The real meaning of America's "WAR ON TERROR"

Where do I even begin?

The word Terra is another word for Earth:

The real meaning of the word Terrorist!

The word Terrorist Means "Terra" and "Rest" as in "Terra" (another name for earth) "Rest" (which is short for Resistance).

Its double speak, things are not what they appear to mean.

Anyone who is against humanity is classed as a Terrarest or Terrorist, as its now called, because Terrorist is a corrupted word of the abbreviations/words "Terra" and "Rest" put together.

Also "The War on Terror" actually is double speak and basically means "The War on Terra"


The NEW WORLD ORDER (Countries with red, white and blue on their flags, predominantly) want to conquer the world in order to bring about a world government.

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Annunaki77: As long as Enki is around this will never happen

Sorry Boys and Girls, No more Harm will come to the People of Earth.
The New World Order is an Abomination.
An Insult to Humanity and it's Divine Right to Exist.

Humanity must be allowed to live in Peace and to continue on it's Holy Mission to Travel the Stars and Colonize Worlds.

HebrianDaniel: i really hope nothing will

i really hope nothing will happen because israel is very serious about war with iran now...

Terran resistance: not unless america says so

netanyahu is a controlled puppet just like most leaders in the middle-east.

if america says jump, israel asks how high?

Annunaki77: Their Leaders are lost

Remember what I said, No More War.
If they try they will witness the Wonders of their Creator.
Power Above all Power.
The Power of Heaven, No Army can withstand the Wrath of Heaven.

There will be no War.

Tarheel: And "We,The People" believe Anu77.

But The WAR PIGS of (Israel & Co) are still using the "battle cry" to manipulate stock markets, BIG OIL prices and commodity prices,etc. Can we possible get a plan in place to remove these War Pigs and punish them?
Thanks for the video. THAT should remove any doubt ANYONE has about what Benevolent ETs are doing FOR us.

The original thread topic is pointless and delusional. DisInfo agents at work.

bluesbaby5050: This is the Truth!

Lord Annu77 has said NO MORE WARS! If he has to Show Proof he is NOT Kidding Around, then The heads that Gave the Orders Will be the heads that Roll! No Innocent people will be harmed! The Leaders Playing this game Will Pay the Price,and They will NOT GET WHAT THEY WANT!!

Ecbra de Oaoj: ei analfa...

Terra means... our planet in portuguese language...

and: minha arma e ´ a musica ... : my guns is the music.



Im back! ei Arthur... hahaha...

Im a democratic republican now but... you were a great King... thank you you...
are... a great man in History...

Good Vibes, People...


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