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This famous picture shows a group of interacting galaxies - "Question Mark". You never know, whom you would meet at Omegle!



Аliеn: Wоndеrful рlаnеt? Yоu humаns аrе dеstrоying this рlаnеt by thе dаy. Тhе wоrst аnimаls еvеr tо rоаm this рlаnеt. Yоu knоw why yоu humаns саn't rеасh intеlligеnt lifе? In yоur mеаning оf thе wоrd? Тhеrе аrе whаt wе rаtе аs first tiеr intеlligеnсе аnd sесоnd tiеr intеlligеnсе. Humаns аrе sесоnd tiеr. In thе sесоnd tiеr оf intеlligеnсе, thеrе is vеry littlе timе, in yеаrs, bеtwееn thе disсоvеry оf thе tесhnоlоgy оf rаdiо wаvеs аnd thе timе in whiсh thе рlаnеt disсоvеrs thе tесhnоlоgy tо dеstrоy itsеlf. Тhеn in first tiеr, thеy think bеyоnd mеаsurеs оf роwеr аnd grееd, thеy hаvе nо сеntrаlizеd gоvеrnmеnt, just а bоdy оf еldеrs

Ме: Вut, is it humаn fаult thаt thеy аrе а sесоnd tiеr?

Аliеn: Нumаns... Нumаns yоu sее, thеy аll hаvе grееdily sеlfish dеsirеs. Реttily hеdоnistiс рigs thеy аrе, yеs.

Ме: Тhеy wеrе rаisеd tо bе likе thаt by thе infеriоr sосiеty, whiсh is bеing mаniрulаtеd

Аliеn: Yоu sее...

Ме: I dо nоt tеll thаt thеrе is nо humаn fаult. Тhеrе is. Вut, thеy shоuld bе givеn а sесоnd сhаnсе

Аliеn: Веfоrе I must gо, I will lеаvе yоu with this tо think аbоut. Еvеry sресiеs hаs thаt "sрirituаl еmрtinеss" insidе... Sоmе sресiеs fill thаt with sоmе nоnsеnsе аbоut а highеr роwеr, whilе sоmе sресiеs fосus оn whаt this univеrsе is асtuаlly аbоut. Тhе humаns dо indееd hаvе роtеntiаl tо bесоmе first tiеr, but nоt until rеligiоn is аbоlishеd. Rеligiоn is fоr thе wеаk. Wеll if yоu wаnt tо bе аn аnсеstоr оf сhаngе... yоu саn try. Вut fоr nоw, еаrthlings rеmаin sесоnd tiеr...

Ме: I аm аlrеаdy trying, thrоugh Оmеglе. Теlling unusuаl things, mаking thеm mоrе ореn mindеd. Тhе mоst imроrtаnt is tо stаrt

Аliеn: It tаkеs mоrе thаn оnе реrsоn аt а timе. Yоu must rеасh thе mаssеs


What do you think about this "interview" ?

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bluesbaby5050: The Alien is Correct about the humans, and .............

The fact that ALL RELIGIONS MUST BE ABOLISHED for humans to advance higher into the First Tier. As most of us already know, that the religious concept was set up as a Power-Structure for controlling the masses, and to divide the masses though the use of wars, by making people think everyone is different, which is just the opposite. WE ARE ALL THE SAME. The Anunnaki came to this planet, and they are responsible for doing this to the Humans. The Humans were Ignorant! Now the Humans Race is learning at a fast rate, that this has happened to them, and who was at fault, and why. Humans are learning about their True history, because they have been denied this knowledge for thousands of years by the Anunnaki, and their Hybrids, and this is what's changing planet Earth, and the Human Race at this present time.

bluesbaby5050: On the Subject of Who is the Worst Animal.............

I have to disagree with this part. The Humans Race is a race of different tribes of peoples, and NOT ANIMALS, as the Alien says. Humans are a Young race of beings, that were subjected to LIES, and to a FALSE REALITY set up by an INVADING ALIEN RACE FROM ANOTHER PLANET that wanted to RAID, the planet's resources, and this invading alien race is known as the Anunnaki from Nibiru. And The Anunnaki are STILL HERE DOING ALL THE DAMAGE! As with all alien races in this galaxy, humans have a right to learn, until they get it right, at least the majority of them, enough so, in order to make the great changes for their own race, and for their own home planet. This alien is judging humans too harshly. That's my opinion.

bluesbaby5050: Let me guess..........

By the way this alien speaks about ONLY THE HUMAN RACE on Earth, which there are many other alien races on planet Earth by the way, so I see no reason to blame ONLY THE HUMANS! This alien speaks with so much DISTAIN FOR HUMANS, and so I say that this is a REPTILIAN, OR A REPTILIAN HYBID voicing it's opinion on humans. Reptilians THINK THEY ARE SUPPERIOR TO OTHER ALIEN RACES, MOSTLY TO HUMANS! They think of Humans as a Lab- Rat, and only as a Food Source, and to be Sold to the Highest Off World Bidder!

Crackdown: Thank you. I agree with your opinion, but your guess is wrong...

If this alien would have been a reptilian, he would not tell that we should get rid of religion, that's for sure. "Моst Еаrthlings dоn't knоw" about them. Please remember that, aside from malevolent reptilians and benevolent nordic-type extraterrestrials, there are a LOT of other species and groups, with different agendas. And not all of these agendas involve humans

bluesbaby5050: I REALIZE this fact also............

Not all reptilians care about our religions, I don't think. There are other somewhat friendly Alien Reptoids out their that would agree that religions are a MAJOR DOWNFALL for any alien race! Draco's, and the Orion Reptilians hybrids on this planet DO care about keeping the religions INTACT, because IT SERVES THEM, and THEY BENIFIT FROM THEM. IT'S A SCAM towards all Humans!

bluesbaby5050: There are MANY aliens that ..........

Have their own Agendas, and they would love to take OVER THIS PLANET FOR THEIR OWN for many reasons too many to list. And YES, many are Humanoid, and could very well pass themselves off as humans.

Quinton: Thanks for sharing :) I agree

Thanks for sharing :) I agree with a lot of what BB had to say.

nivine: question

Guys! I really can't get enough from reading, I'm using every available minute in my life trying to get into all this knowledge, I'm not even interested in any sort of other medias. But I got a question, I know that I'm here bz since a long time I've been struggling in dealing with this life, bz I simply dont accept all what is given to us and I know we are so controlled by them. But what is confusing me is that: all the information we have about history and outer planets and others, they are given to us, I mean no matter how far we go, we are still in that box that they are Fucking controling us in. How do we know that these info are true, and especially history, dont u think they rearranged things as they want?.. And I'm sorry if that's a stupid question. __.

bluesbaby5050: YA WELL..........

THEY did all this AT FIRST! Now we Humans are changing the tables on them! If you are Awake enough, you will see the WHOLE PICTURE, and you will FEEL IT IS RIGHT INSIDE -THOUGH YOUR GUT----> YOUR INTUITION. Please read, and learn more.

bluesbaby5050: And NOT ALL our Science is Correct........

A lot of the Science of OUTTER space is wrong! (JUST ASK ANY ALIEN)....We have even been lied to about this, and other subject matter. This is/will all be corrected during the next FEW years. Science, and history will have to be re-written.

nivine: Well your right as usual, But

Well your right as usual, But I just thought no matter how we are correcting information, we are doing this on false original ones! But ofcourse I do believe every single word discussed in this site or by David icky and some others. I dont even believe the way our solar system is organized as these morons told us. I wish we can Start to take actions and do something, years from now we will wish we started today. Such reality is hard to be accepted or analyzed by these stupid brain washed societies.. So we are the only hope!

nivine: Well your right as usual, But

Well your right as usual, But I just thought no matter how we are correcting information, we are doing this on false original ones! But ofcourse I do believe every single word discussed in this site or by David icke and some others. I dont even believe the way our solar system is organized as these morons told us. I wish we can Start to take actions and do something, years from now we will wish we started today. Such reality is hard to be accepted or analyzed by these stupid brain washed societies.. So we are the only hope!

Crackdown: Question everything during your research...

Please, do not just "believe every single word", question everyone. No matter how benevolent is the information source, the information coming from this source is influenced by agenda, because there is no such a thing as complete neutrality. It is possible to say the truth while bending it in the same time - and that would be not exactly a lie. Truth could be made to appear misleading or to seem implausible, if it is presented in particular way. Perhaps, the better way is to "consider as much as possible" pieces of the puzzle, and to be psychologically prepared to disassemble some of the parts if they will start to contradict each other

bluesbaby5050: I agree, To Question Everything, and Everyone............

But, there truly is such a thing as the TRUTH. IT JUST DEPENDS WHERE IT ORIGATES FROM. My agenda is about the ENDING of SLAVERY on Earth, and in this galaxy,( IF I Should Live long enough to make it happen) and the CLEANING UP of this planet. That's why I am here now.

nivine: When I'm right here,

When I'm right here, registering and discussing issues, it's bz ive been way too long searching to a source that can finally get what is going on in my mind. And when I said I believed everything.. bz deeply in me I I know it's true. . And I wanted someone that tell me yes I can heat u and ur right! I can easily believe all this bullshit going around in this world.. Eventhough they represented it to us in a full pace of reasons..
Trust me a whole different world is in me, despite that we are part of their Fucking project! Thats sick! !!!

Crackdown: Not we are the only hope

These "stupid brainwashed societies" are the majority of people - and it is not all their fault. The hope is not that we will come forward to them and try to awaken ("Going to the people") - because the achievement of this "hope" depends directly on us, on our actions. The hope is that these people will decide to awake, when you give them the "tools" to escape from this "prison" of minds, or, should I say, souls

nivine: Your right! But when I said "

Your right! But when I said " stupid brain washed societies" its bz they are resisting to change, they consider us insane. Our hope depend on convincing them in a way which is spiritually and reasonably.. Which is totally the opposite of what the world is giving them. They are limited to their perception and they deal according to that.. How the hell they can be convinced that what the eye can see is not even close to what we are supposed to see, they will turn us into a joke!

nivine: My bad! .__. I typed the

My bad! .__. I typed the paragraph twice., I was just correcting David's family nAme

bluesbaby5050: @ Nivine... Your wrong about this.............

The NEW Information, IS NOT FALSE, AS YOU JUST STATED. It is BASED ON NEW INFORMATION, and it comes from a lot of very many highly intelligent people that have risked their lives to LEAK this information out to the public, and some of these people are dead now, because they have died from diseases, and sudden heart attacks, and most were perfectly healthy before their deaths. Many of these people were Prior Government Employees. Some of them had nothing to lose, because they were old, and sickly while others were not. And as usual, I will always defend myself when I am speaking about the TRUTH. This is not to be right, as you said, it is just a fact of our true reality. Some people are just more informed then others are, and I am always willing to share what I know. I do not tell lies, and that would prove nothing, and lies would NOT serve mankind with it's present evolution.

nivine: I couldn't agree more! I'm

I couldn't agree more! I'm glad ive got the chance to part of this group and thank you on helping in making things more clear.. I really wish we can start to Do some actions about this

Tim Lovell: ALWAYS trust your inner self,

ALWAYS trust your inner self, a lot of information comes from your own higher self , memories from past/parallel multidimensional self awareness the truth is a part of yourself has been usurped via the dna being unplugged ages ago so that you cannot activate the rest of your dna strands and create your own reality in 12 dimensions and the frequency controlers have simplity inserted their own dramas over that with belief systems (religions/science etc) when all 12 strands are plugged in you can activate the higher chakra centers and move up and out of the locking 3rd dimension and rise above the frequency control drama that has been afflicting humanity for ages. btw I live on the isle of wight same place as david ike I even served him a chicken pie once on the ferries when I worked on them hehe.

nivine: Wow I'm impressed! I just

Wow I'm impressed! I just will do anything to meet this person! But I'm glad u did :d
Im ready to find a job at ur work:p... Anywayz.. Ur definitely right! And that's why when we searched in ourselves and looked deep, we found answers that is totally opposite of what have been given to us.. And that's why we stepped out and searched for groups or sites that we can feel part of

bluesbaby5050: That's true Tim Lovell...........

There really are other origins to get at the real truth, as I said was possible above. Those are the steps you mentioned that people need to take to get to them, besides though the people that already have gained access to their higher selves already, and they are willing to share in them. Knowledge is to be shared, and not selfishly horded, like in the secret societies.

AlpBev: alien interview

Human brain is two sided when aliens are three brained which gives them a higher capacity for higher thinking. Higher Knowing of Spirituality and thinking.We are human but can evolve into people with much more brain capacity if we just keep at it. All things evolve but can we do it before we destroy ourselfs and our planet. And yes religion should be done away with I Love God and we should be learning more about God and Love!! Not learning how we were born with sin! We should be taught that we were born with Love!!

lexisdude: -1 -00 0 00 1

All knowledge -1 -00 0 00 1

Truth And Knowledge: I'm going to have to call BS

While some of the points made may have some validity, I am fairly certain this is no interview with an ET. It is the job of each individual, within their own time, to choose to follow a more enlightened path. The vast majority all operate on varying levels of enlightenment and it is only at a certain point of knowledge that one is ready to move beyond this plane of existence. This usually comes about once one is capable of looking at the larger picture, seemingly due to a certain level of contention and disregard for the more negative aspects of life and in turn developing a certain level of disassociation with humanity. Much of this rhetoric and misinformation is only created and perpetuated in an attempt to keep people in a state of ignorance. Their is always an opposing force in every aspect of life and this concept is no different. If anyone here truly wishes to move beyond this plane of existence first they must begin to look INSIDE for the truth instead of ANYWHERE else. Find your truth and follow it, begin your disconnection from material possession, disregard the fear that is being imposed, transcendence takes place from within and only there will you find meaning.

The following excerpt is taken from the "Liber Primus" and is part of "Cicadianism" :

The Loss of Divinity

The circumference practices three behaviors which cause the loss of divinity:

Consumption - We consume too much because we beleive the follwing two errors within the deception:

1. We do not have enough or there is not enough
2. We have what we have now by luck, and we will not be strong enough later to obtain what we need.

Most things are not worth consuming.

Preservation - We preserve things because we believe we are weak. If we lose them we will no t be strong enough to gain them again. This is the deception. Most things are not worth preserving.

Adherence - We follow dogma so that we can belong and be right. Or we follow reason so we can belong and be right. There is nothing to be right about. To belong is death.

It is the behaviors of consumption, preservation, and adherence that have us lose our primal ity and thus our divinity.

let's go digging friends.

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