Putin further exposes ISIS (and more)

by Tarheel on October 10th, 2015

Found this in the morning scans. Vlad Putin speaks frankly and ISIS and USA political agenda, as well as offers to work together even more going forward.
I particularly liked him saying that Russia does NOT perceive USA as a threat, but he knows the USA "tries" to paint Russia as a threat.

Of note is this quote from Putin, directed at our government. "Do not poison the consciousness of your (American) people.......like there can be no other way but imperialistic politics."


I'll categorize this in WTFU

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pasqualie: The Real Reason Russia is in Syria is because of oil prices.

They got about a year left from what i am hearing in terms of the reserve they have to weather out the low oil prices, and sanctions. After that they will be broke. Iran coming in with 1 million barrels this fall, so will drive prices down even more, as well as instability in china markets.

Putins gambling him going into Syria will cause Arab nations wanting Assad to fall, to spend more money in backing rebels. Particularly Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait. With the saudi's as their main focus, because saudi arabia is putting down an Iranian backed rebels in Yemens civil war, and also backing rebels in Syria.

They are hoping the Saudi's will be cash strapped and allow the oil price to rise, with financial pressures on saudi arabia's economy and budget.

It was also a financial move and military move for Russia. Syria is only warm water naval port outside of russia. As well Assad has been blocking a pipeline for decades through syria from saudi arabia through turkey to europe.

If assad falls, that pipeline will become a reality and send saudi oil to europe through pipelines. Which means competition and a big hit to russia's oil revenue in europe.

Russia gets 70 percent of their revenue to run their country and military from oil and gas. 50 percent of their oil and gas is from europe.

Wars are not about ideologies, its always about money, oil and gas and resources.

pasqualie: This is merely two sides of the establishment

basically on the same side of the spectrum, as well as some new age advocating picking sides of one side of the two parties of the establishment.

pick your own side.

buying into good cop bad cop you lose. because they are merely factions of the establishment having a quarrel with each other. Both sides are death dealers.

harrison orono: COMMENT

It is time to end the game of controll

pasqualie: What this russian intervention is

According to Simon parkes is, after reading his october update

Is that the elite have decided to shift to electric cars over next 8 years and move away from petroleum.

In part because with low oil prices they wont get the investors and people buying stocks because they get a big dividend from the stocks for buying and holding oil stocks anymore because the oil price is way too low. Simon says its not viable to give the dividends at 70 dollars a barrel so the elite have decided to shift to electric cars, and use of electricity to maintain their energy monopoly.

For russia this is bad news because 70 percent of their countries revenue comes from oil and gas. So by going into syria with their military, they are attempting one to keep Assad in power, for economic and geopolitical reasons. But also they are trying to put pressure on the Arab states there that are funding the rebel factions in syria that want to remove Assad.

Its an attempt by russia to raise oil prices without cutting production themselves. by putting pressure on countries like saudi arabia which are playing a big role in dropping the oil price by not cutting production. So they think the saudi's are squeezed in terms of money because of the low oil price and the war they are fighting in yemen against the iranian backed rebels that toppled the yemen government and monarchy. As well as by them supplying money to the rebels in syria to remove assad. So the russians are hoping by going into syria, the arab countries will have to spend more money than they would like to counter the russian military presence in syria now. As well as the iranians putting more pressure on the saudi's because they have ground troops and military in yemen fighting the iranian backed rebels.

So its an attempt by russia to raise oil prices and try to save their economic way of life in a sense. Its why they pulled back in ukraine and now are focusing on syria, because what happens here will really affect their oil revenues.

From various reports russians have about a year left in terms of the money they have in propping up their economy from low oil and sanctions. They are hindered because oil dropped more than half so when it was 110 dollars a barrel they were getting 140 billion dollars or more in revenue to run their country and military. At 45 dollars a barrel everything is squeezed.

As well they dont want investors pulling out of oil stocks and investment, they want to keep it as is , so they need to try to raise the oil price to make it viable for those corporations to try to keep giving the investors a high dividend for buying stocks and investing in the oil companies.


harrison orono: New technology

What will happen whe the keshe founaatiom spacesiip institute releases free energy? www.keshefoundation.org

Murdron: Don't let him fool you

Well living as a Persian in Islamic republic of Iran and Russia's best friend in middle east. (based on what OUR media says) I can say it's just misery and unjust brought to people here.
More than 50-60% are not satisfied here and I'm not talking well-fare, I'm talking very unsatisfied. 20% are kids and they are being born with iphones and ipods from wobm, so no one is expecting anything from them till they go to their graves with imacs blind and deaf. (consumers). The statistic now shows the average reading here is ""14"" LINES PER YEAR
Pathetic government. The other 20% are the government thugs.
SO don't be fooled by this man or any other governor, religious character or religion & media.
Just don't it's all made up to ridicule us, divide us, and if we are the researcher & reader type, even to confuse us.
They are the same, We maybe called Islamic republic and all that shit, but seriously it's all American, English setup. When the Europe economy rose about a decade ago, it was Iran which played a major part in increasing the price of Oil so that only USA would survive and Europe fell hard. (Notice how England isn't part of that union). Politics. Just that.

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