by Savvy1016 on January 30th, 2020

    Not gonna bore u with my long stories... Can anyone help me figure out wtff "that" is standing behind me (1st pic) to me it looks like the cat in the hat or the Grinch... It appears to be in the mirrors image in the second pic as well but face direct, whereas im the 1st the face is a profile side view.....
    For the record I have not edited these photos in any way! I really genuinely want answers && understanding! With love Savanna

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    bluesbaby5050: @ Savvy1016

    I know for me, I could not see anything except a blurred half a female face, and lens flares on the right side of your heading of what looks like a tree branch. A small form did show up close to the females face/hair, but it's too blurred to make it out. You could take it again away from any windows in the back ground next time, and re send it again under my reply of your first picture where the comments are below. You could also try asking someone to take it of you with a white backdrop to view it better. Then maybe what your asking about might show up in your second try. Please resend it again, but without the writing on it. We are glad to help you if possible.

    bluesbaby5050: Another take on your question above.....

    My opinion only..... It could be a disinncarnate pet cat of yours following you around. Sometimes our pets will hang around after passing over only to keep us company if they felt loved very much and had a close connection to a person. I know from my own experiences that one of my own pets, like one of my cats, would make herself known by jumping onto my bed while I'm still in it and I'd feel the vibration of my bed and I knew it was one of my cats that just passed away a month before. And I would also see her shadow against my bedroom door close to the floor where she would enter, and exit from. I recognized her special walk, as her rear end and tail would move in her own special way. So I knew it was her, and I would say a prayer asking my angels, as well as hers to please guide her over to the proper place with her other cat siblings, that was also a part of my feline family that had already passed on before she did. I also told her that she was loved very much, and I thanked her for sharing my life with me, and that she was on a new journey, and that we would meet again. From that day on I never saw her again on this side. This was my own experience. This wss just an example of course.

    western_yogi: when you pass you go into the gold light.

    the golden light lead to source, the white light or other light entraps you and recycle you back into incarnations.

    western_yogi: sometimes speed of light differs with equipment

    you can get different speed of light going on with different camera equipment which causes visual artifact to show up. can be fixed by using high end camera or video equipment of 5k plus but most people do not realize with various camera tech you can get differing speed of light which cause different effects. happens with audio equipment also when speeds differ get strange sounds because of differing speed of sound from different technologies.

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