question. playing games with violence is bad?

i found a game that i enjoy its Called Skyrim very good game but i wonder if it
bad that i kill virtual creature but its virtual. what you think? should i keep play or stop?
i enjoy playing that game


bluesbaby5050: It is a very good question H/D---

But, It is only a game.I do NOT think you are doing any harm here.I do understand the reason you had asked this question.It stays a game if you THINK of it as only a game.Stay in GAME MODE ONLY.Your OK. BB5050.

Crigitine: Should war break out I'd like

Should war break out I'd like to have a chainsaw bayonet on any rifle I get my hands on, I fell in love with gears of war. Personally I wouldn't hesitate to use anything I learned from that game in self defense. But it all really boils down to what you see fit in your reality. After reading about the various programs of control like MKUltra, duality, and the monarch I've stopped watching and doing certain things that show signs of relation. Thats not to say you should too, I'm sure I'll go back to the old habits sooner or later. Video games (MMO's especially), TV series, and movie trilogies I see them as means of distraction. But from one slightly awakened person to another, I still allow myself a few distractions, it's when you make it your life devoted to these distractions that other people will deem it horrific.

Any time I go drinking with friends I have thor halloween helmet/mask that I wear and eventually end up running around screaming fus ro dah at people until I pass out, or fail miserably at singing the skyrim theme. But I also have a mode of which I am aware of what needs to be done in the now. If someone lived in the now I'm sure without atleast of one form of distraction it would be really un enjoyable, that's not to say there aren't people who thrive off of being in the now, in which case its perfectly fine. I couldn't do that. People start raising mountains out of mole hills when they see something someones does and either doesn't know about it and gets misinformed, or refuses to try and get informed and makes it their life goal to shut it down. Honestly if you stumble upon a group of people that look off worldish and you do not understand them, it is then time to either try and make effort or simply...go away.

So basically... so long as you don't make a video game the soul reason for living, you are fine. At least in my eyes, I'm sure a lot of sheep will heckle you for enjoying something they don't understand, but who's controlling your reality, you, the sheep, or the cabals?

...Also, shadowmere is the best pony ever >.> .

Fal: I have a fasthawk that I just

I have a fasthawk that I just purchased, and man, that thing came so sharp it shaves the hairs off my arm! I am a combat shotgun/Katana kind of guy. Personally, I like sneaking about and getting into close combat. Nothing beats the thrill of duking it out with someone for your life.

Also, H/D, video games are video games. Anyone that thinks video game violence is bad is just projecting blame onto something to take attention off their own problems.

Its a lack of proper parental guidance that leads people to violence at a young age. It wasn't mortal kombat and killer instinct that led to the Columbine shooting, like they tried to say. "Oh, it they played violent video games and look what happened". CHUGGA CHUGGA HURR DURR

I play violent video games, and I'd be the first person to buy you dinner if you had no money. How could they even make that hypothesis in the first place?

Fus Roh Dah works best when on a cliff.

HebrianDaniel: thanks for the advice

thanks for the advice crigtine
shouting fus ro dah? hahahah youre funny dude hehe you made my day :)

Fal: I used to be a video gamer

I used to be a video gamer like you, then I took a family in the knee...

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