Real Life Family Lives Under a ROCK for 30 years!

by bluesbaby5050 on January 25th, 2013

This is the home of Mr. Benito Herandez, and his wife Santa Martha De Al Cruz Villarrears,and they have called this 130 foot High Boulder in Coalla,Mexico home for the past 30 years! They have 7 children total. 6 of them are married now,and they live nearby. Mr. Benito has used Sundried bricks,and cement to build his hut style under this boulder. It has a dirt floor,and a wood burning stove,for heating,and cooking. Bernito is a famer, and he plants the Candeilla plant, and he also harvests it ,because it produces wax for candles. He is a raw gem hunter in the surround lands around him. He tells reporters that he has gotten lucky a few times,and this makes it all worth it. He also goes fishing in a running brook nearby,and this is also used as a freah source of freash clean drinking water,and is used for cooking,and bathing.He first laid eyes on this piece of land when he was just 8 years old,and he said he liked it so much because of the climate,and the beautiful views,and the space he could venture into. He said when he first saw this huge boulder that he was going to live in it someday! Benito said in order to claim land for yourself,all you have to do there is visit it often,and spend time there,and then you can leglly lay claim to it,and draw up a deed to it. He said that this is how it is done there. It did not cost him a penny! At age of 28 he owned it. This boulder has been a huge part of his life now for 55 years he told reporters.

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bluesbaby5050: This was a Fixer-Upper!

With some Great Imagination Benito made it all happen! He had great foresight! Nature provided, and then Benito did the rest. Life is what YOU MAKE OF IT!

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