Protection from ElectroMagnetic weapons - Part 2

Second part of the article would tell you about Mu-Metal shielding performance in real life!

1) Description of magnets

I have two neodymium magnets, which are strong.
Each magnet has a ball shape, 25 mm diameter and weights 40 g

It is possible to find their attraction force by putting
a stack of paper with various weight between two magnets and then lifting this construction by holding the upper magnet, to see how much weight I would be able to lift with them ! This weight is at least 280 g
(6 mm paper stack) + 40 g (lower magnet) = 320 g
(~ 0.7 lb) with 25 mm + 6 mm = 31 mm (~ 1.22 inch) distance between their centers.

Force of attraction was about 3.15 Newtons (~ 6.9 lbf)
This force is about 4.85 Newtons (~ 10.6 lbf) when there is nothing (25 mm between centers),
and about 4.15 Newtons (~ 9.1 lbf) when there is 2 mm between them (27 mm between centers).
With 4.15 Newtons, it is possible to lift 420 g of weight (almost 1 lb)
Lets see if this magnetic force of attraction could be "defeated"

2) Description of Mu-Metal:

1 sheet of Mu-Metal has about 0.1 mm (0.004 inch) of Mu-Metal,
but it is about 0.2 mm (~0.008 inch) if consider the sticky adhesive layer.
As result, stack of 10 Mu-Metal sheets has 2 mm (0.08 inch) total width

The magnetic forces are both absorbed by Mu-Metal and redirected away from its target.
Because of that, magnets are attracted to Mu-Metal - despite Mu-metal itself is not a magnet!

The amount of Mu-metal, which is enough to "defeat" the magnetic force of two magnets,
could be found by putting a stack of Mu-metal sheets with various number of sheets
between two magnets, to find out which number of sheets is enough to neutralize
the movement reaction of one magnet to slight movements of another magnet.

Friction force could be ignored, because magnets have a smooth ball shape and
Mu-Metal sheet surface is smooth as well. Friction is not strong enough to completely
prevent the response movement of one magnet in reaction to movements of another magnet.

3) Results of the test:

10 sheets of Mu-Metal were just enough to completely neutralize the magnetic force!
Despite I needed 10 sheets to defeat the magnetic force of two magnets, in my opinion
even 1 sheet of Mu-Metal could be enough to significantly reduce the influence of EM weapons!
Mu-Metal could be helpful. However, it only serves as additional protection to the previous two:
Spirit and Distance. It would make things a little bit easier, but should not be overestimated.

Third part of the article would tell you about how to get an annealed Mu-Metal !

P.S. Send any related questions to private messages, I would be more than happy to answer

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Ecbra de Oaoj: interesting...

Mu metal? keep some reference with Mu continent?

Hematite... is a stone beaty; and with magnetic caracteriscs...
thank for post it

please continue to answer about from protection from; weapons



Crackdown: Mu-Metal and Hematite

Wikipedia tells that it came from Greek letter mu (μ), which represents permeability.
But it reminds me about Lemuria! Maybe this letter connected with continent, who knows ;-)

Hematite is wonderful! Despite its permeability is low (not enough for third way - Material)
it has strong magical properties :-) Maybe it could protect from EMW in a first way - Spirit

Ecbra de Oaoj: all defenses are welcome,


Body and Spirit.

Crackdown: Mu-Metal works only for LF - low frequency EM fields! Not for HF

Different types of EM weapons:
LF (low frequency) - for mind control
HF (high frequency) - for destruction of body

Considering that reincarnation exists, protection from LF is much more important than from HF
That is a main reason why I have posted "Mu-Metal articles"

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