Proof That Our Guardian Angels Really DO EXISTS!

Here is a very bad car accident that took place in Poughquag, New York, and a 71 year old woman claims her Guardian Angel helped her to excape this fatal car accident seen in this photo. Here is the figure of the Angel caught on camera taken by a person ithat took part in the Rescue of this woman. The white transparent figure of a person is clearly seen in this photo.You can make out the head,neck,and body of this figure. The woman stated that she had a calm soothing, and reasuring sense of Peace come over her. She said that she had the will to survive, this accident, and this helped her stay awake, and not to pass out in this crash.She said her Angel had remained with her while she was getting the help that she needed at that time. This was a head on crash from another auto. No other details were reported. We are Never alone, even in the most trying of times.

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bluesbaby5050: PROOF for The Sceptics out there.............

No one can say that they can not clearly see this figure in this picture as seen in the post above. Many people have also seen transparent figures just like this one at places where people are dieing on battle fields, and at accident scenes like this one, and in hospitals when a patient is very sick, and near death, or in places where natural desasters have taken place,and the people are in dire straits. There are so many reports just like this one, and then there are very many more reports that we never hear of from around this world. It really DOES PAY to Pray, because your prayers WILL BE HEARD, and NO ONE IS EVER ALONE!

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