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by Quinton on January 16th, 2011

We always hear people talking about evil Draconians and malevolent ET forces. We hear about us trying to "break free" or "get rid of" these forces. And then we hear about these good forces and about us living without this evil influence and all that. As if we are supposed to live completely one way or the other.

I've never understood entirely how we could get rid of, and why we would want to get rid of these "evil" forces. In a 3rd density environment we are always going to have both polarities pulling and creating certain environments for us to learn from. We have positive and negative. And as long as we are existing in a physical reality it doesn't seem that it is possible to get rid of one or the other.

It seems as though what we are trying to accomplish here is not to get rid of these malevolent ET forces, but rather how to OVERCOME them to where they hold no power over us. Once we awaken our spirits and become enlightened beings it seems as though we won't have to worry about good or bad. Things just are. We don't have to play sides as these guys are good and these guys are bad.

I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I don't fully understand or follow the reasoning behind people thinking that we are going to get rid of evil. As if once we get rid of these Dracos everything will be good and there will be no worries. Aren't these evil forces necessary for our growth? How are we supposed to grow when we don't have friction putting us in hard positions? Wouldn't we just be like jellyfish in a world without the other side pulling at us? Just as muscle needs to be put to work to stay strong, so too don't our spirits need to be put to work to stay strong?

So is it really correct to think that we can eliminate this evil? Once we get rid of it it will always work its way right back in through our ignorance and apathy. The only true way to get rid of it is to be awakened to where you can't be fooled. But this still isn't getting rid of it, it is just staying at a high enough level to where you are responsible enough to conquer this evil when it comes knocking on your door. We don't get rid of evil, we overcome it.

I also find it strange how we praise good and hate evil. Aren't they both two independent polarities working towards growth? How can we be so against "bad" things but so for "good" things? It seems biased and one sided. Shouldn't we reach a level to where we can appreciate and understand the dynamics and purpose of both?

Those are just some of my thoughts. I would appreciate any response or opinions on this. I just get sick of hearing all these people talk about getting rid of the Dracos. What it sounds like to me is 1) they're trying to get a freebie and 2) they're selfishly thinking that we're here for fun and not to learn.



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edisonik: They Eat Humans

They Eat Humans, Rape Humans, Trade Humans, Torcher Humans, Abuse Humans, Dominate Humans, Eat Kids, Dominate Humans, Oppress Humans, Make Humans do terrible things like Abuse and Suicide.

If your O.k. with that then that is your choice, it's your free will.

Genio: Quinton

Heres my perspective on your narrative, I think that life will always have obstacles with draconians or not, we will always have to strive to be better and stonger inside and out. Theese malevolent ET's are the biggest obstacle we can face, and we will have to face it sooner or later. I understand your point, evil will always exist, its part of nature and we cant get rid of it. But theese malevolent ET's do not need to be here, and even if they stay under earth forever, we will have to overcome them like you said. They are digusting creatures in their way of thinking, and we dont need them to grow spiritualy. Yes, we can learn alot from an experience such as this, but its just not right. Like Edisonik points out, these beings have no love or respect for us, we are nothing but toys and food to them. All the innocent souls that have been put through what they have by these lizards have died in vain, they were not supposed to, they should have a fair opportunity to live and learn just like everyone does. What im trying to say is, evil will always exist, but we NEED to get rid of this draconian control, for us and for future generations to come. Can't you imagine growing up in a diferent society were you dont have to strive for materialism but strive for spiritual growth and other personal things we would like to explore. We would still be growing but at a much faster pace, and we would still have to face obstacles and evil. In simple words, we just dont need these malevolent ET's to grow. But still i respect your perspective and there is logic behind it, i just thought id share my intake on this.

Peace and Love

inanna17: 'The Coming Race'

I have recently re-read the incredible book
"The Nature of Personal Reality"
One of several books channeled by Jane Roberts in the mid 1960's.

Seth, an entity, for lack of a more warm and fuzzy definition,
Had returned to remind me of the knowledge that been
sleeping in my cells for at least 5000 years.

Picking up the book, it opened to these words -
It was Jane's proclamation, the first verse of poem she wrote in 1979.


My life is its own definition.
So is yours.
Let us leave the priests
To their hells and heavens
And confine the scientists
to their dying universe
With its accidentally created stars
Let us each dare to open our dream's door,
and explore the unofficial thresholds,
Where WE begin.

I urge all of you that sit in the background of these forums of Truth to LISTEN to your inner voice, ask for help from above, and embrace the FREEDOM that is your birth right.

As Edward Bulwer-Lytton said - "The pen IS mightier than the sword."

The 'weapon ' lies in at your fingers.
Dare to write YOUR story - for no one can take it from you.

We are LOVE. It is where WE came from. It is who WE are. It is OUR shield and sword. It is OUR DESTINY!

PS - Thank you Quinton for your knowledge and courage and this BRILLIANT site. I truly appreciate every thing you do.

caseyhue: My views...

Yes, their is always Evil an Good that battle each other on a constant level. You don't have to be in the 3rd dimension to see it. However, we are primitive to the other races(not all) and I don't mean just technology. We need to reach the higher levels of life, spiritual, intellectual, compassionate..etc.. I think it helps if we see outward on everything and look back inward we will surely see where we are at in existence as well as ourselves.

We can all do this but to succeed is not to only fight the ones in control of our planet, but within yourselves to reach it. It's more difficult than you can imagine with a daily grind of negativity by the ones in control. I even find my self slipping at times. I think we have to control that daily grind for ourselves to get closer some kind of unstressful peace. The problem is many haven't woken up or intellectually woken up yet. We can all start with us an try to make other see it too.. even though it will be a hard battle to convince them..

FRODO: Good Vs Evil

Yeah your right man, good and evil are just a perspective, and a HUMAN perspective at that!
Evil is in the mind, it is just the way that we see things that scare us, disgust us,things that we wish to be away from. Good is just the flipside of that equasion, it is that which we wish to be near, to love.


The cliche is "we all are one". but its true, except the we bit, it should be "All is one"
Empty your minds.... quietude... shut down the excited cattering of the still
ULTIMATLY in the over all scheme of the omniverse, none of this matters.
we are not important (Although we really really really want to be)!
We are just jelly fish.
Infact, in a sense we are not even here.

@ least thats my take on things.

Annunaki77: Now is not the time to be jellyfish

People have been living too decadent for too long and it looks like it's time to cash the cheque.

FRODO: Now is the time to be a jellyfish

Indeed Annunaki77 I agree with you people have been wayyyy to decadent for way too long, but that makes them sheep, just following, not jellyfish, who just float, being pulled neither one way or the other, no good no bad..... these are just human mental constructs.
All Im trying to say is in my view there is no duality.
Thank you Annunaki77

kwamerica: Eliminating Evil is 100% possible and real

Eliminating Evil can never be done by man but by the creator of the Universe. All along we have all tried our possible best to live in an environment where evil has no place.

Many are those that believe it is possible to live in an Evil free environment which to them is only attainable in a place they call Heaven. How they all wish to live in such a place but How they want to get there has always been scary to them.

The Truth is that the creator of the universe is solving a problem. The problem is how He confines the energy evil. As such the problem of Evil is no man's problem but the Creator's own problem. Man therefore is a problem solving tool. In the end which is now He is going to open the understanding and eyes of all men to knowing this basic truth.

He never minced words when He sent prophets to warn the world to desist from partaking in Evil deeds. He wanted all men to play to His gallery as in the end which is now He is going to put all men in a situation where there is no duality but a single option which is all good.

Evil is an impediment that is never needed in growth (good). In the end when the Evil energy is by compulsion retired from the game of life all men will now have understanding.

In actual fact there is a SIMPLE BASIC INSTRUCTION (LAW) when put on planet earth will let good override Evil at all times. This simple basic instruction brings the New world, Messianic age, The Peaceful Kingdom and Paradise on Earth into being.

The knowledge of this simple basic instruction is going to initiate the War of Armaggeddon. This is the last cosmic battle between the forces of good and evil. Where at the end of the war, death, diseases, and evil of all forms die completely. It should be noted that the war of Armaggeddon is not going to be fought with supersonic Jet fighters and bombs but FOOD. Amazing. It is the war of minds.

In the end which is now the creator of the Universe is going to rig the game of life so that good overrides evil and that brings His much awaited Kingdom into being. This is when the creator of the universe shows His superiority over all creation.

Jews the real bonafide owners of the Bible are awaiting this Law. However not all people who call themselves Jews are Jews. Observing Sabbath and keeping all these traditional Laws does not make one a Jew over the Other.

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