Question about "Ancient Aliens"

by HebrianDaniel on February 20th, 2012

there is series that talking about aliens called "Ancient Aliens"
i watched it and i really enjoy but im not sure what true and what lie in it
anyone has watched ancients aliens in history channel?
i bealove its half true half lies


wmarkley: Ancient Aliens

I watch this show anytime it is on, when i was growing up, history classes tought us that we were hunter gatherers 5000 years ago, and living in caves, when you see the structures around the world, and how old they are, you know right away that we have been lied to by the main stream education. with the ancient drawings, and idols that were made, you can clearly see that someone was in a space suit, there is no doubt in my mind that we have been visited, and continue to be visited by space travelers, they were instrumental in the building of these structures in egypt, and central, and south america. there is a very big cover up going on, i dont fully trust the channels that show these programs because they are owned by the evil elite, but they do allow enough information to be displayed to keep us thinking. Im not sure if these structures were built by the fallen angels to create separation from GOD, that is satans goal for humanity, when you have been lied to your entire life, we need to listen to all the information available, but do not EVER separate yourself from GOD, and NEVER stop your relationship with JESUS CHRIST. He is the way to the kingdom of God.

HebrianDaniel: dude jesus never was

dude jesus never was christ...
he died as jewish not as christian dont confush and his name is not Jesus!
its Yehosoa

wmarkley: yes

Yes i heard his name is Yahushua, the son of Yahwey

Tarheel: Ancient Aliens is NOT a LIE !

Pay careful attention to them. They NEVER state their viewpoints as FACT. They QUESTION what we were TOLD/TEACHED about the history of The Earth, and they state their OPINION.

Ancient Aliens is GREAT SERIES, and I have watched all 35 episodes regularly.

Ancient Aliens opinions are RIGHT ! We have been lied to about the history of our great planet. The history has been distorted so as to benefit the few.

Watch all ANCIENT ALIENS and form your own opinion. The people who denounce AA cannot debunk what they present. We have been LIED TO about almost everything!

They LIE to us when they could benefit from The TRUTH. How PATHETIC !


bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel-----

Hoo-hoo- The Owl has spoken,and I agree with you.BB5050.

HebrianDaniel: you know how i learned about

you know how i learned about the illuminati? Ancient aliens! yes ancient aliens they started to speak about secret group called free masonary i can say ancient aliens helped some people to wake up. illuminati are very stupid that they let them show the series.
i like Erich von Denikens opinions and i also like and Giorgios Tsuklu they both awesome people that helping us to know the truth! Hail for them!!!

Tarheel: Ancient Aliens has many experts !

They are NOT loose cannons. They lay it out there for you so YOU can make a decision for yourselves. Notice-the people who oppose their views-they never have any proof to debunk what AA believers have to say. All the non-believers can say is "Anythg AA says can be proven to be a falsehood" but THEN, they never furnish any proof otherwise. What hypocrites !

Watch all 35 episodes and you too will have the knowledge of The Coming of The Gods !

HebrianDaniel: i did watched the most of

i did watched the most of them like 27 i missed some but its fine
i like Erich von Daniken and thats weird lecturer with that weird hair Giorgio tsuklus i think he have funny hair

Ecbra de Oaoj: about Yeshua

or... include pronunce; or grafia. or... name. to allow Jesus.

Tora; Pèntateuco. and Profeths of Israel; Salms and Book of Kings. The Bible.

Someones says: Enlil is the Kod of Jews. till... New Testment.


I believe; that Jesus; was and; Is. the Crist. I feel... it. on each word of Evangelion. My sool... understand he Crist- and I dont mind; what mean... Crist; or other... calling title- because; He... loved humanity... read... this history. and qust you if... He. not was Crist so... how... Crist would be? hã? how better than... Jesus... Crist. or Krisna. or... choose name. tipe. face. Who... wold be Crist if not... Jesus? With message; of Peace. And Forgive. and... Love. so... beatifull.

yes... in otherhand... catolicism; washbrain peoples. to serv proposities. and history is not so clean.

Someone says: Jesus not dead on Cross. but in India. and her son with Madalena, Bar a bas; go to France; with Arimateia. yes I... read it. in trustfull source. and more; Jesus was Enki avatar.

well... its dont change; what Apostols makes. neither turn null; their sacrifices. Peter and Paul. All words and pain; they legacy; faith. That There are one Kingdom. and Crist; Reign.

And... John. We; know. stayed here; he say: I prefer to stay here untill; when... You Jesus return here...
to... us... humans.

yes; I dont speack or read on hebrew; or arab. but I know when Angel Gabriel say to Maome Corao Suras... Jesus, son of Maria... was considered... Profect.

Its enougth; I think.

Crist or; any name or... title. give to... Jesus.
for me He; is The Lord. Prince of; Peace. and Love.
The True. The... Way. The Life. from God.

very att, Sir and Ladies

Health and Harmony

wmarkley: yes

Yes Giorgio Tsukuls does have funny hair, he is very knowledgable on the subject of Ancient Aliens, as for Jesus Christ, i have read that he was the reincarnation of Enki. it is not important to me if he was the messiah, its not important to me if he is the Christ, i could care less, im not religeous, the thing that matters to me the most is his message, this man speaks pure truth, he has a way for mankind to live, HIS way would bring peace to humanity, if humanity would have followed his plan, and lived the way he said that we should, we would already be venturing to other star systems, we would be living for eachother, there would not be any cancer, or any other viruses to harm humanity, we would have abolished harmful germs 1000 years ago, we may even have evolved to our highest and best potential by now. Jesus message was a beautiful one, a powerful one, and due to the actions of a few evil people, held mankind back to stay as slaves. mankind has played the FOOL for a very long time, but i think that this show will be over soon, mankind will eventually wake up and finally GET IT. as for Jesus Christ, He is MY messiah, He is my Lord, He is my Savior, weather we call him Enki, Yahushua, Jesus, Krishna, or Buddah. He dont care, Its HIS WORD, HIS MESSAGE, that matters.

Tarheel: Let me ask you this-Wmarkley !

I am NOT disagreeing with you, BUT suppose Jesus message /allegiances are changed now? Or do you believe he will always be right?

Tarheel: Giorgio got his hair/coiff from....

Giorgio Tsoukalis got his hairdo when he stuck his finger in the socket of a Baghdad battery. It was stronger than he thought it would be.

On the humor scale...1-10 it's a .......

HebrianDaniel: dont call him christ he is

dont call him christ he is not christians! he never was christian the christianity is created by the Ceaser Konstantinus and he made new rules that not related to Yeshoa agenda
he used the christianity in order to control the people and Conquar Territories and make them Christians without asking them.

bluesbaby5050: Your right H/D-JESUS WAS A TEACHER----

HE HAS HAD VERY MANY NAMES THOUGHT OUT HISTORY. He was a teacher,and set the ground rules to live by! The churches used him,for a messiah to control the masses,and also created a hell,to scare the masses. the church of Rome is the center of great lies! It is still going on today.You are supporting these men that live off the masses! Sounds like the cabal,and the Illuminati? Of course it does!

bluesbaby5050: His real name was----

Jehoshus Ben Panthera.(Jesus) At about the age of around,20 or so, he traveled with his master teacher ,Ben Prachia, around Egypt.They both escaped King Alexander's persecution of the Rabbins at this- time BC 100, this is recorded ,and is on the recorded books of that time, and is still in existence today.And his step father,Joseph was a master stone cutter.A stone mason. BB5050.

HebrianDaniel: no his real name is Yehosoa

no his real name is Yehosoa Ben Yosef.
the J is latin defination most names in latin replaced Y to J



Phaminator: Konstantinus

Is he the very same Constantine who founded the eastern roman empire and constaninople/instanbul?

Fal: Jesus was a Jew that started

Jesus was a Jew that started Christianity, he was more of both religions, although you are not 'allowed' to be both at the same time.

And by Jesus, I mean the son of Yaweh, not the "white man Jesus".

HebrianDaniel: not yeshoa started the

not yeshoa started the Christianity you confush
the Ceaser Kontenstinus formed it in order to enslave the people and control them

Fal: They why talk about the son

They why talk about the son of Yahweh, in the first place? Sure they may have incorrect dates, but are you going to tell me that EVERYTHING in the NEW TESTAMENT is a load of crap? I don't believe the following of peace and good-will towards men a bad thing, even if there is some stuff in there confuse. In my opinion, a date of birth doesn't matter much in light of what you will do, or become in your life.

wmarkley: Christ

ok, i agree with you D/H. I thought that Christ meant something like the sacrificed lamb or something, i didnt know that it meant Christian, i am not a christian, i dont try to associate with any organized religeon. it is ashame that many still give their money to the church, who gives it to the vatican, who then gives it to the rothchild Evil. i hope that someday, in my lifetime, the truth comes out to the masses, and we ALL realize that we have been lied to. then justice will follow.

bluesbaby5050: The man of many title names FROM THE CITY OF ROME!!


Ecbra de Oaoj: Religi-on and mind control

yes; religions are used to serv clero intends; of course.

and... ocultism. serv to same proposities. give power (money and; slaves)... to controlers. indeed too.

Coliseum... of Rome. see many kills of; people. just because dont denied; Jesus words.

and; on Paladino Hill wake up; Vaticano. Well... what I sayng?

Jesus; dont have; blame. neither... Maome. Moses. or Elias. etc. they; acomplished their missions; after... well... we have been... living.
or Josef Smith. They... bring some Kod' codices; after... well.
begin to apper; bishops. sultans. popes. rules of institutions. and then; disturb. original intention.

Religare... on latim means: join. again. in case with... God. It isnt bad... is it? Not... it is; good to any one.

but when it is worked; like a fanatical creed. its leave religion caracter and turn on a political affair. like a faction, a partitie that wanna win the game. And then; play against; who dont want this faith.

Messangers and; Profets. Crist. Apostoles. sincery Priests; and etc. dont have... blame. my friends they... make their missions and must be honored because it is a great glory.

what happen... is that after... someones turn their exemples and konwlegde and; use it to own interests.

wmarkley: interesting

im not very tech savy but i have been reading this story, here is the link, its about trillions of dollars and gold. check it out.

wmarkley: going down

the evil is going down, arrests will be made soon.

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