Putin 'has a Dream to Restore the Soviet Union'

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes Russian President Vladimir Putin "has a dream to restore the Soviet Union" — and Putin realizing that dream would be disastrous for the rest of the world.

"Every day, he goes further and further,” Yatsenyuk said in an interview that aired Sunday on NBC's “Meet the Press." "And God knows where is the final destination."

Yatsenyuk, who was installed as interim prime minister in February after pro-Kremlin President Viktor Yanukovych abandoned Kiev, said, "I consider that the biggest disaster of this century would be the restoring of the Soviet Union under the auspices of President Putin."

He also condemned those in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk who distributed leaflets mandating that Jews identify themselves as Jewish, vowing to "find these bastards and to bring them to justice."

On Thursday, after a quadrilateral meeting of the United States, Ukraine, Russia and the European Union in Geneva, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called the fliers "grotesque." Vice President Joe Biden is traveling to Kiev this week.

Yatsenyuk said he is asking the U.S. government for "financial and economic support" in defending itself from Russia.

"We need a strong and solid state," he said. "We need financial and economic support. We need to overhaul the Ukrainian military. We need to modernize our security and military forces.

"How can you stop the nuclear-powered state, which is Russian Federation, that spent billions of dollars to modernize their military instead of Ukraine? We need to be in very good shape in order to stop Russia. And for this shape, we need to have and to get the real support from our Western partners."

Yatsenyuk said the deal brokered in Geneva last week to calm the violence in eastern Ukraine hinges on Russia.

"Russia triggered this violence and Russia supported these terrorists, and Russia was obliged to engineer a meeting to condemn terrorists and to condemn those so-called peaceful protesters with AK-74 in their hands, shooting into civilians and shooting into Ukrainian riot police," Yatsenyuk said. "If Russia pulls back its security forces and former KGB agents, this would definitely calm down the situation and stabilize the situation in southern and eastern Ukraine."

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UN.i1-PHI: Russian fascism against Ukraine

Russian fascism against Ukraine
(YT TheCossackmate:)






established: 882


established 1328

For over 250 years, central Russian lands were colony of mediaeval Ukraine-Rus’.

Ukrainians were the first who transferred Christian values to undeveloped Russian northeast.

Most of Russian Finno-Urgic population did not accept Christian values ever.

Soon, after Mongols attack on Europe, Muscovy or modern Russia was founded in the year 1328.

Mongols and Russians were in war against Mediaeval Ukraine-Rus’ for more than 200 years.

Russians have made a massacre of Ukraine-Rus’ elite and Slavs in occupied Novgorod - 1478 year.

Multiethnic Russia starts to destroy the older Ukrainian Kyiv church - 1686th year.

Russia (Muscovy) after the occupation of Ukraine (Rus’) takes it’s name - 1721st year.

Moscow creates Russian law and language thanks to later destroyed old Ukrainian literature.

For over 300 years, Moscow persecuted population that used Ukrainian language.

Ukrainians gave Russia the European course - great minds such as Gogol and Dostoevsky.

For over 300 years, a fascist Russia falsely portrayed Ukraine as it’s younger province.

Powerful Russian Empire or Soviet Union without Ukraine would never have existed!

Paradoxically, Moscow has committed murder of more than 7 million Ukrainians in one year - 1933.

The struggle for an independent Ukraine continues!

The struggle for Ukrainian independence is still going on!

Ukraine or Death!

dvogel: Ukraine is a German created state.

What today is called Ukraine, used to be many things, however mainly of the Rus people. Kiev was once independant though inhabited mainly by the Rus and Swedish vanguards. What today is called Ukraine is a German creation in order to weaken Russia.


UN.i1-PHI: Russia try to make ppl believe Ukraine belongs to Russia

and that this is so because their 'history is so inextricably linked' , but according to the statements of that video it is wrong and false to portray Ukraine as a younger province/nation of Russia, because actually what we now call Russia( was established after (Russia-Moscovy) killing and stealing Ukraine-Rus, they even took over the name and destroyed, used and changed their language to make their own,and Moscow also persecuted those who continued to speak/be Ukraine-Rus'ian.

For over 300 years, a fascist Russia falsely portrayed Ukraine as it’s younger province.

Powerful Russian Empire or Soviet Union without Ukraine would never have existed!

So if there would be any fairness in this matter it would mean that Russia would actually own something to Ukraine for all the carnage committed towards Ukrainians instead of Russia owning Ukraine because Russia raped Ukraine to give birth to itself and now have become a large powerful nation playing authoroty over Ukraine because of their history...


Rex Dexter:

The Truth-Ukraine was the "Mother" of Russia, who became her persecutor.

Seven Reasons Why Russia Wants to Keep Ukraine All to Itself

dvogel: I don't agree with how Russia is being ruled

and I'm not against a Ukrainian state, now that it is here anyways, but it needs to be understood that Ukraine is an invention of Germany and Austria to weaken Russia and to create a buffer zone. The land which current Ukraine is situated on has been part of so many countries that it's impossible to say which roots they have. The most recent country they were part of, before the state Ukraine was created during WW I, was Russia and therefore the Russians in Ukraine have to be respected as well and not mass murdered because they believe more in Russia than in the EU.

See the evolution of the land:


UN.i1-PHI: yea thx for stressing this again

so this also comes down to how ukraine is&was being ruled, because its all corrupt anyways, those Ukrainian ppl just kicked their corrupt leader/president and now Russia, the USA and the EU are trying to fill the hole with their own dirt to control Ukraine/Kiev by implementing their own systems/'solutions', wether it be praised as democracy or russian territory or sanctions it is all a diversion for globalizing control in wich nations appear&pretend to compete with eachother

a lil tought here if russia and the usa would really be competing (about this and in general (for their power/agenda)), i would say russia quickly took over ukraine when they were about to implement a new system because russia would know the USA and the EU would be anticipating for this opportunity to implement their own web there called democracy, and probably make Ukraine a member of the EU, empowering the German invention of the European Union

so i wonder how likely it could be true that Russia actually did this grab on Ukraine in order to prevent anyone else to do and get it their way, so could this even be an act of protection from russia against the usa en eu and their false flag operations on the way to instill more control and a more powerful illusion/delusion of freedom and justice of the rule/leadershipp... if you get what i mean..?

and just to be clear i know opposing groups/nations etc are mostly dealing together behind the scenes while playing the theatre of war, this was just an idea for if they would be competing for their own interest as this is also happening between parties struggling for power in this NWO globalization... and jtbc again i dont agree with how anybody is being ruled...

Tarheel: I appreciate your expression, no matter your side.

I happen to agree with you. I always applaud the socially minded. Good post.

dvogel: Crimes of Western financed facists in Ukraine.

The mainstream media is trying to make us believe that the Russian speaking population is full of terrorists and they are evil, but in fact they are being suppressed by the new coup d'etat government who as well perform false flag terrorist attacks, like the incident with the burning government building in Odessa. See below for some investigation on this happening:

(Not for the sensitive)

bluesbaby5050: Thanks for all the good intelligent comments............

Being posted here on this post, and on all the other postings too. I just want to let the members here know that I will post important information for discussions between members, and for the readers, and to share in some good feedback for everyone. Also, what I do post does not mean that I agree, or disagree with the topic, but, I do think that it is important all the same. Thanks to those of you that care to make these comments. It shows how aware most of you are, and it helps to point out facts for the readers that are still figuring out the world stage, and it's plays, and players involved. Because some people in different countries just don't have all the facts to put the pieces together, and it's always good to have another persons point of view :-)

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