Pyramid Power

by Tarheel on February 24th, 2014

I did a little back-tracking and I confirmed (for myself) that the Pyramids were indeed power plants and I believe they were drawing energy from Earth and making hydrogen gas that was converted into microwave form and transferred/transmitted from there as Anu77 told us.

It certainly beckons attention from the salt covered chambers that there may have been hydro-chloric acid coming thru one shaft that was mixed with hydrated zinc from another shaft and that they combined to make hydrogen gas (like our rockets used before we scrapped the space program). This analogy comes from Chris Dunn's work. I agree with him.

CD did NOT speculate on what, how or to who the power was transferred.

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dvogel: If you are interested in this

you should watch this documentary

Tesla used a bit the same technique as the pyramids to generate free energy

Tarheel: I've seen it.

Tesla wanted to make electricity FREE for everyone. When his "backer" (JP Morgan) found this out, he pulled his financial support.

Tesla was very skilled in accessing The Universal Mind.

Terra Tea: bosnian pyramids

The pyramids discovered in Bosnia also show a high energy output taken with special photography! It appears they are still channeling energy outward..

UN.i1-PHI: Resurrection: new film about Bosnian pyramids

Resurrection: new film about Bosnian pyramids

The French director Chris Nahon is currently working on a documentary about the Bosnian pyramids. "The biggest pyramids in the world are found in Europe, in Bosnia to see exactly," he says. "These pyramids are older than the Egyptian pyramids and in some cases greater than the Great Pyramid of Giza."

The pyramids are the last ten thousand years covered with soil and vegetation. From a distance they look like ordinary mountains, says Nahon. The pyramids are still sending electromagnetic radiation. The tunnels under the pyramid complex, according to the director to strengthen. Aura of people They also contain a high concentration of negative ions, which would have. Health benefits Nahon adds that the tunnels also have an extremely high Bovis.
Resurrection: new film about Bosnian pyramids

"These 30,000 year old highly developed lost civilization gives us the opportunity - through the monumental works that she has left for us - to rewrite our history," said Nahon.

With the film Frenchman hopes to mobilize. Scientists from all over the world He wants to show that our ancestors advanced technologies left behind which we can gain access to free energy, free communication and healing access.

Because the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge the existence of the pyramids is Nahon plans to turn to settle the matter. Scientists, experts and laboratories Chris Nahon is best known for his films Kiss of the Dragon, Empire of the Wolves and Blood: The Last Vampire.

Resurrection - the MOVIE of the Pyramids of Bosnia - trailer Us version

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Terra Tea: Thank you Uni

My limited internet doesnt let me post links at the moment (difficult to post even). Those are good sites for reference! The 2nd and 3rd especially :)

UN.i1-PHI: yea but watch out with that ashtar

command shit
we all know they're up to sumthing dont we?
not just the website tough

Crackdown: Pyramids

I think, with the help of pyramids it is easier to gather the energy that is coming out from living creatures (if the pyramids are focusing this energy - like the lens are focusing the light)

UN.i1-PHI: and earths

electro magnetic field (ofwich we're also part from / in it)

Quaesitor: The Bosnian Pyramids update

One of the videos showing the Bosnian Pyramids, recordings of their electromagnetic frequencies, also ultrasound outputs and healing frequencies. Also very interesting aural recordings done before and after people have gone into the inner chamber.

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