Ra (Ra Confederacy)

Entity gestalt within the Metagalactic Core. There are 12 primary identity gestalts within the Ra Confederacy.

(Voyagers II – Page 7)

Using interdimentional portal mechanics, the Ur-Terranates of the Covenant of Palaidor time-traveled into HU-1 to a time-space coordinate positioned just after the cataclysm of Tara and the “Fall of man”

With the assistance of the Ra Confederacy the Ur-Terranates of the Covenant of Palaidor gestalt of consciousness/genetic and planetary morphogenetic field was entered into the remaining morphogenetic field of Earth through the 11th and 14th dimensions. This morphogenetic field of consciousness energetically took on the shape of a sphere, and was called the Sphere of Amenti, named after the portion of Tara’s morphogenetic Field that contained the imprint for Mu and its inhabitants. Amenti was the part of Tara’s planetary core that connected energetically to the portals upon the continent of Mu.

(Voyagers II – Page 8)

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Covenant of Palaidor

Last update: March 22, 2005

Just prior the cataclysm of Tara 550 millions years ago, a rescue mission for the Taran souls of HU-1 was set in motion.

Being skilled in Time Portal mechanics and Interdimensional portal travel, the Ceres created a plan the Ur-Terranates would fulfill.

With assistance of the Sirian Council, Elohim, and HU-2 Pleidians, the Ur-Terranates formed an agreement with several other races called The Covenant of Palaidor.

The mission involved the creation of the Sphere of Amenti to allow open transit between Earth and Tara for beings possessing genetic codes that could endure portal transit.

Those involved in this agreement (the Sirians, Pleidians, Ur-Terranates, Elohim, Lyrans, Ceres, Lumians and Alanians) became known as the Palaidorians.

(See: Fall of Man)

(Voyagers II – Page 6)

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Fall of Man

Last update: March 22, 2005

The event of planet Tara’s cataclysm, 550 millions years ago, when part of its morphogenetic field fell to HU-1 (Harmonic Universe-1), became known as the “Fall of Man.”

The consciousness of the beings who were blown apart in Tara’s fall, also fell into HU-1.

They became ripped from their original Soul Matrices through they needed to evolve in order to pass out the Time Matrix and dimensional systems, and return to Source as pure consciousness.

And they would have remained there if a rescue mission (Covenant of Palaidor ) has not been orchestrated by the Guardian Nations. (See: Guardian Alliance).

(Voyagers II – Page 6)

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Sirian Council (MC Eieyani Master Council or Azurite Council)
Last update: March 22, 2005

They serve as the central administrative council for the IAFW efforts and as the primary liaison between the Yanas collectives in the Energy Matrix and the Guardian Nations within out Time Matrix.

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