Rare Arctic Blast To Hit California, Las Vegas, and Arizona This Next Week

by bluesbaby5050 on December 29th, 2014

Rare Arctic Blast To Hit California, Las Vegas, and Arizona This Next Week. [click on image to enlarge] And right on cue - as happens when the US needs 'protection'. A plane goes down again while Obama plays golf with the prime minister of a related country - Choas reigns and in comes yet another 'rare' polar blast. Same pattern every time.

Weather wars/space based weapons system - distract, cause Chaos, deflect. The New Year will be ringing in with the coldest storm since December 2008. An arctic blast is set to hit the Southwestern United States this next week, bringing snow levels down through 1,500 feet across Southern California, Las Vegas, and Arizona. This storm system has the potential for significant snowfall in Las Vegas.

A storm system dropping out of Canada through Alaska will travel from Washington State to the Southwestern United States in only 24 hours. This means that the air will not have much time to warm as it moves southward and these are the types of storm systems that bring significant snow to the Desert Southwest, including Las Vegas.

Phoenix, you will not see snow with this pattern so the snow wording is not for you. Las Vegas … you will see significant snowfall.

A surface low developing later Tuesday into Wednesday across Catalina Island (Offshore Southern California) will be the kicker to this storm system’s snow potential. While Phoenix gets hit with heavy rainfall and possible thunderstorms, areas around Southern California, Las Vegas, and Flagstaff to Kingman, Arizona will see significant snowfall with drier air sucking into that surface low in the low levels. Because of this drier air at 2,000 feet working with strong upper divergence and moist air above 5,000 feet … snowflakes will be able to reach the desert floors. Be advised if traveling on the 30th or 31st for New Years Even celebrations that the interstates and highways may become IMPASSABLE. - Source – http://www.triforceweather.com/2014/12/28/rare-arctic-blast-to-hit-...

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