Protection from ElectroMagnetic weapons - Part 1

First part of the article is the introduction.
1) Quick summary:
2) Advanced:
3) List of brainwave frequencies:

Our brain is similar to great computer, which could change its structure over time (kind of FPGA)
During its function, brain uses brainwaves - electromagnetic waves, mostly low-frequency waves

Artificial/Natural EM waves could interfere with EM waves of brain, and disrupt its function:
that is why many people have headaches during strong solar flares,
and that is why you could feel an unusual feeling after a long phone call.

EM weapons have been developed since 20th century, and already gained much popularity:
they affect everything in the area of focus, leave no traces and could be hard to protect from.
Were already used in some wars, and often used by secret services as a way of covert murders.

There is a possibility that these weapons could be used by Dark Forces agains humanity
for mind control purposes - along with holograms and other ways - to lure humans into spaceships!

So, how to protect yourself from ElectroMagnetic weapons?

There are three ways of protection:
1) Spirit - thanks to your strong spirit, your brain will be more resistant to EM weapon
2) Distance - move as far as possible, as soon as possible, from the focus of EM weapon
3) Material - there are some wonderful materials, which could serve as EM shield

And here is a description of these ways:

1) Spirit - it is needless to describe the capabilities of strong spirit - they are unlimited :-)

2) Distance - influence of EM weapons decreases with distance according to inverse square law;
as result, the distance between human and the focus of EM weapon is the best friend of human!

Because of inverse-square law, special services mount EM weapon as close as possible to victim.
What happens later: "The annals of UFOlogy are frighteningly filled with the deaths of UFOlogists from unusual cancers, heart attacks, questionable suicides and all manner of strange happenings"

3) Material - to serve as a good shield from EM weapon, material should have a high permeability!

Currently, the most effective material by price-performance relation is annealed Mu-Metal.

Annealed Mu-Metal achieves very high permeability - 400 000. Worse than 1 000 000 of Metglas,
but 3 sheets of Mu-Metal would cost much cheaper than 1 sheet of Metglas, and perform better!
Also, Metglas is not available for export, which is deal breaker for people living in non-US countries.

So, the best material for this purpose is annealed Mu-Metal.
It would be tested and described in the next parts of this article!

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Crackdown: Update! Some great

Update! Some great information was added, and some - removed,
only to be included to the next parts of article (would follow soon)
Also, got a nice picture of real EM weapon, you could see above :-)

bluesbaby5050: EM Protectiom

We need i9t!

Crackdown: Bump

Because it is very important, more people should learn about it !
I am "spamming" this information across many Internet places, such as
comments under Youtube mind control videos and free online chat rooms

There are four parts of article, but sadly 4th part is unfinished yet:
have a lot of things to do in real life and no time to make a helmet :-(

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