Rambo Style Men Needed NOW!

Where are all those Retired Green Berets? We STILL Have Some GOOD Men left that CAN Get The JOB DONE in America! It is NOW the Time to come out of Retirement, because YOU ARE GREATLY NEEDED NOW!! All Your Combat Survival Skills are Beyond Compare! Your Skilled in all Types of Combat, and you were trained by the BEST there is. Please step forward for your/our country now. It is time to Clean our goverment of the Corruptions from it's So-called leaders. They FORGOT how to Lead! America has been HY-JACKED BY FORIGN TERRORISTS= OBAMA FROM AFRICA,and his Hinchmen! JUST LIKE HITLER, and HIS HINCHMENT! EXACTLY THE SAME WAYS, and METHODS !!!! DO NOT LET HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF AGAIN! THIS COUNTRY BELONGS TO OUR CHILDREN,AND TO OUR GRAND-CHILDREN!! LET'S PUT UP A GREAT FIGHT TO REMEMBER. LET'S RE-WRITE OUR HISTORY BOOKS! BECOME THE NEW GENERATIONS OF HEROS NOW!

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