proposed changes to truth control?

admin, unless you want a mass defection to other conspiracy forums, which I can assure there are plenty of other forums, admin should always remain neutral.

If people dont wise up and provide physical evidence for everything they say then they are nothing but shit in a bag, then you will be preaching to a crowd of 2 people per day, because people want proof.

Also people should not be allowed to post without a source or physical evidence, and any religious talks or threads wihout proof should go in a religious/philosophical forum, and off of the recent activity.

Discussing religious beliefs should be instant ban, or a warning like on other forums, because its highly inflamatory and controversial.

offtopic posts should get you a warning or a ban.

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Terran resistance: caps lock

using caps lock should get you a warning or a posting ban, becuase thats called attention seeking/trolling.

Arctos: Trolling

Trolling: The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off

Sounds more like something you would do.

Terran resistance: my idea of trolling

Is pretending to be a psychic, telepathic, god in a past life, ET, master teacher and not providing evidence, and keeping on trying to do this to disrupt rational discussion.

And getting all you cultists friends to protect you while trying to dodge important questions.

Then annoying people everytime they question that particular someone's sanity.

sound familiar?

Terran resistance: theres seems to be a lack of law and order on this forum

everyone does what the hell they want. No one wants every single thread being an arguement becuase people are too fucking stupid to give evidence or inciting infighting by saying "my god told me to do it"

Arctos: Law and order

We are a society of people that RESPECT others opinions, as does the Admin. There weren't arguments in threads before you came trolling through. If you don't want to be a part of something then don't. No one held a gun to your head and told you to post in threads you disagree with. If you do disagree, feel free to post, but don't be a disrespectful ass.

Terran resistance: if there was evidence for your religious beliefs

we would all be converted by now.

and there would be no wars caused by religion.

bluesbaby5050: We Freely discuss All topics---

On this forum here, whether some people object to it or not,as this is a Free Space to do so! We have the Freedom to Speak our minds here. This is about our Freedoms,and this is one of our MAIN TOPICS HERE! Go to Our Topics section,and This is there! Humanity is Still Alive ,and Alert.

Terran resistance: yes but

no one wants to listen to your religious rants about the kods/gods
thats should be on a religious setcion of this forum or on another religious forum entirely.

Arctos: Who is this "No One"?

Why don't you actually look at the topics that have been made and see how historically accurate your claim of "No One" is.

Terran resistance: no one wants to hear about mount olympus

and silly things like how alexander the great is an incarnate of the son of zeus or whatever.

people who ran around in diapers believed that sort of stuff in ancient greece.

Ecbra de Oaoj: speack for you


meu chapa.

who are no one for you? hã?

You're leaving that came to here to perturb this forum, to create enmity... to divert attention. Wich somokscreen?

You dont will get it.

If dont happy because someone is writing about Olimpus; well... we are the first people that will recognoze your free will to... dont participe!

Who are... no one for you? speack for... you.

you're losing the grace... your joke... instead of making people laugh is starting to become inconvenient...

are you... control... the themes and what are saiyng ?

speack for you... meu chapa.

I speak for me... to you...

I dont fear you... cultists.

thanks for... atention

Peace and... Good Vibes to all that... wanna it.

bluesbaby5050: I do Believe that---

The Britains ran around with the Romans in diapers too,way back in the British history too. Some were never toilet trained! We Shall see!

Quinton: Thanks for presenting this

Thanks for presenting this Terran resistance. Here are my thoughts:

I do agree that the admin should remain neutral insofar as the admin doesn't let their personal beliefs control information or members one way or the other. So yes, as an admin I should remain neutral. And in this regard I hope I am doing a sufficient job. However, as a person who enjoys conversing in philosophical discussions I don't think I should remain neutral. I don't see why it is not reasonable for me to state my view on things especially if it adds to the discussion at hand. I also don't see where I am saying something like, "this is my view and if you disagree YOU'RE WRONG!" I don't care about crap like that. I hope people disagree with me. It will allow myself and others to grow. And I accept disagreement and difference of opinion here. If you think I am doing a bad job at remaining neutral to the point where it is hurting the forum please show me where and I will do my best to fix it. But I don't think me participating, which will inherently come with a non-neutral perspective, is in and of itself a bad thing.

You mention evidence. Define evidence. What is evidence to one person is bullshit to another person. Evidence, like facts, like proof and like science is subjective. What is evidence of truth today will be proof of bullshit tomorrow. There isn't such a thing as anything in this world being 100% true or right or verifiable. Everything is relative. So to say that posting "physical evidence" or a "source" should be a requirement is nebulous. A source or physical evidence doesn't change anything. What is a source? What is evidence? And what about things that are true, or at the very least valuable, that don't have sources? What if somebody has a near death experience that lacks physical proof because science can't measure it? Is this now no longer allowed because there is no source or physical evidence? And at what point do we decide that something is a source and something isn't a source? At what point is something physical evidence? It isn't so black and white. And then who makes the judgement call on what is proof and what isn't? Do I make that call? Do you make that call? What is proof to you that somebody is a Sirian because they have red skin is disproof to another person.

While I appreciate what you are saying and I enjoy hard facts and proof as much as anyone, I simply don't believe in the belief of only looking at sources, physical evidence and facts. If people provide them that is fantastic. It is very hard to argue against facts. But if people don't have evidence who cares? That doesn't mean they are wrong. It simply means they are presenting information that doesn't have evidence to back it up. Take it, leave it or put it in the not sure box. It is up to you as your own entity to make the judgement call on how to file that piece of information. If you choose to only file pieces of information which have "evidence" then so be it. If you choose to ignore pieces of information that don't have evidence then great. But who am I to say what is evidence and what isn't? People are free to use information on this site however they choose.

Do I believe everything I read here? Of course not. Like you and everyone else I weigh the information against my own internal system of beliefs which includes intuition, experience, science, religion, philosophy and other things. Do I expect everyone to approach information the way you or I do? No. Are some people going to be less logical and more religious on certain things? Sure. Why does that matter? People can do what they want to do. Why should everyone have to synthesize things the same way you or I do?

Just my thoughts on the issue. I do appreciate your concern and I greatly value your membership on this site :)

Terran resistance: yes but...

shouldnt any threads without physical proof as in pictures, or videos or a source to a reliable website go in a philosophy section of the forum?

Tarheel: Quinton-you are doing a great job here,except that...... allow certain people to do nothing but try to cause discontent. You know I love you and this site, but certain people who think their only purpose in life is to cause discontent and/or denounce anything anyone else says/does or believes...well, they shouldnt be allowed to be here OR on any site for that matter.
THAT is my opinion and I respect your right to run your site the way you want. It wont attract anyone new if it is allowed to continue unfiltered of the sludge that undermines everything this site is about.
Argument/debate is good, and our critics are our friends, they show us our weaknesses. Existence only to condescend isnt argument nor debate.
What a PATHETIC existence one has when their only purpose in life is to denounce other people and their beliefs. Believe as you wish as long as you allow me to do the same.Judge not that thou shall not be judged. would be a better place if we all marched to that beat.

bluesbaby5050: Thank's for this point of--

Your views Tarheel,as these are My views as well.

Terran resistance: quinton

" That doesn't mean they are wrong. It simply means they are presenting information that doesn't have evidence to back it up"

that doesnt mean they are right either, in fact that makes it more likely that they are wrong
there is no grey area either something is factual or wrong.
anything observable is perceived as being factual and thats the way it should be.

edisonik: Physical Evidence?, In front of you, your Heart is closed

When your Heart is closed you are blind because there are things you can see and touch in the Physical, other things you can only see with your Heart.
You will never see the Holy Spirit through any Weights and Measures, Your Science is a Joke and it's clearly Primitive, the 12 Dimensions will never be seen through your primitive Science.

You will never See Clearly Terran, You are not the chosen. You will spend the rest of your life in the underworld wondering who and what you are.
Eternal Darkness will come your way.

But for those who can See and Feel with there Heart I give a Tribute to the Ultimate Power and that is LOVE.

The Daughters of Men are Beautiful , the Seed of the Damned has created Woman, Lord Enki's most Awsome Creation. So beautiful are Women that the Mighty Men of Old, Men of Renown made love to them.
Love is the Ultimate Power.

bluesbaby5050: wisedom-use it wisely -----

Watch what you think,and do. Only You knows Yo!!

Arctos: Pardon me

Forgive me for saying so, but he will only remain in the dark so long as that is what he is shown by his fellow man. He doesn't have to believe in a single thing that is said here. Though you are great and I would never mean to disgrace you, and where you come from are not the real message. The message is that if we are to survive as a whole we will need the light and we will need each other. We are all born in the underworld. It takes the will to be free and righteous that allows one to climb out. No one is ever lost.

Kierkegaard: Superior intellect...

I know that you purport to possess some superior, or advanced knowledge about the ways and means of the universe. Perhaps you do. My curiosity leads me to question things like, "If he is so smart, then why would he suggest that I use a muscle in my chest -with no sensory capabilities that could ever be used to 'see' - to see?" You cannot "see" anything with your heart, clearly. Now, if your talking about feelings, and intuition, well then there's ample discussion to be had there. But first we must determine whether the mind is dualistic or not; is the brain different from the mind? Is the spirit or soul different from the mind? It seems to me that with advanced alien knowledge, you would know that those distinctions are important, and should not use such uncultivated language when referring to things of such importance.

Even the Rosicrucians know that you have to be more specific when talking about these sorts of epistemological and metaphysical theories.

Tarheel: Definition of Heart.

You are playing on words. Heart has more than 1 meaning.
Here's an internet source's definition of HEART-1)(anatomy) A muscular organ that pumps blood through the body, traditionally thought to be the seat of emotion.
2) Emotions, kindness, moral effort, or spirit in general. 3)The centre, essence, or core.
-YOU can't feel with your Heart either ? I think we have found the problem! Now, we can get started on the solution, but only if you want to.

Ecbra de Oaoj: scientific definition


good work Tarheel...

its not sounds hard neither... to us. that have otheres... langueges. for first.

thank you for share here you Wise with Courage; you are a real proof that; inteligence is more... than words and rhetoric.

Brasil.;.. and USA in voleiboll..sorry I retired me otherwise you would not make it so easy ...hahaha... but we have a strong team; next olimpic games will be here... ;)

voleiboll your country invented... well... we are the latest champions! male and women... do you remember or just in champion World! ahh...hahaha...

and more... in futebol we are 5 times... and USA hein?! none... bruuuuuuhhh...

In true Im working and studing very much this days; almos not wacthing tv; and I in deep understand flags like... one ilusion because ... what diference where the hero was born? but...

ok... its nice, a wonderfull spectacle of human capacitie!

Dear Brother...and Friend...

lets play futebol de salao when we join to drink a a few beers...

Terran resistance: who made you the chosen one

do you have pictures of aliens, well I do
what the fuck do you have sunshine?
you can't even answer a few questions proving your claims
that makes you a coward and a proven fraud.

Terran resistance: "the 12 Dimensions will never be seen through your Science"


"The 12 Dimensions will never be seen through your primitive Science. "

it has already been proved mathematically by stephen hawking and other sicentists

as usual your just making up bullshit as you go along

you really have no idea what your talking about.

"You will never see the Holy Spirit through any Weights and Measures"

no becuase it doesnt exist:

Tarheel: THE Greatest Falcon Master has returned !

Neither Rain nor Snow nor Sleet nor Hail can keep The Great Falcon from his/Anu77's/Enki's people. Im guessing Anu77 had something to do with your return.
Welcome back, Winged Wonder! Tribute to Edisonik!

Kierkegaard: On this topic...

I don't think that a philosophy page would be a good place for discussion on unverifiable claims, Mr. TR. Proper study of philosophy requires the use of formal logic, Socratic Methods, and critical analysis in determining the strength and weakness of propositions. It doesn't seem as though discussions without proof and evidence could, in any sense, be considered properly philosophical.

One last thing, facts, proof, and evidence are not subjective. Deductive logic (like modus tollens, modus ponens) is entirely objective and absolute, and mathematics are considered the most infallible and universally applicable rules of logic that humans have ever known. Freemasons study Geometry because, like it or not, the Pythagorean Theorem will always be true despite who considers it. There are objective facts, and there are absolute truths. Inductive logic may not be as strong as deductive (as Hume points out), but it's stronger than vapid claims. Proof, in addition, is also based on the soundness of arguments, thus, if the argument is sound, it is true, and constitutes proof.

Quinton: Facts, proof and evidence are

Facts, proof and evidence are subjective. What we consider evidence is from our human perspective. Even if 1,000,000,000 humans all see something the same way it doesn't mean that somebody from another culture, planet, lifeform or density sees it that way. Just because 1,000,000,000 humans see something some way doesn't mean it is the "right" way to see something. There is no such thing.

Evidence isn't just evidence. Evidence requires interpretation and measurement. Same with facts and proof. If measurements and interpretation of those measurements are off then the evidence is off. If the evidence is off then it isn't really a true representation of the logic, math or whatever else it represents. How do we reach a perfect interpretation or measurement of something physical which has no beginning or end? Physical things are made up of energy. Energy is dynamic, how do we measure energy? We can measure atoms, but atoms aren't really what matter is. Matter is energy.

Moreover, how do we know the entity interpreting that evidence as "true", whatever that means, is in fact interpreting it correctly? Is it because everybody interprets it that way therefore it is true? What if somebody doesn't interpret it that way, are they now wrong? I don't think it is so clean cut as saying evidence is evidence and facts are facts. No they're not. They're unique to each group or individual. And there are degrees.

1,000 years ago you could say it's a fact that the Earth is flat because evidence of your map says so. I may call that weak evidence. You may call it sufficient evidence. 99% of people may agree with you and only 1% of people may agree with me that the world isn't flat. You would have the evidence of your map which would be sufficient for most people. I could present evidence showing that the world is round, for instance the orbit of the Earth around the sun. That wouldn't matter to the people who say the map is the correct evidence. They would say the Earth orbiting around the sun isn't evidence. And I would say a map isn't evidence. So we would both have our own subjective evidence. Evidence is whatever people choose evidence to be. And just because a lot of people call something evidence or true doesn't make it so.

edisonik: You must see with your Heart

Use the tools your Creator has given to you. Intuition is one of those Gifts.
Peace to you and your Families.

Terran resistance: you cant see with your heart

hearts dont have eyes, only people who snort drugs think they can see with their heart.

bluesbaby5050: When people's hearts are Closed --

They will Never Understand.They can,and will only think,and see with their minds.They are blind.Their world will always be closed to them. They will be unable to grow in spirit.They will never be content.

edisonik: THE HEART IS GOD

The Heart is a part of Creation itself, only those who have the knowledge of the Secrets of Creation will understand, others will never understand because they have lost touch with their Inner Spirit.
When you see with your Heart you will know what your Mission is.
You will know that Humanity needs Love and Healing from all this Madness called Order out of Chaos.

Wonderful Chill Out Music Africa Asia Oriental Theme Tekiu blogspot com

When your Heart is Open , your Spirit you will find and then No Weapons on Earth will stop what can't be stopped and that is the Holy Spirit.

Terran resistance: Edisonik, you know how your said you were a god in a past life?

I think you all need to learn the definition of heart.
The heart symbol and spiritual references to it come from horned god worshippers.

The word heart comes from the word hearth, as in a fireplace. In old pagan traditions they would leave offerings in the hearth to the horned god, this also inspired the tradition of santa (anagram of satan) coming down the chimney!

But of course you knew that because you a psychic, telepathic, god, ET, master teacher, arent you edisonik just like you have claimed....

bluesbaby5050: We ALL Know that Santa Clause is Santan TR---

We also Know the meaning of the word hearth! If I had a hearth,the only thing I will feed into it is Wood! The meaning of the word hearth is in all dictionaries too.You Need to learn what the heart is all about. Your spirit is but a small flicker of light. You Need to open up your heart ,and exspand on this flicker of light. You still do NOT understand what this site is all about,and what is being taught here.

Terran resistance: HEART is new age bullshit

In an ancient Roman house, the room which contained the hearth is called an atrium
atrium is also a section of your HEART

The ancients thought we had an internal furnace, to explain why we are always warm!
This was primitive thinking!

References to heart is nothing but new age bullshit...


Terran resistance: so no I dont need to open my heart

you need to open your mind

what if edisonik is wrong, then what? what will you do?

bluesbaby5050: Plenty of people such as the Buddists believe this too.

The Buddists,and many others are far from New Agers! The peoples of India also believe in this too. They are old in their belifes also!

bluesbaby5050: I have a mind of my own,as well as other people---

Here do too. I do Not follow anyone. I follow My Own Path. We,Edjakhan,and myself just happen to think the same.This does not make me a follower,only a friend of like minds.

Terran resistance: they also believe rocks have souls...

What is interesting is that at funerals buddhists usually write prayers on pieces of paper and put them into a funeral pyre (where the word fire comes from).

So the saying opening up your heart (hearth) might be a metaphorical saying to mean to listen to other prayers/wishes, as in to metaphorically let people place their prayers into you.

But thats just intelligent guessing as to where the saying comes from

Terran resistance: heart is the ancients explaination of internal heat source

heat comes from the word heart

of course SCIENCE has moved on a bit, and we know its ATP which allows us to generate heat via shivering.

Tarheel: Statements like that are why TR doesnt grow.

Until you open your mind, you wont be able to unlock your heart,TR. Grow up. You think starting conflict is healthy. I am truly saddened by this. The thing is-you know better. You know the difference in right and wrong. You enjoy conflict. Your sp[irit will never rest until you let go of that TR.
The break is straight,deep and wide...break on through to the other side. ~Jim Morrison

Terran resistance: I've thoroughly debunked you guys, you mean.

And yes I enjoy arguing, problem officer?
Have I had too much to think?
I don't need to open my heart, im such a loving guy, I even want to shag you right about now.

bluesbaby5050: Peace To You Lord Edison!

We Love You! We can feel You! We Know Your'e Heart.You are Total Love! Your love is Great! OH HELL,I KNOW IT WILL TRANSPIRE! FOR SURE! LOVE IS THE KEY!!! Are The ONE!

edisonik: Peace and Harmony to all who Believe in Love.

Thank You Falcon Goddess.
The Negative Frequency here on Earth will be turned into Positive Frequency.
The Battle is no Longer for Lands and Territory but for the Hearts and Minds of all Humanity.

Heal The World

Kierkegaard: Quinton-

I'm sorry to that you are having such a hard time with such basic principles. Perhaps if you took philosophy as seriously as philosophers do, you would know better. The point is that there are, without a doubt, unequivocally, and certainly absolute truths that are true without the need for interpretation. You should use sound reason and logic as opposed to vapid platitudes about everything being subjective. If you want to prove something, produce a logical proof (derivation) for it. Derivations are based on mathematical functions called Robinson's Arithmetic, and Peano Arithmetic. There are objective facts that are always true without the need for observation or measurement, e.g., 2 +2 = 4. That is something that is unchangeable and always true. So, please brush up before trying to have a proper philosophical discussion. Otherwise, you're coming off as a first-year engineering student trying to argue with your physics professor about concepts that you don't fully understand. The point of all of this is that you must EDUCATE yourself before taking a position, otherwise you truly don't know what you're talking about. You must study before you offer up an opinion. It's a good way to save yourself from embarrassment.

That said, I came here for knowledge. It is clear that all of the knowledge to be gleaned from a place like this is that... hmmm. I guess I have learned that education and intelligence are precious, precious gifts not to be taken for granted. Thank you all very much for the lesson. Be well.

Terran resistance: quinton

Can we have a philosphy forum, then maybe, for both annunaki and edisonik becuase there is no debating with them, its either you believe, or you dont believe then get alot of mumbo jumbo about how my country might sink into the sea by a tsunami which I find very twisted.

I don't repect their beliefs but I respect their right to talk about their 'religion' though.

But I think it takes away from all the other hundreds of topics on here, this is a conspiracy forum not a religious forum. They dont talk about conspiracies. I talk about conspiracies in religion, they talk about RELIGION, and that is a fundamental difference.

wmarkley: tsunami

The threat of a major tsunami is very real, England, and the whole eastern seaboard of north and south america can be devistated, or possibly wiped out. keep your eyes on the Canary islands, they were rumbling again over the weekend, half of one of the islands has slipped about 12 feet away from the main land mass, and when it slipps into the sea it is said that a 1000 foot tsunami will go in all directions. Now that is a wave!

Terran resistance: Mortal body's death, immortal soul.

There will always be a threat of tsunamis, as long as most of the earth is covered in water, the only way we can get rid of the risk is to pump the water into space, I know that sounds daft.

Poleshifts are a much bigger problem, also passing bodies of mass, passing by the earth can induce a pole shift.

I often wonder, would extraterrestrials interfere in the natural order of things? Would they use the fourth dimension to avert another cataclysm?

bluesbaby5050: They already have---

They already have,and are here now.We would of had a pole shift by now.They slowed the Earth's core,and did many other things,and still are at work on many levels.

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