Rattlesnake Sliders & Goat Penis: Photos of Exotic Food.....

Rattlesnake Sliders & Goat Penis: Photos of Exotic Food. [click image to enlarge] Guests at the annual Explorers Club dinner, held March 16 at New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel, excitedly surveyed the exotic appetizers on offer. Among the delicacies was a dish featuring goat penis - perhaps a delicacy somewhere? Canapes topped with worms and crickets were just some of the strange offerings at the exotic appetizers hour. The Explorers Club carving station featured meats such as muskrat, beaver and goat - oh my! Guests at the Explorers Club dinner also got in touch with exploration history by sampling a replica of the whisky brought to the Antarctic during Ernest
Shackleton's 1907 "Nimrod" expedition. Rattlesnake Sliders seemed to be popular. Sometimes a familiar hamburger bun goes a long way. Madagascar hissing cockroaches ... taste like chicken? Though enticingly prepared, fritters made of goat testicles weren't exactly flying off the plate...Exotic edibles weren't limited to the appetizer hour; dessert offerings at the Explorers Club included cupcakes topped with crickets. The alligator carving station made for a dramatic display. It wasn't all creepy crawlies! Jellyfish was also on the menu. Some people will eat almost anything, and even at a very high price too. - http://www.livescience.com/28009-exotic-appetizers-explorers-club.html

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