Rare complete and uncut footage of JFK's SCARIEST speech ever.

Below you will see the ORIGINAL, COMPLETE, and UNCUT, footage of Presidents Kennedys,
Cuban Missile crisis speech a.k.a. The Scariest Speech Ever taken on November 22nd, 1962.



"I was 13 years old during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and I can remember very well watching this live with my Dad and Mother. We had been living with the threat of nuclear war with Russia for a number of years in 1962, and those of you who were not born yet cannot imagine the frightening thought of a possible atomic war at any time. It was no joke, and we had regular "duck and cover" drills in school, and everyone was building fallout shelters if they could afford to. I remember my Slovak mother, who hated the Russians for what they did to Czechoslovakia was furious over this Crisis, and my Irish father, who fought the Germans in WW2, when Kennedy mentioned Khruschev, swore and called him "that commie Russian bastard". We knew this was serious, and the entire nation stood by Kennedy and prayed we wouldn't have to send our troops into Cuba or fight the Russians over Berlin. It was a pivotal time in American history, and I'm proud to have lived through this historical era."
- Micheal Eggleston

" I was 8 years old when he gave this speech..., Its sad to think this country's become EVERTHING that it fought against"
- Unknown

Give peace a chance

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bluesbaby5050: Your correct about this...........

Because I remember clearly those drills under my desks at school, as if this would actually help us when we're ( everything) being VAPORIZED by those wars heads. And I also watched Mr. Khruschev get so up set that he took off his shoe and was pounding it loudly on the table during a very heated discussion on LIVE TV! I was 10 years old in 1962, and this was NO JOKE! People around my city were always talking about these facts, and it was a way of life with us for some time after. I remember this so well. This went on for about 10 years before JFK was murdered, and after.TV WAS ALWAYS LIVE TOO. Reports were updated every hour also. This was very serious, and IT SHOOK UP THE WHOLE WORLD! Always Front Page News. Because this had affected everyone on this planet during those times. People's eyes, and ears were glued to the radios, and the TV's back then, and in the news papers. Nothing was censored then, it all played out live on broadcasts, nothing like now where it's all censored, and faked, and controlled! This really was a BIG THREAT, and NO ONE BACKED DOWN! This is what made Kennedy very famous, he didn't mess around with your head, everyone knew where they stood with him, and this is why the Mafia murdered him. This is what they do best. MURDER FOR HIRE! They are in like twins are with the Vatican also, so don't be fooled by this. The Mafia is in all the countries, like the WORLD WIDE WEB is.

cosmicstorm: I can't imagine the terror you must have felt

Kennedy did a great job, He traded his life to keep peace instead of giving peace for war.

bluesbaby5050: This was JFK'S divine purpose for incarnating ......

On Earth. And this is also true about his brother Robert Kennedy. The same group of people ordered him murdered too. It was planned ahead of time, because this is what those criminals do to those that get in their way. When ever a powerful person tries to make changes in this world for the better, then order them to be removed by death. The Kennedys were a threat to those in control.

cosmicstorm: The biggest threat to them right now

Are the starseeds, the starseeds outmatch and may even outnumber them.

bluesbaby5050: Yes the Starseeds do out match them, and.........

And they out number them too, and THEY KNOW this also.

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