Putin is Anti-NWO/Anonymous Message

by Tarheel on October 8th, 2016

This dispels any questions anyone may have about elitist agenda, and more !


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LettersToCleo: Russia has the romanoffs as their illuminati family

they are connected to the european illuminati families.

also the jesuits that control the finances of the catholic church, control the chinese banks.

jesuits also control the finances of europe and north america with rothschild.

putin as a puppet you can see publicly is just playing his part.

its all a distraction game, even during the cold war, the americans and russians were jointly working on their space program.

its all part of agenda 21, the un unaniously voted to ban all extremist religions who are violent and against the system. islam is just the first religion to fall by allowing migrants into europe.

agenda 21 was extended to 2035, followed by 2045 initiative of transhumanism to implement nanotech into human bodies, as well as digitize the currency under AI control. Its why the pope went to the un and said the debt system and economic system had to end, they had to move to an AI controlled system of binary code.

The new universal language of binary code and new world order of AI. a golden age of peace and harmony for humanity ushered in by AI and transhumanism.

world leaders and politicians create problems and chaos, so the people want a solution when they are in fear. This is how they bring in AI and transhumanism.

Tarheel: Please refrain from using my name

I have no relationship with you whatsoever, nor do I want one.
Attempting to lend credibility to yourself by using my name isn't cool but doesnt surprise me. Go impress someone else.

LettersToCleo: Just calling you out on being pro-transhumanism

cuz you support russia and putin even though they have a transhumanism agenda in the 2045 initiative.

its why you dont even address this and try to deflect the argument cuz your position is undefensible.

russia and putin = pro-transhumanism. those that support russia and putin through new age deception = pro transhumanism.



try to defend your position of russia and china being the good guys inspite of their transhumanism agenda and building a particle collider 7 time more powerful than cern tarheel.

its indefensible. case closed

LettersToCleo: you of all people should know tarheel

its not the public figures that are pulling the strings.

its the people behind the scenes that are the puppet masters.

russians working on transhumanism as well.

the romanoffs not putin is calling the shots.


russians leadership wants transhumanism so they are not the good guys promoted by the new age currently.

also as i told you the jesuits of the catholic church and the vatican, the current pope who is a jesuit, control the chinese banking system.

they are working with rothschild playing the good cop bad cop game with russians and chinese vs the west to callapse the economies and currencies to bring in a digital currency they will control.

its why the pope went to washington and the United Nations little over a year ago to say capitalism and the debt system must end. The vatican through the jesuit order control the wealth of america and europe with rothschild. Jesuits also control the chinese banks.

they bringing in transhumanism and binary artificial intelligence and digital currency controlled by binary code.

dont get caught up in good cop bad cop games promoted by new age. you gotta read between the lines.

so the whore of babylon the pope went to washington and the UN to ride the beasts, the animals represented by countries, and said they must bring in a digital currency and transhumanism where they have absolute control.

they call it the dawn of a new age, a new era for humanity, an era for peace and harmony once transhumanism is implemented on humanity globally including russia and china.

its why countries like iran who are cut off from the banking system are being allowed in, so they will be controlled as well when they bring in transhumanism and digital currency controlled by AI.

its why the american drone with microcircuitry was allowed to crash in iran so they can implement this technology into their systems so they become compatible with the AI. Its why the chinese and russians are allowed to hack into american computers to steal technology so they will be compatible with the AI when it comes online through their advanced micro circuitry.

its why roswell happened to speed up humanity on their way with technology compatible with the AI take over.

its just seeding technology so its all compatible with the AI.

so read between the lines tarheel and dont get caught up in the good cop bad cop games of new age. as i told you its just victimization programming and messiah or external saviour programming. someone gonna come down and save humanity so give away your personal power and be misled.

do your own research instead of listening to new age propaganda, its all infiltrated by security agencies to push the transhumanist agenda.

if you pick sides, you just being duped.

LettersToCleo: The pope is Anti-New World Order also Tarheel

Putin and the Pope and Rothchild and the Illuminati are all Anti-New World Order in the New Age depiction of One World Order.

They are all Pro-Transhumanism. One world language of binary code controlling humanity. One world currency of digital currency controlling the banking system of with binary code. One world language of Binary Code of AI controlling humanity.

2045 Initiative.

And yes there is peace and harmony after everyone hooked up, and prosperity. All controlled by the same families in charge. And they did it by good cop bad cop games, and by callapsing the economies and creating controlled chaos and turmoil, so the people will accept the solution they have to offer.

When have they used this tactic of controlled chaos before.... hmmmmm .... 911.....iraq war.....afghanistan.....2008 financial crash.....libya.......syria....... europes migrant crisis.....brexit.......deutche bank and other banks..........unwritten chapters of controlled chaos...................leading to solution of digital currency and transhumanism of 2045 Initiative.

i guess russian not involved in transhumanism Tarheel even though it says russian experience in this.

or as you might interpret it, since putin is a good guy, transhumanism is good.


and the chinese would never do bad things with the super collider they building that is 7 times more powerful than cern. They must be building it to open up portals to let what ever in, for humanities best interests.



i guess the chinese and russia and the illuminati not all working together and in cahoots together.

why because new age says the russians and chinese are the good guys so we should believe them.

so we should dismiss all this contradictory information we found.

so lets all believe new age propaganda and dismiss that china and russia doing the same things that made the european and american illuminati the bad guys.

oh no, they were never all work together, that would be horrible. then we couldnt pick sides. and new age would have to admit they been duped again like in 2012.

then the new age would have to realize they been conned again.

3 rules of the con , tarheel


so dont worry tarheel, the chinese and russians are the good guys cuz new age and anonymous says so.

LettersToCleo: So now that i have shown russia and putin are Pro-transhumanism

The new age arguement that russia and china are the good guys that have humanities best interest is proven false.

read the link on how transhumanism in russia is considered patriotic and self improvement.

In north american we consider Tony Robbins as self improvement type of material.

In Russia Borg Implants and transhumanism is considered self improvement.

So as you can see Tarheels position that Russia and China have humanities best interests in mind are INDEFENSIBLE because Russia and Likely China = Pro-Transhumanist Agenda.

So we can see who is Pro-Transhumanist on this website by those that support Putin and Russia in new age, and calling myself who brings this to the attention of the TC community, this individual calls me a shill for exposing Russia and Putins Pro-Transhumanist Agenda.

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