Pyramid of Giza Tomb of Adam the First Man

by Nicaea on November 8th, 2013

History through a Christians view. Science proving that the holy scriptures were correct. One theory that blew my mind is how Chiera theorized and backed it up with ancient religious books, that one, if not the greatest wonders of the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza was not the tomb of the pharaoh Khufu, but the tomb of Adam, Gods chosen child, made in His image. Which as he states, next to the Holy Land makes it one of the holiest places on earth. A must read, don't let the power of darkness blind you from what could be the possible truth. That is just one of his many theories. There are many more from this new up and coming Christian author. Even if you don't have a faith you will still enjoy, I did.....

Daniel Chiera and his book Where Angels Play opened my eyes but did not change my faith...

Also feel free to leave feedback on your thoughts of history starting from the Creation of the human race. Also ancient gods and ancient stone structures that can't be explained..

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Tim Lovell: wrong the great pyramid was a

wrong the great pyramid was a power conducter not unlike the great crystal in atlantis at the end period it conducted energy from the earths core and grids out to the magnetosphere and broadcast it like a field

Nicaea: Pyramid

Thanks Tim for leaving a feed back I appreciate it. If you have written proof like ancient blue prints or ancient writings that tell or show your theory that would be great. I am familiar with that theory and I know there are salt deposits under and in the pyramid itself but that can be explained alongside the great flood or Noah's deluge. If you check out Chiera's theory on it being a tomb you might think different. Again thank you for you feedback.

obsrvantlouie: Pyramid Power

Research pyramid power. Also, Matrix 2 or 3 (published by Val Valerian) covers this info. I can verify which book if you would like. Tim's pretty much on it....It was an engergy conduit that served many purposes. Manipulating energies via advanced technologies and understanding of the earths planetary grid, lay lines etc.

Nicaea: Pyramid

Thank you obsrvantlouie for your feedback,
Being that the Giza Pyramid is built on an ancient grid line I believe to rule out any suggestions, whether it being that the pyramid was used as a power source or a tomb as the purpose for it's creation would be a mistake. With that said I have researched pyramid power and looked over diagrams that seemed to be plausible in theory but so is time travel. These of course are not ancient blue prints, the question I was left with as far as power source goes, why only one and for what purpose. I don't usually like to give spoiler alert on what I have read, but the author I spoke of Chiera, referenced an ancient book called the book of Adam and Eve, where Noah after the flood gives orders to one of his sons to bring the body of Adam to a certain location. Now just a sample, did you know that the area around Giza is referred in ancient times as the Land of Ham. Ham also being the name of one of Noah's sons. Are you also familiar with the theory of where the middle of the earths land mass is located, also referred to as the middle of the earth. That is a question for anyone????


Tarheel: Yes- Middle of Earth's largest land mass, I've read.

Also, I read that The Giza Pyramid is located on a "conductivity dis-continuity", which is where Earth's natural power lines meet/intersect. They were harnessing Earth's natural energies and also generating some of their guess was they were "in concert" but that part is simply an educated guess.

I believe they were harnessing & generating power for more than 1 purpose.

Nicaea: Reference

Tarheel could it be possible that the pyramid was an energy stasis to be activated by a soul of a human, leaving the body behind and sending the soul to anywhere in the universe.....just a thought....

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