The Power of Reincarnation and the Abomination of Abortion , let those who Murder the Unborn face the Wrath and Fury of the Lord of Hosts. Let all who kill Star Seed through Abortion Face Karma, Let all those who only think of their own selfish needs over the needs of the Children of the SON, face the Wrath of Heaven.

For the Traveller has come, and this Divine Being is most displeased with the Mass Murder of the Unborn. Abortion is an Abomination.
Protect the Children of the Stars, do not let those who commit Abortion not be allowed to commit such attrocities.
For the Womb is the Stargate to other Worlds and the Gateway to all Starsystems..

For the Power & Glory be yours for all Eternity Adamu..

David Arnold - Stargate Overture (Unreleased)

When you defend these unborn children you are defending your Divine Right to Reincarnate again and again my Adamu.

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cosmicstorm: Killing a baby is appalling

Think for at least a moment, how you would feel if you we're killed just because you came to visit this world.

pasqualie: i think its more of an

i think its more of an economic question, if you willing to take out a 25 year mortgage to support the kid, i am sure the mom wouldnt have a problem with having the kid.

but that opens another door when it involves personal commitment monetarily rather than just expressing opinions

obsrvantlouie: I don't think

The soul enters the body until first breath. Is it better to bear a child that you are not ready or cannot take care of only to foster him/her off? or Is it better to not bear the child? The spirit gives the physical life. If you agree that we are truly our spirits and the body is a vehilce for experience than you aren't really killing anything....your just delaying someones attempted entry into this realm.

I think the last thing we need on this planet is people having children that they are not prepared or equipped to raise....there is enough ignorance to deal with as it is.

Side notes....

- How can you murder something that is 'unborn'?
- The womb has nothing to do with stargates to other worlds....your mind does.
- Wrath of Heaven....blah....which heaven from which religious text are you referring to? Which hell would be it's opposite?

Why would I want to reincarnate here? What if there is something more fun to experience?

Thothamon: something else to experince

about wanna be reinc here,,I really looking forward,if i dont mess up again ,to not be reincarnated here again^^. ,

pasqualie: its a polarizing topic i know

just saying if you want to impose views and values on someone, that will impact their life, then people with those views should be willing to make financial commitments, and sacrifice

its just polarity, of wanting to control to feel good and safe, or worthy. usually if the suggestion of opening up the wallet and making a long term committment is asked, it gets quiet and there are no volunteers.


THERE WOULD NOT BE ANY WAY TO ENTER THIS LIFE. Unless you have been cloned, and then your without a soul, and you have only consciousness, and programming. Unless your a Reptilian/Reptiloid or a Dracoian, then you just multiply because your an Androgynous being. Being a human, we need the womb as it is a true gateway to enter this realm.

obsrvantlouie: Without the...

Without the sperm of the male life would not be created and available to enter.....just sayin.

bluesbaby5050: LOL, Ya I know.....I just didn't add that to this, because I ...

Just figuired that eveyone already knew this. But yes your right, without the Sperm nothing happens.

HebrianDaniel: what if the female is raped

what if the female is raped forcely and got impregnated and she know she cant afford the living for it baby so she decides abortion because she know she cant take care of the baby
she herself decided on her own that she have to do it because she is not ready to have baby
and forced to have baby because of rape.
what you have to say in this time?

pasqualie: Talk is cheap

we have seen this debated and talked about for how many decades. I have yet to see someone willing to take out a 25 year mortgage and support the kid and live the philosphy.

they draw the line at their wallet and bank account.

Tarheel: Dig it

Speaking of "Talk is Cheap"...some people take it so hard.
THE best rhythm guitarist of all-time period.

bluesbaby5050: I have 5 grown children, and I worked all my life .....

And I have opened MY PURSE PLENTY TO SEE THAT THEY HAD EVERYTHING TO GROW UP HEALTHY, AND STRONG. I also taught them morals, and Integrity, and Respect, and how to Love by example. And I did most of this ALONE! Talk IS CHEAP FROM THOSE THAT NEVER HAD ANY HARDSHIP. Ask yourself what you have done that was really inportant in YOUR LIFE. Did others really benifit from your love, and support, and generousity, and respect? Will they miss you, and love you, and speak well of you after your gone? I know mine will. I earned a lifetime of it.

pasqualie: There are bigger issues to worry about

In a way this topic is a distraction. You can talk about abortion all you want, but if you support this view, then you should be out protesting guns as well because 10000 americans a year are killed by guns alone. How many people a year are killed by guns world wide. Where is the article decreeing the blasphemy of guns and the military industrial complex.

There isnt because if you launch a public campaign against that you come up against the gun lobby and the gun industry, as well as the same people who espouse the same view on pro life saying they have a right to have arms under the constitution.

Its the hypocrasy of polarization, jesus is pro-life and also loves the m-16.

pasqualie: Oneness and not Polarity

One more thing. Everthing in this world is geared to directing your focus and attention outside of yourself, So you wont go inside and raise your level of consciousness. From jobs, to entertainment, what is cool, to polarizing topics. The world wants you to focus on the wants in life and externalize it. From wanting love, wanting control, to wanting security. If you want to heal yourself and the world, focus inward. Its the illusion that was created so that one would search outward rather than inward. Not realizing it all stems from lack of unconditional love for oneself that is the cause of the external problems. The externalization is just the setting up of condtions and limits to feel good about yourself or love yourself that stems from wanting love, to control, or security from the outside, rather than just giving it to yourself. This polarization leading to separation from yourself and from source.

Thothamon: :)

Just glad to see ppl writing good points , um,,yeah,had to say it

Tim Lovell: lol annu you sound like Gozor

lol annu you sound like Gozor the gozarian from ghostbusters, lo the traveller has come! hahaha come on dude lighten up :)

bluesbaby5050: In my field of work, I also gave of myself freely.....

And I gave from my heart too, even to strangers, and I never wanted nothing in return. I have actually given the sweater off my back to a woman that loved it, and would say so often when I wore it. So I took it off, and gave it to her as a gift, and yes I had a blouce on under it so it was ok to do so at that time. It was just before Chrismas too, and she lived alone, and I would check in on her when I had free time. I would see that she was ok, and had what she needed. She was not a relative of mine either, just a lonely lady that never married, or had any children of her own. I even brought my children to her home ( when they were young) just so she could experience their joy at life, and to share in their laughter. Those were small, but important gifts I was able to do, and it only cost me my time. She never forgot this she said when I would see her on the street. She is still alive, and I am the only one in town that speaks to her. People shun her because she is poor, and has problems, that life deals her, and her copes well, in spite of it all. I used to get weird looks from people, and I didn't care, and would just put my arm around her, and give her a hug, and they would turn away at that. So you see TALK IS CHEAP, but not where I live.

Tim Lovell: BB you are fully justified

BB you are fully justified you are mother five times over and have worked for the money power system that you fully KNOW to be corrupt, this grants you the right to change it this is why you went through it , that's what the family of light is all about they earn the right to change dark systems by living the experiences they need to change through many life times then they come together to enact the event of change(in the case of this time on earth anyway) congrats on being a 5d mum :P

pasqualie: ......

Grats Blue, but it wasnt in reference to you personally, it was about the proselytizing about the initial essay on a polarizing view.

BTW i have given too but i dont go around talking about it. I have given till i was in the red and then some.

And to me it doesnt matter if they remember me or not.

bluesbaby5050: I realize it was not pointed at me.........

I also shared a part of my life here on Truth Control to make a valid point. I don't go around bragging as you call it. I was making a serious refference about one's life and how they could contirbute in small ways that really add up, and cost nothing but a persons time. Many people from all parts of this planet are present on Truth Control, and many people are in need , and not just with material objects. Sorry you found fault with this. Maybe the truth hurts for some people, and they just never thought about it in these ways.You should not take this personally either. It was an example of how SIMPLE IT WAS TO BRIGHTEN A PERSONS LIFE. Those were just A FEW OF MINE, I have lots more.

pasqualie: One point on giving

The world tells you giving is good. But it can be a trap also. If you need to do things to feel good about yourself, then its not a good thing. Its just another mirror that points inward, to show you a hole that is there. i.e. doing it to seek approval, feeling of guilt, or unworthy, then you shouldnt.

cuz it can in a way be a form of co-depencence, wanting to fix things or people to feel good or worthy.

bluesbaby5050: I have taught my children by example.......

And they live this example, as well as I have. I stated that I did this from my heart, and not for brownie points. That is selfish, and should not be done. I chose to work in the medical field for my career by my being of service to helping humanity, and I have done this all my life, and I carried out many tasks outside of my working enviroment. Most did it for a paycheck, I did it for better reasons. Also I have done volenteer work, and given away clothes , and food at no costs to the reciever, and those things came from my own home. I used to deliver food baskets for the poor, and needy at Thanksgiving time, and at Chrismas time also. I gave free rides to places that people other wise could not get to on their own, and the township did not provide those services. This was decades past, and was not common. I paid for the gas, and my time was used well. I saw the need, and only tried to fill some of those gaps. I grew up poor, and I know how cruel life can be. So I was conscious of those people around me, and If I could help them then I did. Fault me for being human.

pasqualie: Blue

There is no fault or bad or wrong. I was just pointing out the polarizing nature of the article posted. I grew up christian, but it resonates with the polarity used by the judeo christian institutions to divide and separate people from themselves, others and from God. Issues like abortion and even homosexuality used in politics to divide and pit one group against another so they remain distracted, so politicians can do things which are a detriment to all.

There are differing views on topics and that is fine. I just think judgement in all regards is polarization and it separates you from source. All things exist because source allows it. And judgement draws your attention outward.

Even with the poor, they live difficult lives some. But who am I to judge what kind of lives they should live. Perhaps its what they have chosen to experience or need to to grow. Similar to Frank Odeys story where he lived on the streets from his teens to early 30's. Drinking and homeless until one day he decided to stop and get cleaned up. And he started a coffee franchise became successful and went to work for the united nations against causes he thought were worthy to benefit humanity. His thoughts on the homeless were, coming from having lived on the streets for over 10 years drinking, you have to hit rock bottom to change. Its why people go through ego callapse, its lifes message to them to change, so they can start fresh.

As for myself, i practice non judgement, because anything you resist grows. And as I said it separates one from themselves, others and source, and directs your focus outwards rather than inwards.

Its a hologram Blue, people going through what they are meant to or choose to. And the metaphors and symbol codes existing in your reality based on what you choose to direct your awareness and energy on.

Its like what lester levenson told larry crane, founders of sedona method. Larry told lester he was getting screwed by his clients in his advertising business. And Lester told larry, if you getting screwed in your business, its because you have screwing on your mind.

obsrvantlouie: That was a wonderful remark

Very refreshing and very accurate.....nice to hear.

pasqualie: One last note

This reality field we are in.

Symbolically its like a video game if you want to look at a metaphor symbolically.

in a video game you are just having fun, you dont care if you die, if you lose money, if you kill another character, fall down, win money. in the video game you are apart of the coding or illusion.

same thing with life, as humans we are born into this matrix, but the soul is just here to experience and have fun. if you are poor, rich, sick, angry, happy, its just experience for the soul and its having fun. and it creates more of what you focus your energy and awareness on.

its why you have to pull yourself out of the video game and polarity, so you are no longer part of the coding, but controlling and creating your own game play. but you cant do this if you are in polarity and judgement, because you are stuck in reaction.

cosmicstorm: You forgot this crucial detail

Your also here to learn. Think about it, your playing a game and want to win something in order to get it you need to learn how you could achieve it. Many of us need to grow spiritually in order to escape this game. I personally don't like it when I lose money in a game I want to get my Ferrari .

contactorion: Polarizing...

If were in the forth demesion which is polarized.......shouldnt we polarize? Or try to corrupt it and make it the third? In my opinion when the polarized on the negative side pretend to be on the positive its time to shine some light.

contactorion: I understand it all means nothing

But in this video game you feel pain. Children are raped and murdered in front of thier parents. Children are used a decoys for explosives. Mothers strapped with bombs carrying thier chidren as booby traps. Young non remembering children are brainwashed into gangs where thir forced to killor be killed, and do hard drugs. People are tortured all over the world every single day. The hero, the common reaction is in all of us. Why do hero movies and stories strike a cord in almost everyone? I think its because we all feel pity, compassion, and want to help each other. Yeah were all born with neither but if your born in china twenty years ago and your a girl you were killed, or given away. If your a born in third world countries its not going to be very positive generally for you. How about africa and a hyenna eats you I dont think there is much polarity in them. Polarity logical or illogical helped create the adhesion for society to grow. Not perfect but at least its striving to. "I hope we can sit and wait for the war to end as comfortly as possible."-the great escape but if you sit back then the other side of polarity starts to win and the balace would be off. Whos going to push back to keep balance if not us?

obsrvantlouie: Not "nothing"

As cosmicstorm alluded - we are all here to learn. We all are learning at a pace according to individual needs. Staying with the "video game" analogy (which is a good one) this can be viewed as a role playing game.....death is only of the physical body as the true you is your spirit. As Pasq covered - who are you to judge the experiences of another? If you are going to discuss polarity you must allow for the full spectrum of polarity.....subsequently, you could not experience love in it's full capacity without experiencing hate in it's full capacity.

This is why you have many many incarnations - to assimilate all this experience into your higherself and once you have obtained the experiences set out by your higherself - the physical body dies and the spirit moves on into its new experience.

This is 3rd density / not 4th ...4th is the astral/dreamscape.

Tarheel: Unfortunately.....

Unfortunately, we have to divide to polarize. Then, we have to unite to settle.

Hopefully, we all get what we want, but at what cost, ultimately, is the question.
Then, the question morphs into, "Was it worth it?".

contactorion: If it all means nothing and it doesnt matter

Why dont we all just go out and kill each other......o wait thats been happening a lot latly hasnt it.

bluesbaby5050: There are octaves in between each dimension.........

Some are experiencing the lower 3rd, while some people are experiencing more of the higher octaves in the 3r dimension, while some of us are experiencing more of the lower octaves in the 4th dimensional realms, called the astral plane. I am speaking for myself, and not for everyone here, and so there will be no confusion. I am , and have been seeing more of the enities that exist in the astral planes while in mywaking conscious state. I always have since I was very young and did not yet attend any schools. I am experiencing more now then before. I also lucid dream alot, and I can experience what you would only call magic in the waking state. I am aware that I'm in the asrtal realm, and so I can take advantage of this. There is alot of manipulations happening while in the astral realms, and people have to remember that this is also done for many reasons. People must realize that they have to over come many mental, and physical events that they will find themselves a part of, and to become experts at this game playing, because this is exacting what is going on in these realms, and this happens way more then here in your conscious state of mind. This is a school of sorts, to prepare many people as they evolve through these realms, and many people will experience many different kinds of events. You will need to learn how to control your thoughts, and this becomes very tricky if your not aware of what is really happening while your there. And this helps each person that will finally move into the 5th dimension, and this will not happen for some time to come. This is why it is so important to have clear heads, and not to be under alcohol, and drugs, because these substances will make it more difficult to figure out as you move along in what ever experience your having while there in the astral realms. It is best to do this sober because your sleeping, and then you have to wake up while your in the astral realms. I also am aware that this is not for everyone, and this is just a reminder. You each know that you have free will, and so this is your choice. But for me it makes one more alert, and I have less of a chance of being fooled in many instances. We go though many testings while each of us are there. And we must remind ourselves that what we think while we are there plays a large part in what will happen in this realm, and what we will experience.You will also be processing your days events while your in the astral realms, and this has a lot to do with what you will experience while on your journeys there. It is like an amusement park with many choices, and with many distractions. So have fun, and explore with out any fear. This fear is a huge setback, and this frame of mind will play a large part in your realms. You have more conrtol then you realize while there.

Tarheel: Choose abstinance, not abortion.

There are ways to prevent it from EVER coming down to abortion.

bluesbaby5050: Modern technology has already provided more ways to prevent

An unwanted pregnancy, and so abortion should not even be an option in the first place. And lastly, refraining from the sex act altogether is also another option, but not a popular one, and also not good for those that are still living, and acting from the lower level chakras. The sex act is just a way to express love for another person in the physical body. If a person became seriously injured and could not function then would that relationship still exist? Maybe not. It depends on the strength of the love one has for another person to remain with that person, even though they still have those strong needs/desires, and they would have to go without those needs being ment. Of course there are ways to cope with this, but which ways would one feel guilt free when making those choices? When a person reaches a certain degree in soul advancement, then those physical needs will lessen, and almost disapear, but can, and still be resummed if the desire is present, and the opportunity should happen. You still have control of this, but you will steer your energies for the higher purpose of advancement, and so there is no real loss. You only have alot more to gain. In the higher dimensions the sex act is not needed to express love for another, it is already there, and the feeling is mutual. It is of the heart, and of the mind, and the physical body is not needed to express this.

pasqualie: contact

Contact i am no expert by any means, if anything I am just starting.

But from what i have read and listened to, and thought about.

different people are in different stages of learning. And if reincarnation is true, you come into the world, and cannot remember who you are or where you are from. And being in a polarized world, you have to work through different experiences to focus inwards and raise your level of consciousness.

you observe injustices and crimes in this world to see the polarity and also contrast. from there you choose to focus externally on those things which you have no control over, or you can choose to focus your awareness inwards.

your soul has come to experience and learn. to your soul what ever you go through is just an experience. how you respond to that is what determines if those metaphors or symbol codes in your hologram of reality in events people and circumstances persist. if you say no to it or resist it, you get to keep it.

the thought process if you are not engaged, or you have to be a martyr or a hero is a distortion. in reality very few people are attracted to this type of material. you are either indigo or have to have had many incarnations to arrive at this point. and most are unaware and probably want to stay in the matrix.

because pulling yourself out of it and becoming aware is not easy or fun.

from my understanding of it contact you are responsible for yourself first. if you dont get out, you are not gonna be of any help to others anyways. its like trying to save a drowning person without knowing how to swim. you get drawn into the drama and polarity you gonna drown along with the other person. reason being, its an experiential process, and you can only raise your own level of consciousness. so if you engage in the drama and polarity, your just bringing yourself down to their level.

also from what i have read, people who undergo early death it is determined and agreed on before hand. so seeing mass groups of people perishing, it happens for many reasons, it could be so they dont further de-evolve in the life time, because they have no way to raise it.

like i said its not an easy process to pull out of the matrix.

but it starts with becoming aware of the ego, and cleansing it. and by cleansing it, you have no judgements. because its just the nature of the people in their current state of consciousness, experiencing contrast or elevation.

they are learning the lessons, if you dont learn the lesson you repeat it.

so if you see a tiger or shark do you judge it as evil. most likely not. they do what they do because its their nature.

the same with events and people. they are experiencing and learning lessons. whether it be a drug dealer or a murderer, a homeless man, a rapist, a gay man or lesbian, a christian or a muslim, a man or a woman, a giant or a midget, or a billionaire. its just polarity man has put on them. contrast, and judgement. assigning of value or usefulness or worthiness. to get people to judge others and themselves, and go in to separation from themselves, others and source.

also there is the 12 monkey theory, when enough people think about something, it hits critical mass in the mass consciousness and manifests. so think about about what you would like to see, go inwards, and change it in yourself and your thoughts.

the answer is a simple one, love. love yourself unconditionally, regardless of what is happening around you or what you are experiencing.

its called being ok with what is. because you dont judge something, and you dont feed that which you are resisting with energy, and so it doesnt stay around in your hologram.

if you want to control others or what is happening around you, its polarity. a rule you have knowingly or unknowingly that to feel good or worthy this has to happen. its lack basically of control, love, or security. what you resist persists. want is lack so if you focus on it, you get more of it. what you resist grows and persists. its polarity and ego.

you have to become aware of and release all the fear patterns. because as long as you are in fear, you are in separation and polarity, and stuck and controlled.

you are stuck in the video game reacting, which is fine too if thats what you choose.

pasqualie: It is the reason why religions use to frown no meditation

even to the degree where if you meditated to release negativity. they would use fear and say demons or satan would possess or attack you.

think about how logical that sounds, if you clear your mind, and release negativity, satan or demons will attack or possess you.

the reason being, if you go inwards, you discover the deeply ingrained fear patterns. if you release them you cant be controlled.

if you release the want of approval, love and security, and even the fear of death, and just give yourself unconditional love. thats the secret, unconditional love for yourself. you wont seek it in the external world, because you will be giving it to yourself.

then no one can control or influence you.

and you start discovering the truth through your higher self and direct connection to source or God.

pasqualie: it all comes down to unconditional love your oneself

it all comes down basically to unconditional love for oneself. when you achieve this, everything changes.

the world is the way it is, because people do not love themselves unconditionally, so they seek it in the external world, and do a variety of things good and bad so they can satisfy a condition where they can feel significant and worthy and thus feel good or love themselves.

its why you have people doing terrible things, because they have judgment on themselves, the ego brings it up over and over again, they resist it, feed it energy, it grows, and they beat themselves up mentally or even hate themselves. and so to feel good or significant, they pass the judgment onto others and to acts of insanity to feel significant or feel good about themselves. Not realizing its the negative chatter from the ego.

its why you cant feel comfortable around others until you accept and are comfortable with who you are, just as you cannot be loved by others until you love yourself first. because you teach people how to treat and think about you, by the way you feel and treat yourself.

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