulford talks about this in great detail!

Terran resistance: @hebrian

do you really think I would talk about aliens all the time if i was religious? Get a grip!

Tarheel: U claim U R not a FreeMason yet you talk about FM incessantly

And you claim you arent religious, yet you quote The Bible daily. U know the 3 Mary's & John the Baptist on a first-name basis and btw, there are many references to aliens in The Bible.

That was a BAD statement for you to make, Big Chief.
Retract it or reverse course.Do something. (laugh)

Terran resistance: "There are many references to aliens in the bible"

yeah I know like one of the hebrew words for god, Elyon, is actually where the word alien comes from:

Annunaki77: Who do you think runs the Show Terran R?

The Aliens run the Show. Make no Mistake, the Space Creatures run the Show.
Humanity has to take back the Captains Seat back from the Greedy ET Scum.

They march the Orders at the Top who do you think did 911?, the Aliens Planned everything.
Scary but true, hell there was even a Helicopter who spotted some alien scum before the Trade Towers went down.

I do not lie.See for youselves.

Alien OVNI UFO at the World Trade Center in 2000

This was filmed Weeks before the Trade Towers went down.

Terran resistance: lets not forget charles darwin

many famous satanists ... I mean scientists were in actual fact Barnabas worshippers aswell:

einstein with his tongue sticking out is a symbol for the apostle Barnabas aswell by freemasons.

well I dont believe the ufo next to the trade center, but I do believe that the aeroplanes that hit the buildings took off from three airports which were built to orions belt

also the wtc itself was built to orions belt:

Tarheel: Whenever you say Barbabas, I think about "Dark Shadows" !

Certainly you remember Barnabas Collins in that TV series "Dark Shadows", right?

(short clip 26 seconds)

HebrianDaniel: then how the hell atheists

then how the hell atheists related to satanism? atheism is none belife of suprme beings and this include satan there no interests of atheist to bealive in satan if he whould he cant be called atheist. that make no sense

Terran resistance: neither does the concept of satanic atheism

neither does the concept of satanic atheism which is a bit of an OX-ymoron (spelling is intentional)

how can you be an satanist and an atheist? It just doesnt add up.

Im talking about the origins of the word atheist, im not stating that all real atheists are satanists...

Tarheel: Origin of the word "HELL" is Gehenna, and refers to...

Gehenna became HELL, and was originally referring to the City Dump outside the walls of Jerusalem. They used to keep the fires burning (with sulfur & brimstone) for the city garbage and they also dumped bodies of slain criminals there to be burned. It had to be a nasty despicable place. Thus the word HELL. Yuk ! Burnt bodies and garbage. Dude.

Terran resistance: cool

I dont know the etymology of the word hell but that sounds very interesting.
Maybe that was a nickname of it, and the word traces back even further?

Tarheel: I got it from "Decoding Christianity" program..... I googled it and sure enough, it was there.

Nasty place either way, huh?

bluesbaby5050: Yes! I did read this same information ..............

Right in the bible too. They did do this, and many of the wild dogs were eating from this city dump just out side the city walls of Jerusalem,and they stated it was UNbearable as the stench was horrible,and people had to cover their noses because of this. It sure was HELL BACK THEN!

Terran resistance: trust me!

I have had many a friend who are satanists.

HebrianDaniel: yeah but atheist cant be

yeah but atheist cant be satanist because they dont bealive in supreme being and satan is supreme beings and most atheist dont bealive in religions at all but some bealive in spirits and mysticism but its not conflicting with atheism because atheism is nonbelief in religion or supreme being.

HebrianDaniel: this make no sense cuz

this make no sense cuz christians bealive in god and in jesus(jesus as super human)
which make no sense still..

bluesbaby5050: I agree...........

I also agree with you on your answer HD. They don't believe in anything. I know some Atheist too, and they think the same way.

Terran resistance: Alex jones on satanic A-theists
stop at 1:58... unless you want to listen to some knob ends talk...

bluesbaby5050: I Hang ALONE...........

And I feel just FINE DOING SO! I follow MY OWN INERNAL HEART,and I never followed anyone else. People always followed me around,and I would shake them to the side,as I didn't want to be followed,and I am a Private person, by nature. I do my OWN THING to phrase it nicely. I DO BELIEVE IN THE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS. And this is by MY CHOICE. To Live FREE,or Die trying to! Not a problem with me.

HebrianDaniel: i think he is really idiot

i think he is really idiot now. to think atheists are satan worshipper i bet he is
another religious idiot who like to fool and disinformate people.
at the begining alex jones was looking to be quite reliable person but then he got really crazy with his conspiracies and not rationale which make him unreliable person
who will bealive this idiot atheists are satan worshippers? that not even make sense -_-
Einstein is right... Human stupidity is infinity i cant bealive people can be that stupid.
no wonder we cannot evlove further because of so many stupid people around the world ruin our planet with their stupidity. i hope the religions will vanish from our world and their stupidity will vanish too. i really wish people will stop to be stupid...

HebrianDaniel: i dont see myself as jewish

i dont see myself as jewish anymore i am Atheist and i think we all are the same thing
we all are human being no metter what our color skin or where we live.

Annunaki77: HerbrianDaniel

Just because you were born in Isreal doesn't mean your Jewish, there are many Starseed being Born in many parts of this Planet. Some are being Born in Africa, China, Iran, India, Japan, Australia Etc.
You are Starseed HerbrianDaniel, your destiny is to share your Love with others.
The Annunaki have done your Nations a Great Wrong because they made you all fight with your Palestinian Neighbours.
Your Body is a Vessel of Energy use your Energy to heal your Reality.
So much bloodshed , all because of the Annunaki and the Leaders that serve their Will.
Pathetic Indeed.

The Leaders of Isreal are looking for their Military Leader which equals more Carnage. This will not be so. There will be PEACE & HARMONY.

Enough is Enough.

HebrianDaniel: the wars is because of the

the wars is because of the people who are brainwashed and bealive in an imagenery supreme that prob not exist and kill in the name of him. that really sad how dumb can we be.
and 1 more question kanesh
why i cannot remember who i am in my last life?
and why we cant know what there in the after life? well there only 1 way to know but i better not try it

Annunaki77: You could be a New Soul HD

New Souls are being Created by " THE ONE " all the time. Or maybe you cannot Access this Knowledge because your Heart is closed, but I do not think this is the case , I believe you are a Newly Created Soul Being Fresh from " THE ONE ".

Tarheel: HD is a warrior, questioning everything.

We admire that trait.
He doesnt fall for the NitWit-yahu agenda and it's right there in HD's back yard.

HebrianDaniel: the reason i am atheist is

the reason i am atheist is because i dont want to be feed by the lies and myths of the religions and cults.
i think being skeptic in the 1 side and open minded in the other side is the best option for me now.
i am keeping the open mind but as long as it rationale.

bluesbaby5050: HD , Simply put................

That you Believe in YOURself. You are a complete person regardless,of what others think. It is what YOU think that really matters most. Keep following your OWN Path.

Terran resistance: ouch

he pulled the race card on me.. should have seen that one coming XD

HebrianDaniel: and i think alex jones is

and i think alex jones is really being schizophrenic if he fear from people who dont bealive in god.
i think he really need some help seriously...

Terran resistance: are you daft?

the people in the comments section of the youtube video are are government paid shills, so he must be telling the truth!!!

Beelzebud 9 months ago

"And by "research", Alex means "Pulled it out of my ass"."


his name is beezelbud pupose mispelling of beezelbub "the lord of flies".

obvious satanist is obvious!

HebrianDaniel: im not satanist are you dumb

im not satanist are you dumb or something? how come i am satanist if i am atheist
i do not bealive in satan nor worship him.
sorry to tell you but you seem also idiot like alex jones if you think atheists are satan worshipper.

Terran resistance: that is spot on!

we need to learn how to nit pick infomation from sources and not fall under certain paradigms which were built to control us, I believe that there was some sort of great flood also, does that make me religious or a christian? NO! absolutely not, its a retelling of old stories that some catastrophe happened thousands of years ago related to water in my opinion. The bible is nothing more than a book of parables in fact it even says that in the bible, it was never meant to be taken literally.

"This is why I speak to them in parables: "Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand."

learn to be open minded and think for yourselves! Do your own research.

HebrianDaniel: well i must tell you

well i must tell you something i am happy that i became atheist and skeptic about things.
listen there a lot of disinformations around the world and the internet
i dont know what to bealive anymore. there many liars and myth tellers.
so every information that i get i think 10times before i decide to think its reliable or not.
idc what really happening in the world and what conpiracies will try to scare me
i will live my life and enjoy it in my way.
have good day mate :P

Terran resistance: satanists

thats too much to read sorry orion!

satanists: do what thou wilt be the whole of the law

that means killing infidels and fucking kids does it? In fact some masonic lodges in north wales were found out to be fucking kids, just google it.

being a freemason is against the modus operandi of being a alternative thinker.
I agree with benjamin fulford, we should send you all to north korea....


An Independant , a Being with Value & Substance.
I honor you Herbrian Daniel.
With this Honor you will be Admired and Favoured by Heaven.


Terran resistance: government shill on youtube aswell

cousinbelladonna 9 months ago

"Once again, he doesn't back up anything he says with, um, oh I don't know... proof, evidence, examples, research, sources...? Complete nutjob"


he/she has an owl as an avatar...

Bohemian grove:

mary woshippers...pfffft

Terran resistance: For the record Hebrian

the letter A is used in alot of masonic symbols such as in car logos:

not just in the word A-theist

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