Protection from ElectroMagnetic weapons - Part 3

Third part of the article would tell you about how to get an annealed Mu-Metal !

First of all, annealing is very important. Without annealing, Mu-Metal could not
achieve such high permeability values as 400 000. To take advantage of prices
for unannealed Mu-Metal, buyer needs to have an access to annealing furnace.
So, it is necessary to make sure that you are getting an annealed Mu-Metal.

Majority of places selling mu-metal are aimed on companies, not on people with small orders.
That is true for Internet as well as local places. Often, their price list is private and they
would not inform you about price until you send them an inquiry with specified quantity.
Some places were accepting orders in smaller quantities. But they were either
without annealing, or more expensive, or suspicious and without buyers protection!

Probably the situation has changed from the time of my first order (when I did my research)
but in my opinion E-Bay is currently the best place for getting cheapest annealed Mu-Metal.
I would not provide a name of seller (because this message is not intended to be spam)
but he could be easily found by typing "mu metal sheet" in the E-Bay search bar.

This seller sells sheets in 1 2 and 3 quantities, and the best price is for "2 quantity" item.
Because of that, it would be the most efficient
if you order the even number of sheets -
2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 - by purchasing several
"2 quantity" items, and then ask discount

Keep in mind that anything above 10 could be considered as "for commercial purposes"
by customs, so it is better not to order more than 10 sheets at the same package/period of time.
Too small orders are not good as well, because sheets are easily bended, and also you
would need at least 5 sheets for making a Mu-Metal helmet (would be discussed in part 4)

Discount: according to my experience, it is possible to get
* 9% discount for the first order. Do not even need to haggle: just click "best offer",
write a price which is 9% lower, and specify in description of offer "9% discount for N sheets"
* higher discount for next orders, with a bit of haggling (easy as well). Seems to be 15% at max

Each of 8" x 10.50" x 0.004" sheets would cost about $25 (if consider the shipping)
Mu-Metal seems to be a quite expensive material, even with discount.
And I am not sure that mu-metal would not be a waste of money:
it would be useful only in bad scenario! Please keep in mind.

Personally, I am very happy that it is possible to buy mu-metal at all:
was surprised to notice that I wanted to buy it at least since 2010
(my post on popular forum) but it was impossible for me at this time

Fourth part of the article would tell you more about making a Mu-Metal helmet !

P.S. Send any related questions to private messages, I would be more than happy to answer

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