by Tarheel on March 14th, 2012

I looked before I ever logged "ON", and it clearly states that "Tarheel Cowboy" was active in last 24 hours.

I have NOT been on since Monday night-PERIOD! So, either somebody else has logged ON again using my credentials, or that particular Truth Control Activity "box" is inaccurate and therefore useless.

Can you explain to me why it would say this, because it otherwise is apparent that 'Truth Control" has some very serious PRIVACY and SECURITY issues.



bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel ---

This site is loaded with plenty of moles! This would explain it. Annu77 said this last night in the forum for everyone to read.The goverment is on here as well,they send in the trollers.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: The goverment ---

Would love to silence the truth here,this has also been stated by Anuu77 too.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: This has been--

This was going on before the rollback.

Arctos: It may pertain to the fact

It may pertain to the fact that the site toy rolled back yesterday. Ive also known those activity lists to not be very accurate on other forums.

Fal: Tarheel Number 1: IP


Number 1: IP addresses are logged and viewable by site admins when posts are made, if anyone got into your account and posted with a very different address, it would be known to any/all admins.

Number 2: when i was a forum admin, I remember my buddy experimenting with all kinds of tools to track even users who had just "logged in".

If you are afraid someone is getting into your account, you should just PM Mr. Q about the activity. There is no need to make a thread stating your displeasure, and making a huge scene about it, throwing around implications that the site is "unsafe", "watched", or "filled with moles", as Miss BB had so bluntly put it. It makes the site look bad, and will deter newcomers, which is what the bad people want.

You, me, and the rest of us here are taking our chances on this site.

Pay attention to everything going on around you. You should look up the rules of musashi from the book of 5 rings, it may give you a better understanding of principles you should live by. (not to be an ass)

bluesbaby5050: Fal ---

For your information,Mr.Annunaki77 had stated there are moles on this site.I refuse to take the blame for his stating this fact last night on the PUBLIC FORUM!Those ARE HIS WORDS,NOT MINE! I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT HAD TROUBLE,AS TARHEEL DID ALSO A WEEK AGO.I DID NOT THEN.SO,DO NOT SINGLE ME OUT! BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Let this be known---


bluesbaby5050: You make yourself look bad-------

By obviously TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK BAD HERE.I AM NOT a trouble maker here. I have NEVER Bbeen either. I'm also sure that if I ever was,I would have been DENIED ACCESS to this forum ALONG TIME ago. As others HAVE BEEN already!

Tarheel: Yes, The Tarheel are #1 in Midwest, however....

...so, you are saying that Q knew about it? And I should PM him? Im not sure if he knew or not, but Ive PMd him many times and NEVER ONCE received a return. NEVER.

Suppose someone logged on from my IP address???? RIGHT, he wouldnt know.

I've addressed this amhy times before and he says it's safe. I was pointing out-I havent been on (when I logged on today) since Monday. I looked and it said TC was active in last 24 hours).

I didnt think the language was harsh at all, but "not bein an ass"....well, that just aint me.

Maybe YOU should reserve your opinions until you have all the facts. The facts are, the site said I was on. I was making ya'll aware so you could monitor it as well.

ITS EVERYBODY'S ISSUE if 1 of us has one.

Fal: They would have had to proxy

They would have had to proxy your ip to log in without the difference, or have the same ISP within a certain distance, unless you have wireless and someone got into your router. Also, if someone or into this account it wouldn't bother me. I have no pertinent info about myself on here, and I don't PM anyone anymore. I haven't sent a pm since... Well, it's been a pretty long while. I am trying to remain impersonal to everyone on here. I do not know you, and probably never will outside of this site.

I don't make many opinions, that requires me to cast some judgement on others, which I rarely do. I offered suggestions and advice. Please discern the difference next time.

Also, maybe he didn't respond because he did not have an answer. Why would making this issue public change that?

I don't want strife between others, it makes for an unpleasant experience.

Tarheel: Dude, Ive PMd him several ....

...times with NO RESPONSE whatsoever, or I wouldnt have gone public. Also-THIS could be a public issue, esp with BB having issues , as well. I thought others may be experiencing it.

Also, what I was talking about IF they got to this PC and logged in with my credentials, which your "contingency theories" did NOT cover.

Let it go, will ya? Im not the one hanguing on. Just dont think you'll berate me without a reply.

I'M over it.

Fal: I just find it hard to

I just find it hard to believe with all the noise about your issue that you would have just left the credentials out for someone to find, or left the "remember login and password" button accidentally checked. That's why I didn't put those in my "contingency theory", because i wouldn't want to accuse you of a pilot error when I obviously wasn't around for what happened.

Also, you left mind reading out as well as I. If anything, this site has information saying its a possibility, right?

Fal: To rephrase and iterate my

To rephrase and iterate my post, I believe there are moles here, and I also believe it should be an unspoken understanding. Anyone who comes to these types of sites should already be aware of such things. I wouldn't publicly state stuff like that, because there are plenty of bits of information that already make this site *stink* to the 'wrong people'. We don't want to frighten the unaware before they have a chance to see. There is already enough negative propaganda against Internet security, and talking about moles openly makes it 'bad for business ventures'. I would like to see this site grow, and flourish with information and truth, not wither and stagnate because new people get called reptilians, dracs, or disinformation agents. You can't honestly believe that the person on the other end of the wire is a freaking bad person 50% of the time, that's just nonsense. Take 100 random people, and try to guess which person/people is/are really working against you. I'll bet you can't do it by looks. Now try doing that with just shadows, because ma'am, that's exactly what you are over the Internet, a shadow of what you are in real life. Now try and guess just who is on the other end after thinking about it like that.

Take what I said however you want. I stated at the end I was not trying to be an ass, but of course, everything I said was picked apart, taken out of context, and then used against me as ammo by... Well, I guess I shouldn't "single you out".

Hate me, dislike me, whatever... You won't be the first, and probably not the last. I have more important things to do than worry about how others feel about me. I like myself just fine, and if you can't, I'm not the one with the shortcoming.

Have fun with this.

Tarheel: I feel pretty good about myself too.....

...but I dont feel the need to justify it to anyone, including myself.

Fal: Only justification you can

Only justification you can make is that you are yourself, no rule or law says you have to be liked or disliked.

Quinton: So you're using the Users

So you're using the Users Active within the last 24 hours as your only metric? How do you know this is accurate? How do you know different time zones don't throw this off? What if it was pulling users from the last 3 days because of a programming error?

Moreover, why would somebody want to log into your account? What do they gain by breaking into your account? If you had bank information I could understand that. If you had personal information I could understand that. But you don't. There is no reason for somebody to break into your account. If I was a hacker I wouldn't target random people on TC. I would target banks.

The log from the last 3 days shows 489 page requests from your user ID. Every page request is logged with the exact same IP which means exactly what Fal said, they would have to be gaining access through your router or your computer.

And I agree with everything else Fal said. Yeah, there are bad guys out there, yeah things have been said about Reptilians or disinfo agents and whoever else on here. What does that matter? What does that even mean? Disinfo on what? You can't be wrong about everything and you can't be right about everything. We are to pick and choose what we want. Reptilians are welcome here. Not all Reptilians are bad. And if they are I don't run from difference of opinion. If a Reptilian really is here let them have their say. If what they're saying is BS call them out on it. There's no such thing as trying to create a perfect sanitized environment that is safe and sound. The only safety is your own internal wisdom and defense against things that you don't like. There are always going to be bad guys. There are always going to be people who disagree. That's life, that's nature, that's polarity.

Ecbra de Oaoj: about internet

i dont believe. never belived that someone have whole privacity.

datas are on air. what problem?
who... control web? someone control, of course. who... finaly? Bill Gates? militaries? who take care acounts on banks lines or pentagon? well; datas trade on light. who decodify it; will read your acount.

out of this mind; its more ilusion my friends. so... do not make nothing beliving that... no one never descover. all will shine when truth appear.

particularly, they can see all my acounts; no problems. my shame is when i navigate on ... lust sites. hahaha... Im; man; adult. and all of shes too. well; its could be a ocult sin but; my escuse is that im studing myself still;these human behavior and; I have a male gen.

well, well, well... Im sure that have moles and agents of governs, and curiosities and someones interesting propaganda of his self or product. and i could bet that; if are beings out of Terra they are looking here because we speack open about them.

Its not good neither bad. I think. they know we are us and; we know who are; they.

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